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Top female bobblehead dolls for her!

Are you wondering what gift to give to a female friend or relative? Is she an amazing person that deserves to be happy? Do you want to offer her something she will never forget?

Think no more! We have create a list of awesome gifts to offer to your female loved ones. This list of female bobblehead dolls for her will please any lady. Not just that, but the gift will be so close to their heart to the point that it will be worth more to tham than any other expensive gift.


1- Custom female boss bobblehead

Did your female friend occupy a new position as a boss in a company? What better way to congratulate her? Or maybe she’s not a boss at her job, but she likes to give instructions to her friends and family, and acts like a boss in her personal life all the time. What if she’s a regular person, but whenever you have a problem she seems to have a solution. Whenever you need her, she’s there for you. In all cases, she truly is a boss! What better way to thank her?

Offer her this custom bobblehead with her face, made specifically for her. Sitting in a classy way like the real boss she is, holding a book in her hand reflecting how smart she is. The small coffee table beside her with the cup of coffee on top is the icing on the cake.  As it adds a calm and confident touch to that classy look of hers.


2- The teacher

Teachers are a blessing to our world. They help raise our children, educate them, and help build a better world by enlightening the younger generations. Someone with all those great deeds definitely needs a thank you. But not in a normal way, but in a manner that’s unique and memorable.

That’s why this bobblehead doll is part of our list. If you feel that your female teacher ows you so much. If you have a female friend or relative that’s a teacher. This is unique custom bobblehead will make the perfect gift for them. 

Another funny way to offer this gift, is to offer it to your classmate or anybody that’s helping you with your studies. To you, they are a true teacher and deserve a thank you!


3- The confident woman

We all know that one confident female, that speaks in a sure tone, is always certain of her decisions, and knows exactly what she wants! Isn’t she amazing? Where does she get all that confidence from?

She’s a true inspiration. That strong character is really a gift that only a few people posess. If you know such a person, this bobblehead accurately represents her.  With a big smile, classy clothes, and confident stance and posture, you have all her traits in one small and funny doll.

This will this make a funny gift. But it will also serve a greater purpose. We all go through some bad days where we’re not sure about ours selves anymore. If your confident friend goes through such a period, where she starts doubting herself and feel helpless, this bobblehead will remind her how strong she is, and give her power to keep fighting and not lose confidence!


4- The female runner

Is your female friend or family member a sports fan? Does she like to go out running every morning? Does she often go to the gym and takes care of her diet? Well, offer her this bobblehead doll!

Not only is it a cute and funny gift that represents her while she’s running, this will also serve as a motivation for her. Whenever she looks at this unique gift you gave her, she will remember how hard she’s been exercising, and that the harder she works out, the better the results.


5- The pet lover

Now this gift is for that soft-hearted and special girl, that loves pets more than anything! This girl is so kind, so gentle, and so loving that she will never sleep when her pets have an empty stomach. She loves them like her actual children. Whenever she’s around friends or family, she can’t help but show them pictures of her pets. She’s so pround of them! This bobblehead doll will definitely make an awesome gift for her.



This was our list of 5 female bobbleheads for her! Make sure you choose one that truly represents the female you’re offering it to. As she has to feel that special bond and connection with the bobblehead in order for it to be a unique and memorable gift. You can always check our website to browse more bobbleheads, we have a lot of other options! 

6 Best Bobblehead Gifts in Summer 2019

It can be challenging sometimes to find the right gift idea. The person receiving the gift has to relate and feel connected to it. It should leave a great impression on them, and make them remember you and that special moment for many years. This is exactly why bobblehead dolls are so popular. They simply make awesome gifts!

You can choose a bobblehead that represents the person you’re offering it to. You can choose a bobblehead of them playing their favorite music instrument, practising their favorite sport, or dressed in their favorite style. That way, they will feel connected to the bobblehead, and it will become their favorite gift.

In this post, we chose 6 best bobblehead gifts in summer 2019.


1- Custom Fitness Coach

We all have that one friend who starts going to the gym a few months before summer. Who can blame him? We all want that summer body so bad! Even if your friend doesn’t have that good of a body, you can still place his face and gift it to him. This can be a great way to joke with them. If they have just started bodybuilding, it can serve as a great motivation. Whenever they look at that awesome body with their face on top, they will feel like that’s the goal they are working to achieve. If your friend already has a rock hard body like that, then this is an ideal representation for them.


2- The Cook In The Hotel

Do you have a friend or family member that works as a chef? Well, let him cook the great meals, and let us cook the great gifts! This is an awesome way to say congratulations for the new job as a chef, or simply to remind him of the job that he loves so much.

Now does the person you’re gifting it to have to be a chef? Of course not! It can be a person that often cooks amazing food for you. If you like his or her food so much, why not thank him in a unique way by offering them this gift!


3- The woman who likes shopping

We all have that female friend or relative that adores shopping. Whenever she crosses your path, you can’t help but notice the shopping bags in her hands. You truly cannot find a better gift to offer this person than this bobblehead doll. It represents their love for shopping in a lovely, funny, and unique manner. Not to mention that she will look gorgeous in that beautiful red dress!

4- The fisher!

Great gift for those who enjoy fishing. For someone that has fishing as their number one hobby, catching a big fish is like winning the lottery. He often shows it in pride, or shows his picture holding it to every person he knows! That shows how much catching a big fish means to a fisher. And it actually is impressive, I have to admit. Imagine their feeling when they get a bobblehead with their face, holding a big fish as a trophy. It has to be an amazing feeling!

If your friend or relative doesn’t go fishing, but simply adores eating fish. This can also be a funny gift to offer them as it represents their love for their favorite food.

5- The Superman

Do you know someone that’s always there when you need him? Someone that always seems to have an answer to all your questions? Always has a solution for all the problems? Someone that always helps you with your job, studies, or personal life. Well, this is the perfect way to thank them! They are a true hero, and a superman bobblehead with their face on it is an awesome way to thank them. You can say thank you to them a thousand times, but it will never have as great of an impact as offering them this gift. You can even write them a small note with it.They will certainly remember it for a very long time…


6- The drummer

Do you have a friend or relative that’s in a band? Do you know someone who enjoys playing drums? Or simply loves listening to rock music. This is the gift for them! This funny bobblehead, with their face on it, a set of drums, and cool black shades will make them look like a true rockstar. They will feel proud of their custom bobblehead and show it to every guest they receive to impress them!



The reason why bobblehead dolls are so popular as gifts is the fact that they create a special bond with the person you offer them to. The fact that they relate to it, the feeling that it represents them, their hobbies, fears and lives, makes it a special gift that’s close to their hearts. Don’t hesitate to make your loved ones happy, and choose the bobblehead that represents the most.