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Guardians of the Galaxy


This movie already been showed in china on 10th October. It becomes kind of old movie in today, not the latest movie. But I still want to talk about it. From the propaganda poster, you imaged the luxury scene, fierce battle, superhero.

You thought like the traditional movie, superhero save the world.

In the fact, in this movie, all those superhero seem a little goofy, kind of like clown Anyway, it is funny, interesting movie.

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I have a new friend! – Cartoon bobbleheads custom

I have a new friend, I was attracted by her innocent smile,her name is Elizabeth.We met each other in the game Bioshock. Yes, you’re right, she is a fictional character, but it doesn’t matter. She is a good partner, much more like a real human than any other fictional characters. While she helps me a lot in the game, I think what truely surprise me is the depth of her reaction,she can make comments on everything and can tell you what’s the situation around
you. Her smile and naivety make you wanna care for her, the feeling kind of like she is your best friend and you wanna protect her. If you have a try,it will have the same feeling.

Life photos

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Production process

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Finished photo

Custom bobbleheads finished photos

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Give me a hint, for the gift!

My best girl friend’s wedding will be held on New Year’s Day.What a special and wonderful day!


Also, it is my honor, I have been invited as her bridesmaid. For now on,We have been busy to prepare all the stuff. As one of her best friend, I hope I can choose some special gift forher wedding. What kind of gift is so special? shoes?clothes? bag? Come on.they are everywhere. Diamond ? Jewelry ? necklace ? come on , I just need something unique, customized, you know, just only for new couple.I have received a lot of tips from my friends.Thanks for all them. Bobblehead ,one guy suggested. A fresh idea, I like to know more about wedding bobbleheads. Please give me more info. ths!



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custom bobbleheads for man

Hi,man,the bobblehead is excellent, just hit the spot.Just as what I imagined, hip-hop and original. And that is the reason why I like 2 chainz. I love his songs and his style. His MV always gives me a lot of inspiration.Do you like hip-hop songs? Give it a try.


Life photos

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Production process


Bobblehead finished photos.



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