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Bobblehead appears in every phase of our life preface

A toy-shaped bobblehead is also called as wobbler or nodder. The bobblehead comes out as a kind of collectible toy. The head of bobblehead is frequently oversized in comparable to its size of body. Other than a solid linkage, the head of a bobblehead is linked with the body based on a hook or spring. Through this way, a light tap can make the cause of head to bobble. Therefore, the name is settled.

appearing for a broad variety of figures 

Bobbleheads have been prepared with a broader kind of figures including beat generation author Jack Kerouac, breakfast cereal mascot Count Chocula along with prize-gaining geneticist James D. Watson. The figures are mostly linked with athletes while considering baseball players. To promote the sporting event, the participants also receive the bobbleheads. The renewed corporations including Taco Bell, the ‘Yo Quiero Taco Bell’ Chihuahua, Empire Today and McDonald’s have applied the well-liked bobbleheads of the characters in their advertisements.

the olden times of Bobbleheads 

The oldest reference of a bobblehead is considered a short saga written by Nikolai Gogol. It appeared during the year of 1842. The story was named as “The Overcoat”. In this saga, the neck of prime character was narrated. It was “like the necks of plaster cats wagging their heads”.

modern bobbleheads 

The modern bobblehead first came out during the years of 1950s. Within the year of 1960, Major league baseball came out into the action and generated a series of Papier-Mache bobblehead dolls. A bobblehead was sanctioned for each team while having similar cherubic face. Based on the World Series, the player-typed baseball bobbleheads came into our purview. These bobbleheads were for Willie Mays, Roger Maris, Mickey Mantle or Roberto Clemente. The faces were still the similar. As the next decade arrives, there was an alteration of papier-mâché to ceramic. The bobbleheads might be generated for the other sports including the cartoon characters. One of the most renewed bobbleheads of all the time hailing from this epoch is The Beatles bobblehead set. Today, Bobblehead comes out as a collectible. During the middle of 1970s, the craze of bobblehead appeared in the process of recuperating.


the recurrence of bobblehead 

It might require having two decades almost prior to the returning prominence of bobbleheads. Though the collectors preferred older bobbleheads including the baseball teams along with The Beatles, the new concept-based dolls were only few and they were far ahead. Ultimately, it prompted their resurgence and was inexpensive producing method. The material of major bobblehead altered again on one occasion. The material started appearing from the Ceramic to Plastic. It became possible to make the bobbleheads for a restricted numbers and these were feasible collectibles. Most probably, the first prime league baseball team was to introduce a bobblehead gift and it was the San Francisco Giants while distributing thirty-five thousands head nodders of Willie Mays on 9May, 1999 game. On the 2nd August, 1997, the Birmingham Barons offered Barons Bobblehead doll-based bobbleheads at a game.

The variety of Bobbleheads over the transfer market ascended exponentially to integrate incomprehensible well-liked culture figures along with notable individuals. The new millennium might introduce a new kind bobblehead toy, the mini-bobblehead while having the height of two or three inches tall. These are applied for Cereal prizes.

appearing in pop culture 

The sports teams sometimes provide the bobbleheads at their games. The Los Angeles Kings introduced some admiring Luc Robitaille on his induction to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Some insurance company Churchill applies a bulldog bobblehead as its mascot. In Wee Sing video, The Wee Sing Train or a Sheriff Knickerbocker bobblehead appeared during the year of 1993.

During the year of 2001, Audi Broadcast commercials appeared in Europe while characterizing an Elvis impersonator along with a classical Wackel-Elvis. It is known as Wobble Elvis or Wobbly Elvis. It came out as the dashboard figure with a wobbling left arm along with hip. Because of successive demand, there was the production of one lack and sixty-five thousand dashboard figures of Wackel-Elvis.  The figure portrays Elvis putting on the jumpsuit wearing during the year of 1973 Aloha from Hawaii TV broadcast.

the continuation of appearance of bobbleheads in media world

The film Scary movie 3 of 2003 characterizes bobblehead dolls being modeled after Mother Teresa. TNA Wrestling launched a bobblehead in 2003 of D’Lo Brown and Frontier Showrooms produced it.  A signature mannerism of the well-liked wrestler was to fast wave his head in side-to-side like a bobblehead. It started his career in World Wrestling Federation, WWE. Vince McMahon for Brown created the mannerism.

The video game Fallout 3 applied bobbleheads of the returning mascot character, Vault Boy as the segment of a scavenger hunting ingredient. At the same time, the game Borderlands applies them as a kind of currency. Likewise, the video game, RAGE characterized a Vault boy bobblehead in an obvious honor to Fallout 3. And, there was a character of a bobblehead at id Software’s past game DOOM.

The film Oblivion based on The 2013 science fiction, Tom Cruise appears as a star. It characterizes a bobblehead based on the likeness of Elvis Presley. According to his character, the name Bob appears. The bobblehead was placed upon the cockpit dashboard of the Bubbleship.

the introduction of concept, personalized bobblehead 

The year 2014 experienced the enhancement of a competitive market for customized bobbleheads. The bobbleheads are characteristically six to seven inches tall. These are available at the professional online bobblehead manufactures including Likenessme.Com. To place the order of bobbleheads at this online store, it will take to three to twenty days to receive the merchandise based on the option of the consumer. One can also receive his or her bobbleheads within three days just after the shipment. The bobbleheads from Likenessme.Com are to be shipped all through the globe. When the user does not find any model online being closer to the notion of the consumer, one can opt for “Head-to-toe” custom bobbleheads while designing the doll entirely by the consumer. The production of smiling face and non-smiling face is entirely diverse. Hence, the consumer needs to be cautious while selecting the photograph for the doll.


Ordering in phases at Likenessme.Com

Here at Likenessme.Com seems simple and easy. It is like one, two and three step. In step one; it is to choose the body kind from the extensive collection. The consumer requires choosing the options including eyes, complexion or hair. There are other options in the form of order. Hence, the user needs to upload the pictures. If any consumer requires having entirely customized bobblehead dolls to be made based on the imagination of the body, pose and head. Then, the consumer requires loading the accurate photographs. It is to check out and the order is finished.

approval of proof 

The consumers are to be received a link through the email and it roughly takes nine days from the date of order while previewing the proof on the online interactive panel of Likenessme.Com. At this point, the consumer can start dealing with directly with the sculptors through posting the feedback or alterations the user might like. On one occasion, the proof is approved, the sculptors are to provide the ultimate touches to the own personalized bobbleheads. It is to be shipped to the consumer depending on the instructions of the consumer.

5182-head  5182-body  


ordering bobbleheads in bulk at Likenessme.Com

This online bobblehead producer comes out as one of the market leaders integrating sales and production. This online bobblehead producer is having a ten-year of experience in developing its goods. There is a broader kind of models along with superior quality the consumer can choose. The consumers can find out a price list of bobbleheads starting from 7inches to seven and half inches. When the consumers purchase the bobbleheads in bulk, it starts descending the price of single unit. If one goes for five to ten pieces, the price of each unit is $69.  The unit price is $28.5 when the order is five to twenty pieces. Similarly, the unit price is $12.50 when there is the order of 501 to1000 pieces.


finding available stocks in diverse niche themes of bobbleheads 

At Likenessme.Com, the consumers can find the custom bobbleheads for all. While considering bobbleheads for gents, the consumers can opt for business, work, sports, leisure activities, and funny & creative. Similarly, the bobbleheads for ladies are head-to-toe custom, cartoon bobbleheads, wedding bobbleheads, bridesmaid bobbleheads, groomsmen bobbleheads, couple bobbleheads, musician bobbleheads, vehicle bobbleheads, dog pet cat or funny bobbleheads. The clients can also find family bobbleheads, boy bobbleheads, girl bobbleheads, Asian Style Bobbleheads or big bobbleheads 12″.

wedding bobblehead  couple bobblehead  business bobblehead  

bobbleheads at each aspect of your life 

Bobblehead comes out as a collectible doll that has typically oversized head being linked to the body with spring or wire. When the head is slightly tapped, it might bobble from which doll got its name. Hence, the name of the bobbblehead comes out. There are some other names of Bobbleheads including

  • Thanjavur thalayatti bommai,
  • bobble head dolls,
  • Tanjore head-shaking doll,
  • bobbing heads,
  • moving heads,
  • nodders,
  • nodding heads,
  • akabeko,
  • wobblers and
  • nodding heads.

There are some other assumptions that indicate the bobbleheads were originated in Germany during the eighteenth century. During this time, the producers used to make bobbleheads with Ceramic. These dolls in turning hailed from olden Japanese and Chinese string dolls.

popularity of custom bobbleheads 

The custom bobblehead is very well-liked among the consumers all through the globe these days. The resident of Western countries prefers the bobbleheads most. Broadly speaking, the bobbleheads appear in thousands of kinds. However, most of them are linked with baseball players, celebrities and so on. The consumers can find some wedding cake topper bobblehead, pet bobblehead and personalized bobblehead as per the needs of consumers.  The client can also opt for the customization option for their preferred bobbleheads including staffs, leaders, cooperators, lover, relative or friends. One can select a bobblehead as the birthday present of the friends. Effectively, one can send her or him a personalized bobblehead that is prepared based on her favored idols or star.

Baseball bobbleheads  Baseball bobblehead

making techniques of bobbleheads

One can find the diverse sorts of producing strategies of personalized bobbleheads.  Because of the advanced technology, the enhancing needs of consumers, there are the most advanced producing strategies. There are the advanced techniques in transferring likeness from the digital photos. In some cases, the producers make the bobbleheads from the video footage. In first phase, the producers need to sketch and there is the molding of plastic.

sculpting at Likenessme.Com

Usually, clients need to send two photographs. The photographs are to be clear and distinct. To sculpt the bobblehead, the sculptors should have one front view and one side view.  The consequence of bobblehead relies upon the quality of photograph. Hence, it is to be recommended that the photograph must have a smiling face or with some distinct facial expression. The clients must not send the wedding or artistic photos using soft lenses. However, there is the lack of facial details. Likenessme.Com prefers taking .JPG and .GIF files. Conversely, when the clients have a head-to-toe full customized design, there is the requirement of a body shot, body position or posing photo.

stages of proof at Likenessme.Com 

While considering the sculpted head, the sculptors are to sculpt head mirror the initial photograph, the client sent with the order. During this period, the clients are to be able to make any alterations to the facial properties including mouth or nose. The alterations are done if it deems necessary. There is not to be any cost. On one occasion, the client can approve the item and it is to be continued to the next phase. As the proof is agreed, the head is to be baked and there would be no alterations to the face to be made.  The body proof and final proof can occur as well.


bobbleheads as the Christmas presents

In the impending Christmas, the people from all occupations come into the dilemma to provide the special presents to their nears and dears. Conversely, the client goes for some modern presents other than the conventional presents including card holders, common items, books, pens or card holders. To make an innovative idea, the clients can opt for the custom bobbleheads appearing for a novelty present for all the events.

Customized Bobbleheads as the best family presenting notion

trendy gifting idea-customized bobbleheads

While considering the latest trend in the customized presenting notion, the customized bobbleheads come out in our purview. The people from all occupations are happy to receive and provide the customized items. These are the items that would have their names or face upon it. Similarly, the digital media can make this become possible. The consumer can simply purchase the shirts with their face because of the scanning option on photo. It is a matter of some moments only. Hence, the consumers do have their own personalized shirts. Apart from that, when there is a question of artistic skills on a personalized item, it can be done only through Bobbleheads. The amusing, innovative, commemorative toy dolls along with oversized heads come out with 7 inches height. These are the collectible dolls in toy kind and these are to be applied for the diverse kinds of individuals for any events integrating celebrations of children, weddings or business.

boy  wedding  business

the durability of bobbleheads

The enduring bobbleheads are prepared with PolyResin. These bobbleheads are available in the diverse kinds and these are prepared of Clay. However, they are simpler to break. The best pieces to purchase are those that are prepared with PolyResin to make it become prominent for a long time. The customized bobbleheads are applied in the diversified ways as it can commemorate the individuals from all kinds of occupations. However, it is quite unnoticed to present it to the family or beloved ones. Bobbleheads are applied to be well-liked only for the celebrities. Conversely, now that establishments offer it for the usual consumers. Hence, anybody like you and me can place the order for your family.


customized bobbleheads on the Mother’s Day

The customized bobbleheads can be nice presenting notion for the mothers on the day of mother. The present of typical mother’s day integrates jewelry, bag, dinner out or a bouquet of flowers. One can make his or her mother become surprised with a distinct presenting notion including bobblehead. One can select a theme or fashion that displays her irritated ambition. When she prefers singing, one can go for the fashion mirroring a celebrity or singing holding a microphone. Alternatively, one can select the setting that displays a Wonder Woman outfit. It is to tell the mother that she is the hero of her. There are the bobbleheads that are fashioned in the diverse occupations. And one can select one that displays the outfit of a handyman. It is to express how one values her or his mother since she can be like a mom and a dad to him or her. Conversely, in the way, you prefer the personalized bobbleheads to be, there is specifically one fashion to be moved with your wish.

mother bobbleheads  mother bobbleheads

Bobbleheads in personalized nature on Father’s Day

One can also surprise his father on the nest Father’s Day by placing an order of a bobblehead while displaying his own occupation. The present can be something amusing based on a special fashion. When he is an excellent dad, he is to love to laugh. The bobblehead of a man sitting upon the toilet can also be selected. There are also military fashioned customized bobbleheads and an array of sports themed dolls. One can feast his eyes on a broader range of design to make his doll. The options are unlimited and these are beyond the imagination. One can stretch his innovative thinking on the best and the worst to provide the special someone. One can have the best customized bobbleheads for each member of the family as well.

father bobbleheads  father bobbleheads

Custom Bobbleheads-the best gifting idea for diverse occasions

Bobbleheads are gaining its rebirth in reputation. However, it is to think it as they have been about more than one hundred and fifty years. Bobbleheads have been made with the materials that integrate Paper Mache, ceramic and more newly they are made of durable plastic material. The selections that introduce today for personalized bobbleheads are striking. It is promising to choose not only the setup of the doll. However, it is to see the action of the engagement of the doll. It is to see what props the doll is kept. If there is any and a choice of comedic teams, it integrate ninja gear, caveman pelts and superhero outfits.

Superman bobbleheads  Superhero bobbleheads

the height of a bobblehead

The height of a bobblehead is easily eight to ten inches in height. However, they do appear in better and even lesser sizes. The bobbleheads are considered the artificial figures that set in position. They have the heads that are connected with a spring. The heads are to bob up and down, side to side. It is accordingly how the heads are connected by the fingers of someone. The heads bob, then, the title bobbleheads arrive. Bobblehead dolls can come out in the different kinds of animals, historical figures, cartoons, TV or movie figures or the imaginary beings. These are the dolls that can be originated in specialty stores or online stores including Some bobbleheads appear in sequence that can be chosen. The bobbleheads have specifically in the last few years. These tiny dolls are collectible as well. The distinct groomsmen presents are the ideal selection of the individuals while looking for something diverse.

What about custom wedding cake toppers made from a beloved one or friend for a present or for a present? It is to consider it or not. All you need is a photo of the individual one likes a bobblehead being personalized for. One desires to determine that the photograph is clear, distinct and also lightly sufficient. Therefore, the specifications of individual are defined and distinguishable.

custom wedding cake toppers  Wedding Bobbleheads

bobbleheads for Valentine Day

It is actually a romantic present for the day of Valentine or even the anniversaries. Your partner is to indisputably honor one of these. These bobbleheads are unique. They are also enjoyable to play with and stunning to look at.

bobbleheads for Valentine Day  5342

the reasons behind choosing Likenessme.Com for your best bobbleheads

The first reason to choose Likenessme.Com is the best quality likeness. One can find one hundred percent handmade cheap personalized bobbleheads while interpreting the best likeness of the consumer. The consumer does not require choosing the kind of body for bobblehead. It is entirely customized bobblehead dolls and distinct for your own. The only restriction is the imagination of consumer. The consumers can make personalized bobbleheads for any events including Christmas, anniversary, wedding or birthday. It is to send the photo and have the imaginative custom bobbleheads. There is the judgment of dozens of university trained sculptors to figure out them that are able to sculpt the practical heads. However, only few can be chosen while negotiating the exacting needs.

Then, it is to train them for some months. The sculptors make the thousands of individual bobbleheads a year. Hence, these sculptors have the experience, training and talent. They are knowledgeable how to make the bobbleheads look like the sent pictures. The consumers are offered the sample proofing service without any cost. It is to determine the highest likeness and satisfactory from the individuals. While the proofing process is going on, one can place whatever happens to the mind while making the bobblehead. The discussion occurs between the sculptor and the consumer. There is no any restriction in communicating and modifying unless the consumer satisfies.


considering the most detailed sculpting

Likenessme.Com engages some of the most talented sculptor being available to detain the intricate details of the tattoos, sporting uniforms and logos. The consumer is to be amazed at how much detail they can portray on something so small.


availing superior customer service

Likenessme.Com is equally proud of the customer service team. These consumer agents go beyond the additional mile to negotiate all the requirements while making certain that the consumer is held existing on the development of the doll. Here each detail is being detained. They are prepared to brainstorm with the consumer to design the bobbleheads with the consumers as well.


choosing a big one

Likenessme.Com offers the big ones in comparable to the other producers of bobbleheads. The dolls here at Likenessme.Com are from 8.5 inches to 9 inches tall. There are also seven or six inches. Bigger dolls make detain more details and bring a more practical face. These bigger dolls look cooler.

big bobbleheads 

the fastest on-time delivery

Since everyone knows that the bobbleheads are frequently special foundations for the vital occasions. Likenessme.Com deals with everything in power to have them to the consumer on time.

shipping option

appearing the original as the best ones at Likenessme.Com

Likenessme.Com became the first big bobbleheads company to make the individual dolls. This bobblehead producer has been producing the dolls over the years. More than ninety-five percent consumers might advise Likenessme.Com to their pals, family and members. It is quite a memorial.

the material being applied at Likenessme.Com

Most of the bobblehead providers apply PolyResin Clay. Then, they bake and mold the dolls. Therefore, the producer applies paint and the doll becomes ready for the consumers. Likenessme.Com applies the Polymer Clay. The color is the clay; therefore, the ultimate product is really brighter, true 3D likeness along with higher quality.


wedding bobbleheads as the wedding presents

Wedding bobbleheads are distinct, customized presents that have been increasing its popularity. Most of the individuals consider their wedding days the most vital occasions in their lives. Hence, the individual definitely like the day to move without any problems. It would take a year or more in the preparation for the magical moment. Conversely, it only needs some minutes to place the order of wedding bobbleheads for the customized present to the bride and groom, bridal party or groomsmen. The bride along with bridegroom like that her friends and family recall this special day in the future. These attractive and unique bobbleheads are accurate to compromise with any wedding ceremony. Astonishingly, Groomsmen bobbleheads in customized nature are really the most usual dolls being provided today.

You can avail the discount at Likenessme.Com when you place the order of multiple dolls. This can be one for each groomsmen or bridesmaids. Everyone wants these kinds of dolls. These bobbleheads are identical to those dolls figured out upon the dashboards of some cars or at some sporting occasions. They can be made to resemble anyone since each one is handmade. The consumer only needs to provide a photograph of the individual or person.

It is a tiny doll or figurine that is heavy at the foundation. The head is then linked to the body with springs. While touching the head slightly, it begins to shake or bobble. Due to these issues, these dolls are known as the bobbleheads.

wedding cake toppers wedding bobbleheads

demanding toys-bobbleheads

Because of higher demand, most of the wedding bobbleheads are made from plastic, PolyResin or Polymer Clay. It comes out as a cheaper material. However, it is also very enduring. The sizes can be varied and most of the bobbleheads are from five and half to six and half inches tall. Conversely, each one is handcrafted; the sizes can be varied even if one places the multiple pieces. It can take place. As the price ranges, these bobblehead dolls start averaging between $70 and some hundred dollars. It relies upon the desires of the consumers. It is money well spent while receiving the ultimate product. Everybody likes these small dolls. It does not matter whether the consumer is young or old. These bobbleheads are amusing to play with and very humorous to observe.


This assumption is also real for the wedding bobbleheads. These can be presented distinctively in the different ways. Mostly, they are applied exclusively for wedding cake toppers. To be diverse, one can replace the conventional toppers looking generic. These modern toppers come out as an accurate selection for any wedding cake. This sort of present can be presented to the bride and groom individually. To be different, you can replace the traditional toppers that are generic looking. These modern toppers are a perfect choice for any wedding cake. The other way is to give them to the bride and groom separately.

The usability of Bobbleheads in diverse aspects

the notion of co-worker bobblehead

The co-worker bobbleheads come out as a distinct presenting notion. When you are in the job, most of the time of day is to be spent in the office or office-related working arenas. It indicates that it is your co-workers with which you are to spend the most of your time. You usually share your view, secrets or opinions. The significance of co-workers in the lives of working individuals can be never under-measured. Hence, it would be a bad notion to bring the presents for the colleagues on some special and particular events. When you are on the search of suitable presents for your colleagues, you can spend some time to find out the customized bobbleheads.

co-worker bobblehead  co-worker bobblehead

These sorts of presents are not well-liked these days. These can be the best personalized presents perhaps. The sizes of these presents make most of the individuals become confused. However, these nice little toy-things have everything that the co-worker might absolutely respect. Initially, the bobblehead comes out as a tiny present indicating it is accurate for those colleagues that are choosy about gaining large presents from their co-workers. In the second consideration, most of the bobbleheads are reasonable priced and these can be held into the pocket.

The event can be the birth anniversary, wedding events, promotion, engagement or superannuation. The personalized bobbleheads are all occasional-depended presenting notions. They will not make you fail on any event. Even if there is an event for which a bobblehead is harder to fit in. One can often present the usual bobblehead. Under the case, Bobblehead Executive present for lady worker, Bobblehead Man in Toilet or Bobblehead Man in Blue suit. The colleagues from a vital segment of the social set-up can also take the bobbleheads as the present. It is until one shows the admiration to them. One cannot expect it from them. It is presenting the co-workers with the thoughtful presents. Presenting the bobbleheads makes you keep a cordial relation between you and your coworker.

co-worker bobblehead  co-worker bobblehead

applying personalized bobbleheads to enhance the attendance

One can possibly be aware that the huge sporting teams are applying the personalized bobbleheads to upgrade the attendance while the games are going on. Now, one is to be speculating if it is actually an effective tactic. In the end, the individuals can go for a sporting occasion to enjoy the game. These are the personalized-sketched wobbly headed dolls that can possibly motivate the individuals to take part at the occasions. If you are organizing an identical occasion, it is to go and figure out the best customized figurine producer. Hence, one can go and catch this technique to apply. If one is going to provide a foundation on the past successes of the personalized bobblehead dolls, the one is to find that they are effective at the promotion of attendance.


examples of using Bobbleheads at the diverse occasions

The Lake Erie Monsters applied the identical technique. There was the preparation of ten-thousand head wobbling figurines of Shaquille O’Neal. There was the advertisement that the first ten-thousand devotees are to come out and gain a bobblehead. When you are not accustomed to the pulling of bobbleheads, then, one is to possibly think that there is no path that ten-thousand individuals are to arrive. In the end, The Monsters were averaging only a little more than five-thousand devotees per game.

However, the night of the game arrived and there were eighteen thousands, six hundred and twenty-six devotees. It is almost double the projections. This is a testament to the ability of personalized bobblehead to encourage the attendance. However, how do the personalized miniature ambassadors deal with it? Initially, they are amusing to play with. They are also thought to be collectibles. This is particularly real with athletes. When the bobbleheads are made by a professional producer, the quality is to be good. Take a visit at and bring your best hand-made bobbleheads.

If one is arguing that some of the individuals arrived to the occasion just for the customized bobbleheads, it is to be known that the crowd was in the form of loudest one. Any one has ever heard in a long time. Hence, if there were some individuals that never actually cared for the team, they turned out to be supporters. They become the devotees because of the wobbly headed dolls. You can apply that technique if you are attempting to promote yourself or the business. When you are a local celebrity and you are attempting to extend the reach to nearby cities. One can organize an occasion that can make promote him. The event can be a concert, meeting, greeting or anything pulling a huge people. One can advertise that he or she is going to provide five-hundred personalized bobblehead to the first five-hundred individuals to arrive. There are some individuals that are to arrive since they are your devotees while the others are to come since they prefer the bobbleheads. On one occasion, they are there; one can convert them into the devotees.

The vital thing is the one is to be able to persuade them to check the user out. It is just to make certain that one is to team up with a good personalized figurine producer. One can deal with the identical thing if one is in a business. When the business is slower, one can go for one against the purchase of $20. One can find huge techniques to deal with bobblehead. It is to be certain that the producer of custom bobblehead is dependable since the dolls are to mirror one or the business.


making your friends happy with the bobbleheads

It is actually harder to make some individuals pleased for any event. While feeling that your pal becomes sad, then it is to automatically tell him an amusing joke and probably you smile alone. You possibly suggest that amusing bobbleheads are available at Likenessme.Com. The friend is surely to be happy with amusement. At Likenessme.Com, one can find a wide array of bobbleheads including the bobbleheads for Business, Work, Sports, Leisure activities or Funny & creative.

One can find the other kinds of bobblehead at this online store. These include Head-to-toe custom, Cartoon Bobbleheads, Wedding Bobbleheads, Bridesmaid Bobbleheads, Groomsmen Bobbleheads, Couple Bobbleheads, Musician Bobbleheads, Vehicle Bobbleheads, Dog, or Pet Cat.

Bobble Head Doll Man in suit Briefcase  custom Vacation bobbleheads  

custom bobbleheads as the celebration favors

The conventional bobbleheads can be asked for massive if one is to apply it based on the parties. Before taking the bobbleheads, the online producer, asks you to provide your final approval after going through the proofing process. The parties are not completed without the liking of the party. It introduces the decorations and gifts at the similar time. While planning to have the amusement with your mothers and fathers on the celebration of birthday along with a little party, one can engage the personalized bobbleheads on the favor of party. The guests along with the celebrants are to definitely be surprised to visualize diverse toys of the moms and dads especially if one selects the insane produced bobblehead.


the customized bobbleheads- the newest and attractive presenting notion

In the earlier time, the bobbleheads are only applied for the diverse promotional technique and advertising of some organization. Today, the bobbleheads are applied for presenting options on the diverse events. It is whether the wedding ceremony, anniversary or other prime occasion. With the advent of technology, the strategies they apply to produce the bobbleheads make them attractive and enticing.

Mostly, all the renowned celebrities and professional athletes do have the replicas of their face. There are some of the miscellaneous items that integrate the replica of football players and baseball players. In addition, the well-liked edition of bobblehead dolls is the tournaments and world-cups. These are some of the usual and well-liked bobblehead heads that is now applied as the attractive presenting options. There are various producers including offering the quality bobbleheads at the right time. Bobbleheads usually appear in the diverse shapes, sizes and colors. They offer the tiny heads to bigger heads and one can find the exact replica of the individual or himself. The bobbleheads can negotiate with the personality and the taste of the receiver.

They apply the porcelain and plastic to generate the durable and adaptable bobblehead. They guarantee you that it is to last for longer time and the material they use is eco-friendly. In the previous time, the bobbleheads are produced of Paper Machie that is to be blemished in some days. Today, Likenessme.Com use Polymer Clay to produce the best bobbleheads by the best group of sculptors.


making your own or other bobbleheads at

At Likenessme.Com, you can make the customized bobbleheads to look like you. The client is to send two good photographs; hence, the sculptors can have a clear and distinct idea about the appearance of receiver of the doll. The photographs are to be two kinds including front side and side profile. The front photograph is to be applied to detain the facial characteristics while the side profile is to be applied to ensure the depth of chin, forehead and nose. Based on these two photographs, the sculptors at this online store can make the bobbleheads.

Photo examples

the head of a bobblehead

The head comes out as the major trait in the doll that is entirely personalized. It is to know what makes differentiate each other. As there is no two people being similar to each other than twins perhaps. Likenessme.Com makes each of the bobbleheads distinct in design. The client can find great deals of options to select from. The color of skin, hair, and eye can be chosen. The doll, other add-ons including hats, glasses or text upon the clothing dolls are to be selected as well. If anybody likes the doll to be a faithful reproduction of you, one can prefer specifying these parameters to mirror the real appearances. Conversely, if one likes to have only the face while bearing the resemblance, one can select the random parameters for the other traits including hair and skin colors. If the client likes to be a superhero, he or she selects the traits to be used to be a superman doll for the case. Therefore, the head is to be your traits; and the body of the doll might be that of your selected superhero.

Bobblehead dolls can also make the excellent gifts that are especially for the couples or newlyweds. If one does have good photographs of a couple, then one can have the bobblehead dolls made for them. These are to be the gifts of the wedding or their anniversaries. They might make for the ground-breaking and humorous presents for the couples. Taking a visit at Likenessme.Com makes you find a wide array of bobbleheads including

Family Bobbleheads  Skateboarding boy bobbleheads

Girl Bobbleheads  Asian Style Bobbleheads

The bobbleheads mirror its history of one hundred and fifty years. While looking for its history, the specific oldest reference to this tiny wildlife is figured out in a saga improved during the year of 1842. The story is written by Nikolai Gogol. The story is finished with the name as The Overcoat. Going through the saga, one is to figure out the tiny persons with cat for the instance necks.

The characters are to be narrated as having shaking brain. Subsequently, the German produced these characters and also introduced them into reality. Because of their bobbling mind, they become permanently called as Bobbleheads. These tiny minor toys were also referred to as nodders because of their nodding heads. In later part of 1920, the personalized bobbleheads were displayed as the promotional software. It is the time when The New York Knicks manufactured their first bobblehead present for the basket ball player. From this time, these tiny toys did not appear as the famous items. However, they continued to be noticeable between 1930s and 1950s. They turned out to be the unique items. Today, the scenario is totally different. The people from all occupations now start choosing the bobbleheads for the diverse occasions.

Bobble heads for every one

What are bobble heads?

A bobble head is a figurine with a head that is disproportionately large and the head is fixed on a spring so that it bobbles up and down at the slightest touch. The bobble heads are also called nodders by some people, and there are those people who call them wobblers. That is a type of collectible toy that is often made as a caricature of a famous person. Athletes are possibly the ones who have bobble heads of them made the most. That is more for baseball players.

But that was before people came to realize the fun behind the bobble heads. Custom bobble heads are now a thing. You might have seen them in a few homesteads or on the dashboards of various cars. Not only are they are priceless gifts, but they are also unique.


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History of bobble heads.

The bobble heads might be catching on now, but they have been around for a long time. It is also believed that the idea of a bobble head has been in existence for almost 150 years now. Clearly that is an indication that custom bobble heads are her to stay. They have withstood the test of time.

The earliest recorded reference to the bobble heads is from a short story that was written by Nikolai Gogol. In the story, the author referred to a persona as having a neck that was “like the neck of plaster cats that wag their heads”. Since then the bobble heads have been in production.

Before the 1990s, the fame of the bobble head was dwindling. There were periods where the industry was suffering because of the decreased demand. But luckily, in the 1990s, new manufacturing processes were designed, so that the bobble heads would be made from plastic instead of ceramic. That significantly reduced the cost of production and it was easier to create quality custom bobble heads.

Since the concept of bobble heads has been applied to various things such as bobble computer sitters, bobble head banks, and even bobble head air fresheners. Custom bobble heads nowadays are of really high quality. For instance for our custom bobble heads, we make them be a close resemblance to their real-life counterparts as possible. That includes putting matching tattoos, hair styles, headbands, and even scars if the real-life equivalent has them.

Why get bobble heads?

There are reasons as to why you should get a bobble head for you or a friend. For starters, this is a unique gift. It can be a bobblehead of you or the recipient. It is a warm gesture that is going to last for a long time. It is also a good way of conserving a moment. That is because we all know that a picture might fade, but the bobble head will remain in the same condition if it is well maintained.

Bobble heads are the future of gift ideas.

You can have custom bobble heads made of virtually anything. Using the right people to have a bobble head made means you will get something that is of high quality. Utilizing only the latest technologies and equipment, we will make the custom bobblehead that you want. We have various categories of the custom bobbleheads in our store. Some of our best sellers include:-

Custom bobble head judge  Business men classic blue shirt

Custom bobble head well-dressed man  Custom head on the bottle opener

In case you do not like the designs that we already have following their demand, you can also have customized bobble head that can be personalized the way you want. There is no limit as to what we can do for you. We can capture any moment that you require. You just have to let your imagination run. There is also no limitation as to the number of bobbleheads you can purchase. We can handle the number that you request. You have custom bobble heads for your entire family made.

Why choose us for custom bobble heads?

The simple answer is because we are the best when it comes to custom bobble heads. But if you need more details here is a breakdown.

  • Impeccable likeness – To begin with, our sculptors use their hands primarily to do the sculpting. The sculptors are highly trained university graduates who have undergone thorough testing from our experts to get only the best ones. Our sculptors are also always busy throughout the year. They, therefore, have the experience that is required to make quality custom bobble heads. You are therefore assured of getting a 100% handmade cheap custom bobble head that is almost a copy of you. We fully customize the bobble head dolls so that they are unique to you alone. The only limit is your imagination. We also make custom bobble heads for any occasion’s gift. May it be for a Birthday, a Wedding, an Anniversary, for Christmas or even for yourself. Just send us your photo and get a fantastic custom made bobble head. After the initial sample of the bobble head, we send it to you for proofing first before we can give you the final bobble head. We always make sure that you are completely
  • The devil is in the details – Our highly trained and accomplished sculptors do not overlook any detail in the photo that you send to us to make the custom bobble head. The sculptors capture the intricate details of your tattoos, logos or sports uniforms. You will be impressed at how much detail they can depict in such limited space. Even the skin tone of a person will be illustrated on the custom bobble head.
  • Top-notch customer service – At, we understand that the client is always right. We also understand stand that we always have to satisfy all our clients. For that reason, we go an extra mile in ensuring all your needs have been addressed adequately. During the sculpting, we believe constant communication with the clients is the key. Our customer service team is always ready to help out with any issue.
  • Bigger is better – Our aim as a company is to make a custom bobble head that is as realistic as possible. We, therefore, make bobble heads that are larger than what other companies might offer you. With the increased size, we can capture even more details for you bobble head. You can, therefore, relate even better with the custom bobble head because it is a match to photo or idea that you had in mind.
  • Time is of the essence – We are well aware that most of these custom bobble heads are meant to be gifted. There is, therefore, the pressure of time. We work very fast and diligently to make sure that the bobble head is ready in the shortest time possible. Despite the short working hours, we still assure you that the quality of the work done is still high.
  • Quality material – We utilize only the best materials to make our bobble heads. Most bobblehead makers use only poly resin clay. They bake the clay and then mold it into the dolls. Afterward, they just apply paint and then they hand the doll over to you. Our company on the other side uses Polymer Clay. The color is advantageous to us because the final product is brighter. The custom bobble head is, therefore, a true 3D likeness of what you wanted which is of high quality.
  • Vast experience – As a company that has specialized in custom bobble heads, has been in operations for a couple of years now. We were the first enterprise of this kind to produce large single bobble heads. And because of this experience, we have managed to create a rapport with our clients. Our track record with custom bobble heads is so good, such that records indicate that 95% of our clients would suggest our services to friends and family members.

You do not have to take our word about the quality of the custom bobble heads that we make. Just check the reviews that other clients have made about them. Am sure you will find the testimonials very convincing.

How to get custom bobble heads.

If you feel that a bobble head is something that you would like to have for whatever purpose, getting it is a straightforward thing to do. You can place an order while in the comfort of your home, in whatever corner of the globe. Ordering for a custom bobble head involves the following simple steps:-

  • You just need to open the order form and follow the instructions that are given there. First you will select the type of body from our extensive gallery. Then you will have to decide on various options that include: hair, complexion, eyes among others and then load your pictures. If you need to get a fully customized bobble head doll made with a body that you have imagined, with a corresponding pose and head, then you need to load the right pictures and then check out, and you are done.
    custom bobblehead options20151120170543bobblehead color
  • Proof Approval. After you have placed an order, we will then send you a link by way of email approximately nine days from the date you made your order (s) to preview the bobble head that we have done on our interactive online panel. You can also use this platform to communicate directly with the artisans by posting your feedback or changes that you would like made.
  • Once you approve the custom bobble head, our artisans will do the final touches to your custom bobble head, and it will be shipped to you as per your shipping instructions.

Some things that you need to remember as you make your order

  • After the order, the shipment can be done within 3 to 20 days according to the option that you choose. And then you can receive the custom bobble head approximately three days after the shipment.
  • Dolls can be shipped worldwide. We delivery to all corner of the globe.
  • If you do not find any model that close to your idea online, you can choose the “Head-to-toe custom ” option and design the doll according to your needs.
  • You need to be very cautious as you choose the options for the face, because, for instance, the production of a Smiling Face and that of a Non-smiling Face is entirely different. You need to be very keen as you place your order to avoid any mix-up.custom bobblehead shipping option
    If you follow all the instructions precisely, you will have your custom bobble head within a short time, and you can start having fun with it. As it was mentioned earlier, our customer service team is always ready to assist in any areas that you might have. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any query that involves custom bobble heads.

Getting into the culture of Bobblehead dolls

the bobbleheads

The bobbleheads have seized the place in the culture in the human civilization since long. They are available as the ornaments on the dashboards of car or as the giveaways in the sports arena. Some of the bobbleheads are collectible, personalized for amusement and some of them appear as the funny depictions of somebody simply. So, what is the definition of a bobblehead? How did they come into the well liked culture of pop? Significantly, it is to see how you can have a bobblehead in the likeness of yours.

The presence of Bobbleheads has been with us since the middle of 1800s. In earlier time, these dolls were prepared with ceramic. The head of the doll is linked to the body with a spring. The notion is that the touching of the head slightly with a finger might permit the head to nod up and down. Alternatively, these can bobble. Therefore, the name Bobblehead comes out. Bobbleheads appear in a diverse of figures starting between the actual life people, animals and the fictitious creatures including space aliens. Bobbleheads have also turned out to be collectible. Some figures including The Beatles or the specific sports figures are frequently purchased at the five times higher. This relies upon the condition of the doll and the amount of dolls was prepared. When there was an unusual a doll, it brings more cost.


ascending and descending order of popularity of Bobblehead

The popularity of Bobblehead has ascended and descended over the years without any reasons or rhyme. In the contemporary time, the bobblehead dolls start appearing much. There were the stadiums offering the nights of a specific star. The star can be a well liked player of the existing team or a sports legend of the team in the previous time. Sometimes, the announcers of sports used to have the treatment of bobblehead. The toy store used to have the arrangements for selling the bobbleheads. The dolls are usual in the playing chests of children and over the working desks of parents.

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the notion of making custom bobbleheads

There are to be great deals of viewers of The Office of Dwight Schrute upon NBCs. These viewers do have the first sight of a custom bobblehead. There is also the notion that some companies are to make the custom bobbleheads. Whether it is to be believed or not, it becomes possible to have the bobblehead doll for the amusement. It can be prepared for a pal or a family member. The fans of Bobblehead dolls can find a good number of online stores selling the bobblehead. Here, Likenessme.Com is prominent. The standard price of each bobblehead at Likenessme.Com is between $89 and $109. It integrates the standard delivery. Costlier dolls are pet, motorcycle or custom body doll. There are some extra fees between $3-$7 including glasses, hats and tattoos.

Sometimes, the price of a bobblehead doll in customized nature can start ranging from $70 to a few hundred dollars while relying upon the details of the doll. Like some other bobblehead producers, Likenessme.Com offers the diverse kinds of bobbleheads including business,work, sports, leisure activities, funny & creative, bobbleheads for her, head- to- toe custom,cartoon bobbleheads, wedding bobbleheads, bridesmaid bobbleheads, groomsmen bobbleheads,couple bobbleheads, musician bobbleheads, vehicle bobbleheads, dog, pet cat or funny others. There are the categories of bobbleheads at Likenessme.Com including

specializing in producing Bobbleheads

Likenessme.Com offers you the best quality likeness. This online bobblehead producer brings one hundred percent inexpensive custom bobbleheads based on the likeness. The consumers do not need to choose the kind of body. It is entirely personalized bobblehead dolls and distinct for the consumer that has provided the order with the photographs. Making the personalized bobbleheads depends upon only the imagination. The consumers can make the personalized bobbleheads for the present of any events including Christmas, anniversary or wedding. The client can send his or her photo to have the fantastic personalized bobbleheads. Likenessme.Com takes a dozen of university trained sculptors to figure out those that are able to sculpt the practical heads.

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There are only some of them compromising the exact needs of this online company of bobblehead. These sculptors are to be trained for several months and they make thousands of bobbleheads for individuals for a year. Hence, these sculptors do have the experience, talent and training. They know how to make the bobbleheads that look like the sent photographs.

The clients can have often the proofing service of the sample without any cost. It is to determine that the highest likeness along with the satisfaction from the individuals like you. While the proofing process is going on, the client can place anything that appears in his or her mind. There is not to be any restriction in communicating and modifying unless the client becomes satisfied.

dating back the history of bobblehead

The beginning of the bobbleheads appeared into the pop culture. The appearance of vintage bobbleheads came out during the years of 1960s. However, the other research findings indicated that the bobbleheads were made during the olden time in China and Japan. It is to be mentioned that the customized bobbleheads have seen over the hundred years.

booming in pop culture

It is seen that the booming of bobbleheads in Pop culture during the year of 1960s. It was the time when United States started observing a diverse kind of athlete in the arena of Baseball. There were the stars including Mickey Mantle and the sport became wider in comparable to the previous time. It includes the baseball while applying these bobbleheads to promote the sport. American football along with the ice hockey was closer followers as well. While making, the versions normally wrapped all the teams in the professional leagues.

the materials of Bobbleheads

China has been producing custom bobbleheads for the United States over the years. As the market for personalized bobbleheads started ascending, the Chinese factories being specialized in manufacturing the bobbleheads immensely fast regulated to take part in this rising trend of bobblehead doll. These producers were well versed in the application of PolyResin material. These producers became able to change flawlessly to the production of personalized bobbleheads. This was the finest one as long as the customer was considering producing wider productions of one hundred pieces or more. Because of the price of PolyResin, it is not the option.


PolyResin comes out as a highly personalized compound resin material. This material has been applied over the years to make the figurines, sculptures and statues. Due to its highly personalizing features, it permits the finished goods to be highly detailed in all features of the design. The strength of PolyResin is also very desirable. While applying in the manufacturing of these goods, the concluding outcome becomes excellent. Mostly, the bobbleheads over the marketplace or the giveaways at the stadiums of baseball are prepared with PolyResin material.

Polymer Clay

With the introduction of customized bobblehead in single piece, a kind of material is to be recognized to be applied affordably. This can make help the individuals to receive the bobbleheads based on the desire of the clients. The material that has been applied broadly in the industry is Polymer Clay. Polyvinyl chloride (or PVC) helps make the Polymer Clay. As the world of Clay is applied in the name of Polymer Clay, it does not possess any Clay materials. It finds its name from the Clay including properties while possessing. To sculpt and work, this Clay material seems to be good. Moreover, this material is quite less costly. It is a matter of fact that anybody can walk into any art and crafting stores. They can buy Polymer clay. While considering the single piece custom bobblehead to be made, the options are that your bobblehead is to be made from Polymer Clay.


feasibility between the materials

PolyResin comes out as an enduring, personalizing material. It is stronger. While searching single piece customized bobbleheads, one piece could cost around two hundred dollars. On the other hand, Polymer Clay, the client does have the identical customization. However, it is at the expense of structural enhancement. The Polymer Clay based bobblehead offers the flexibility and hardness.

While considering bobbleheads, many of us bypass them when holiday season starts taking place. However, you possibly prefer having a bobblehead. Certainly, the bobblehead looks cute. The bobbleheads bring big heads and one can personalize them so that they appear like the individuals for which the user decides to provide the bobbleheads.


reasons behind choosing a bobblehead

Bobbleheads- not a hit or miss present

Anybody can purchase bobblehead from the online bobblehead producer as everyone likes them. Perhaps, they are not the most favored thing around the world. However, if one can tap the head for few minutes, she or he starts smiling and accept the cute little one happily.

great for all ages

The clients do not need to be middle aged or older to appreciate the bobbleheads. These bobbleheads are fantastic for the kids. These bobbleheads do not have any tiny or edible segments. Bobbleheads are for adults, dads, moms, uncles, aunts or grandparents. Here, age is not a factor.

bobblehead for amusement

The bobbleheads are amusing and one can apply them for light hearted, friendly tricks or one can place them on the desk at work as a companion. Perhaps, the individual have the pets that do not feel comfortable without someone home. You could go for a bobblehead appearing on the mantle.


The users do not have to leave the bobbleheads at their residences. They can take them anyplace that the users prefer. Perhaps, the bobbleheads can persuade the user, while having it at home. One can bring his or her bobblehead to his working place. Similarly, the bobblehead can also be brought to a longer trip in the woods.

the customizing option

It does not matter about the person; the custom bobblehead can be made based on the photos of anybody. Perhaps, one knows that you can work hard under the pressure. One can go for a bobblehead resembling his boss. There is the possibility of picking up the slack. On the other hand, one does have a friend that is accountable for a diet or the exercise program. You can make a bobblehead resembling his posture. Possibly, one does have the babies that have a preferred character from a movie. She can arrange the bobblehead of the movie character for her babies.

the custom bobbleheads- the good selection

Bobbleheads are gaining a rebirth in distinction. They have been with us for one hundred and fifty years. It is simply eight to ten inches in height. They do appear in better and lesser sizes. The bobbleheads are the artificial figures that are positioned in the place. However, they have the heads that are connected with a spring. Hence, the bobbleheads can bob up or down according to side by side. As their head can bob, they are widely known as the bobbleheads. There is a wider customization option. Bobblehead dolls can be available in the diverse forms including imaginary creatures, movie stars, TV figures, cartoon characters, historical figures, animals, anybody and there is always the customization option of anybody.

Custom wedding cake toppers

One can have the custom wedding cake toppers that can be made for the beloved ones for a present or for own. It is to be done simply. The requirement is only the photos in two dimensions including front view and side view. The photos are to be clear and distinct. The clients can also opt for the bobbleheads for the gifts of Mother Day or Father Day. A bobblehead can be a really a romantic present for the day of Valentine or the anniversaries. The partner of the giver can indisputably honor this gift. These bobbleheads are unique and they are also pleasurable to play with and entertaining to look at. Take a visit at Likenessme.Com and bring your best custom bobbleheads according to your likeness.

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Likenessme.Com presents you the best attractive bobbleheads

introducing the diverse names

As time elapsed, the diverse names of bobbleheads have passed through. Sometimes these dolls were called as Nodders or Bobbers. However, most of us are familiar with them as Bobbleheads these days. Perhaps some of us perceive them as a childish effort; the collecting of bobblehead comes out as a big business.

the initial history of bobbleheads

The bobbleheads today are the contemporary trendy collectible. But, they first came out during the middle of 1800s. When there was a release of short story during the year of 1842, it was known as The Overcoat by Niolai Gogol. It is thought that it is the most known historical record of Wobbling figures. While narrating the saga, the writer disclosed his major character, Akaky. It did have a neck. It looked like the necks of plaster cats while waving their heads. Then, this concept started moving beyond the regions and the boundaries of the different countries over the years. This transition of bobblehead dolls began to appear in the sports arena of United States in the beginning of 1990s. While considering novelty in the beginning of the century, they ultimately appeared in the Major League Baseball during the year of 1960s.

In the next decade, the interest of collecting of Bobblehead started rising up. Then, the interest began to decrease. Again, the fire of collecting Bobblehead just began to take place just prior to the new millennium. The option of bobblehead was mostly an outstanding one to a restricted gifts of Willie May from the San Francisco Giants while the year of 1999 season is going on to admire the fortieth anniversary of Candlestick Park. As some years passed by, the renaissance of bobblehead as the gift turned out to be a usual sight for the devotees of baseball. There were the multiple giveaways in each season. Some teams of minor league along with many other sports have had the bang of bobblehead.


today’s Bobbleheads at Likenessme.Com

In the contemporary trend, Likenessme.Com offers you the best quality images of your provided photos on these mini dolls known as widely Bobbleheads. The consumers can find one hundred percent handmade inexpensive custom bobbleheads while interpreting their best likeness. The consumer does not require choosing the kind of body, it is entirely personalized bobblehead doll and distinct for the customer himself. The only restriction is the imagination of the consumer. It is to make personalize bobbleheads for the gifts of any events including birthday, wedding, anniversary, Christmas or for any person.

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ordering option at

The consumers can send their photos to Likenessme.Com and have their fantastic personalized bobbleheads. At this online bobblehead producer, there is the testing of sculptors that are trained from university. The test is to find out them that have the ability to sculpt the practical heads. However, there are only few that can negotiate the running needs. Hence, this producer of bobblehead starts training them for a few months. The sculptors of Likenessme.Com make thousands of personalized bobbleheads in a year. Hence they can gain experience of making bobbleheads. They also find the option of seizing the opportunity of talent and training. These sculptors become known how to make the bobbleheads while resembling your sent pictures.

the kinds of Bobbleheads at Likenessme.Com

The individuals can find Custom Bobbleheads for themselves. While considering the bobbleheads for the gents, these can be for business, sports, work, leisure activities, funny and innovative. Similarly, the bobbbleheads for girl are head- to- custom, Cartoon Bobbleheads,Wedding Bobbleheads, Bridesmaid Bobbleheads, Groomsmen Bobbleheads, Couple Bobbleheads, Musician Bobbleheads, Vehicle Bobbleheads, Dog Pet Cat, Family Bobbleheads,Boy Bobbleheads, Girl Bobbleheads, Asian Style Bobbleheads or Big Bobbleheads 12″. often offers the sample proofing services to consumers without any cost. It is to determine that the highest likeness and satisfaction are to be derived from the consumers. While the proofing process is going on, the consumer can provide his or her imagination to his or her mind into the imagination of the bobblehead along with the sculptor. Until the satisfaction of the consumer, there is not to be any restriction in communication and modification between the sculptors and consumers.

gaining the most comprehensive sculpting

Likenessme.Com hires some of the talented sculptors being available to detain the intricate the details of the logos, sports uniforms and tattoos. The user is to be astonished at how much detail the sculptors can portray on something so small.


availing top-notch consumer service at Likenessme.Com is uniformly proud of their client servicing team. This online producer of bobblehead can go beyond the miles to mitigate the demands of the consumers. It is making certain that the users are to be concerned about the development of the doll and each detail is detained. Likenessme.Com is prepared to brainstorm with the client to sketch your bobbleheads as well.

considering a big one a good one

Likenessme.Com offers the best deal in comparable to the other ones. The bobblehead dolls here are between 8.5 and 9 inches tall. They are accessible between 7 and 6 inches. Bigger dolls here make detain more details and make a more practical face. These bigger bobbleheads seem to be cooler.

the fastest turnaround and on-time delivery

Since, it is known that the bobbleheads are frequently special foundations for the vital occasions. This online producer of Bobblehead does everything to send the dolls to the consumers in time. This is one of the best and larger bobblehead producers in the contemporary time that can offer the individual dolls. This online producer has been making the bobblehead dolls over the years. More than ninety- five percent of the consumers might recommend this online company for bobblehead to their pals and families. It is something extraordinary feedback. This producer of bobblehead knows how to run the best business service as the clients can receive the superb service.

considering the material

Most of the bobblehead provider applies Poly Resin Clay, then, they bake, mold and paint the dolls. The Polymer Clay is applied here at Likenessme.Com. The color is the clay. Hence, the ultimate product is really brighter. It is really 3D likeness and higher quality.

ordering your custom bobbleheads at Likenessme.Com

Ordering for your Custom bobbleheads at Likenessme.Com is simple and easy. It is like the step of 1, 2 and 3.

In step 1, it is to choose the kind of body from the extensive gallery of Likenessme.Com. There are the options of selection. The selective options are eyes, complexion, hair or other options in the form of order. Then, the consumer requires loading the photographs. If the consumer requires having an entire personalized bobblehead dolls that are made based on the creativity of body, head and pose. In the next step, the user requires loading the accurate photographs. It is to go through, and the process is finished.

In step two, there takes places the approval of proof. A link is to be sent through email within the nine days from the date of the order as the client can preview the proof on the interactive online panel. Through this link, the users can also communicate directly with the artisans by posting the feedback or alterations that the user might like.

In step three, on one occasion, the client can approve the proof and the sculptors of Likenessme.Com can provide the ultimate touches to personalized bobbleheads of the clients. The final merchandise is to be shipped to the consumer. The shipment occurs based on the shipping instruction of the consumer. It is very easy and simple.


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the things to be noted while placing your Custom Bobbleheads at Likenessme.Com

As soon as the order is placed, the shipment is to be made within three to twenty days based on the options of the consumer. Broadly speaking, the consumers can receive them within the three days just after the shipment. The dolls can be shipped all through the world. If the consumer does not find any model online that is nearest to your imagination, the user can please select Head-to-toe custom bobbleheads. It is to design the doll entirely by the consumer. The manufacturing of smiling face and non- smiling face is entirely diverse. Hence, it is to be cautious when the consumer selects the photograph of the doll.


reasons behind the bobbleheads

Bobbleheads are prepared for a variety of reasons; however, they are usually prepared to rejoice a well liked subject, milestone or mascot. It can be harder to assume as it is to be the most worthy. It is safer to predict that the most well liked subjects tending to draw the most interests and values. This is especially real if it spots an important moment. It can be like the first bobblehead of a player as s Pro. Alternatively, it is the induction into the Hall of Fame. They can also be signed editions or alternatives that integrate a relic. It is like infield dirt or a jersey piece.

When there is newer bobbleheads, the condition is not usually a huge concern. However, it is smarter to judge the images to investigate the description for any mention of damaging. Similarly, the vintage bobbleheads need more investigation. As they can be anyplace between the thirty and sixty years, it is doubtful that they are to be in the accurate condition. The consumer still likes to be conscious of any issues prior to the user buy the item. Hence, there is no need to be afraid to request for the extra images at the bobblehead producer, Likenessme.Com. Bobbleheads are not restricted to just athletes or the sporting occasions. While considering a subject, there is to likely be a bobblehead. Then, the consumer can have the Custom Bobblehead made for you.

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researching and shopping the bobbleheads online

When you consider retail service, it indicates that the bobblehead can be bought in a conventional brick and mortar store. Alternatively, the interested individuals can also purchase the common bobbleheads or their personalized bobbleheads from the established, professional and dependable online stores including Likenessme.Com.

behind SGA or SGB

The individuals understand the acronyms in a diverse ways. However, it is fundamentally indicating that the bobblehead is only obtainable as the giveaways at the stadium. Relying upon the team, they would be obtainable to all attendance. Alternatively, it is restricted to fixed numbers that are declared before. This amount is less than the capacity of the stadium. There is the number of fifteen thousands to twenty- thousands for providing these giveaways. These giveaways are free with the purchasing of a ticket to a particular game. These free bobbleheads as the gifts for a stadium are usually sponsored. It indicates that there is to be normally a brand logo somewhere upon the bobble.

considering STH or ST

These are the bobbleheads that are only accessible to season ticket holders. Hence, the quantity is normally more restricted. These are allowed for the devotees that enjoy watching the games of their preferred teams to buy the tickets for every home game every year. These restricted version bobbleheads can be the hardest to capture.

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New in Box or NIB

These are easy to interpret. However, this indicates that the bobblehead appear exactly as it was provided. It includes the paperwork and packaging. There are great deals of collector that love this. It is because the box can be the segment of the collection.


Bobblehead brings the imaginative notions while considering the representation of individuals, animals, companies or occasions. The creativity is rising up and one can figure out all kinds of Bobbleheads. These are groomsmen, bridesmaid, costume, pet, and sports bobbleheads among many others. As a fan of bobblehead, you can opt to pick up the memorable presents for the beloved ones. Conversely, it is just like purchasing the other products; you are to deal with the homework. Hence in the conclusion, the consumer does have the best with the bobblehead.

Dealing with this, it is to select the right kind of body; start preparing from the foundation; consider the accessories or props; select the right kind of materials; check the options of making alterations and consider the number of bobbleheads. Take a visit at Likenessme.Com to pick your best Custom Bobbleheads in the most affordable cost.