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Who Makes The Best Custom Bobbleheads

You are probably wondering by now, where you can get the best custom bobbleheads. There are quite a lot of companies out there making bobbleheads but I’ll just mention the few that have been given 5 star recommendation by their users.



  1. Custom Bobblehead Man Well Dressed-11167
  2. Personalized custom Vacation bobbleheads
  3. Personalized bobblehead dolls cheap

Well I didn’t give you much of a choice there, but likenessme does have the best custom made bobbleheads around. Likenessme customers usually get awe struck by the striking resemblance that the bobbleheads have to them together with the whole body remake. Think of it as a mini-you agency that gives you a copy of you at a minimal cost. So far they are the ones who make it as unique as possible, that’s why their customer rating is higher.

Their quality is top-notch and the bobbleheads are a lot bigger between 8.5 and 9 inches. Everyone nowadays wants it bigger and quality is not a compromise. Most bobblehead providers use poly resin whereas likenessme products are made out of polymer clay. The difference? The color is the clay so the end product comes out with a brighter tone and true 3D likeness not to mention higher quality.

The other factor is delivery. We all know how important it is to have everything on time without last minute rushes. Likenessme has a popular rating on timely deliveries. You hardly have to worry about postponing your gift for another day because it never arrived on time. They value your time and together with one of the best customer care professionals in this industry they try to make sure that their products satisfactorily reach their destinations on time.

So there it is, don’t stress yourself about where to get your bobblehead from. Simply order one from for the best quality your money can buy.

You Can Make Yourself into a Bobblehead

We all have that one image of ourselves that we would always want to see come to life. That funny look that uncle Bob usually has or aunt Penny’s wardrobe mismatch. Well in the 16th century we would have probably settled for a monument, of course the miniature ones, or probably asked for an artist to paint up our portraits. Probably that’s how Monalisa came to being, but that’s another whole topic on its own. In the 21st century you might as well take a selfie of yourself to catch that moment, but wait for it, it’s still not a 3D representation of you and it sure doesn’t bob its head when you touch it. How about making yourself into a bobblehead? Everyone’s doing it and its funny seeing yourself with an oversized head on your car dashboard, bathroom or have it manning your office when you are not around.


The process of engraving yourself is very simple, almost like taking a selfie of yourself but with 300 shots at a time(to get that 3D effect), I wonder how you can go through all of those. The process of turning yourself into a bobblehead is as follows:

  1. Simply upload one or more facial photos of yourself.
  2. Choose from a catalog of “stock bodies” or better yet do a custom body make.
  3. Make your color choices for your eyes, hair, clothes and any other detail you want on it.
  4. Complete your order information and wait for a skilled remake of you.(Don’t worry it won’t come to life, unless you want it to.)

Simple enough? Of course it is, just engrave your wedding face or the face you had when you won that baseball match. It’s pretty fun to do. You can then send it as a gift or troll someone with it, for fun’s sake everyone needs a laugh every now and then.

A Guide to Making Your Own Bobblehead Picture

The key to having a great bobblehead is having the right picture so that you can recreate a mini you from it. Bobblehead pictures are not just any type of picture, it should be able to give attention to detail and give a 3D depiction of you. This guide might as well help you to make the best bobblehead picture.


Step 1

Identify the main spot where you will pose and mark it as the first spot. Move in front 10-12 feet away from the posing position and mark a second spot. From the posing spot, move backwards another 10-12 feet away and have a third spot marked there.


Have your bobble friend pose on the main spot as you take pictures of him from the second and third spots. Afterwards make a 6 inch photo print of the pictures, and make a head print that’s twice as large. Cut out the body into smaller sized pictures as well as the head so that the neck is not visible.

Step 3

Get a 20 gauge-wire and cut 2-3 inches from it. Form coils with it, by using a pencil. The end coils should be bended perpendicular to the middle coils. Have one coil placed at the end on the inside of the head of the picture, apply some hot glue .Press a penny into the glue and over the wire.

Step 4

Lastly, glue a lollipop stick onto the centre of the back body print. The stick’s bottom should extend beyond the lowest feet by 1/2 inch. Glue the bottom neck coil near the top of the cutout so that 1/2 inch of coils are exposed as the neck. Glue the front half of the picture to the back half, sealing the paper edges.Cut a slot in the top of a plastic jar lid the size of the end of the Popsicle stick. Press the end of the stick into the hole and hot glue it into place. The weight of the penny in the head should cause the picture to bobble.

How to Get a Bobblehead of Yourself

The bobblehead craze is here with us and everyone wants to have a bobblehead of themselves. Well if you don’t, you might consider having one by the end of this blog post. So why a bobblehead you might ask. Think of it as the 21st century all time craze. It is fun and thrilling and it sure as well reminds you about a past function you attended, however silly it was.

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So how do you get a bobblehead of yourself? The process is simple and all you need is a company that deals with custom bobblehead creation like You will be required to provide a picture for it to be turned into a bobblehead custom. Note that the pictures are actually two, one front view picture and the other being a side view picture. Why two pictures? The main reason for that is so that the professionals can come up with a 3d representation of your head to the last detail. If you need a full body representation you will also have to provide us with a body shot. Remember that the output of the bubblehead wholly depends on the quality of the picture. You will most likely be asked about other attributes you might want to be noted, like hair color, eye color, clothes and much more.
Well that was simple enough. Based on your preferred choice of company, you will be prompted about shipping to address. You might want to choose one which has its deliveries on time like, there we go again.
After all that work, you can sit back and relax as you search for a space for your mini you to move in, probably at the bathroom or the car or the office, your choice.

Custom Bobbleheads – Create Your Own Bobblehead Easily

Bobbleheads are lookalike characters that are a representation of the funny part of you that you never knew you had. It serves to put a smile on your face every morning or in the office after a long day of work. The huge head simply shows you how dumb and hard headed you can be at times. The bobbling head shows you how silly you can get at times.


If you ask me, the bobblehead has become a pop culture that is quickly gaining traction over other moment capturing devices such as photos and videos. Furthermore it does it in the most humorous manner. So why don’t you have a bobblehead yet? It’s hard to understand right? Okay we can make a deal of asking your lookalike, once you decide to make one, why it took you so long.

If there was a way of breathing life into these miniature dolls, then am sure most of them would have the funniest and most ridiculous stories to share. They are always there on your car dashboard listening to you talk to yourself as you sing along to a tune on the stereo in your hoarse voice. They’ve eavesdropped on you a couple of times to make sure that they can hold you for ransom if you decide to do anything funny to them. We always trust them and we tell them whatever comes into our head. It’s more like that friend you always wished would just listen to you and keep nodding in appreciation for all the wits you’ve got, for a very long time, and still manage to give you their warmest smile.

So if you don’t have a bobblehead doll yet, you should get one immediately. You are missing out on the fun that comes with man’s new best friend!

The History of Bobbleheads

The custom bobbleheads have been around for quite some time and they have of the most interesting history anyone would love to hear. Acutally, hisory has it that the first dolls came from Germany and were called Nodders. By definition, Nodders are large figure of animals, usually between six and eight inches tall. The name Nodder itself was coined based on the way the springs connected on the heads of the dolls would bob on their body.


The very first bobblehead was sold in the early 1920s. However, these New York Kick bobbleheads actually disappeared immediately on the onset of the 1960s. For twelve years, after 1960, Japan spent quite the time to develop four of the most important bobbleheads that time. These were made of papier-mache. Papier-mache must have been a low quality product to use in the manufacture of bobbleheads, and this explains why they are less common today. In fact, only few have survived with at least some ugly cracking and or chipping. Most of the bobbleheads were sporty related at the time. They were more of general than individually personalized. The reason why the early bobbleheads were not personalized is that they wore different uniforms but had a similar head.
The olden days bobbleheads lost their popularity in the United States of America, North America to be precised, after they emerged as collectibles in the early 1970s. The mania we have today, however, is believed to have a close link with San Francisco Giant Baseball team. About 20 years later, the team handed out the custom bobbleheads at the time of a marketing promotion in one of their big matches.
Current bobbleheads are different. They resemble different individuals unlike those in the past. The new types have become quite popular. They have become a great figure for entertainment among many individuals since last 13 years.