Gifts for Father’s Day 2020

If you’re stuck for an idea for father’s day why not get your dad or grandpa a surprise personalized bobblehead? They’re such a fun thing to collect and custom bobbleheads add a little whimsy and joy to any shelf. All you need to do is send us a photo and our expert craftsmen will render an uncanny, mini version of your dad for his desk or dash. Choose from hundreds of design options and add a more personal touch to your father’s day gift this year. 

Great gift idea for father’s day

If the standard father’s day gifts seem a little dry and redundant this year, why not ditch the classic toolkit or tie and go for something a little more memorable? Personalized bobbleheads are a fantastic idea for father’s day and here are a few reasons why.

They are unique!

Here our expert team pride themselves in rendering an exact copy of your chosen family member or loved one, and not just a basic caricature. We can guarantee a mini version displaying the same features and personality, creating an extraordinary likeness that’s almost uncanny. You’ll never find a more unique present. Our customizable bobbleheads make an original father’s day gift they’ll always cherish.

They are hilarious!

With the variety of costume options available, our personalized bobbleheads are an amusing gift idea that will have the whole family in stitches. Dress your dad up as batman, or in his ugliest shirt, let your sense of humor run wild, the only limits are in your imagination. Whether your dad is posing comically or accessorized to perfection, your family will certainly have some laughs this summer.

They are versatile!

Personalized bobbleheads are totally versatile. You can get them in different sizes and a range of designs, and keep them anywhere. Some people like having them jiggling on their dashboard on their way to work or others prefer having something funny to look at on their desks. Your dad can keep his unique father’s day gift anywhere from the garage to the office.

Great designs available

All of our personalized bobbleheads are handcrafted, which means the possibilities are pretty much endless. They can be customized down to the last detail. If you want, we can create a mini version of your dad down to his worst wardrobe decisions, or dress him up in his work uniform. You can give us a brief on options for his outfit, and we’ll consult you with proofs and mock-ups

Is your dad into superheroes or sci-fi? You could have him coming straight out of Metropolis, or Gotham City. Make him a Jedi knight, or an action hero. We have a selection of costumes based on movie characters that can be customized for any order. If you want your dad storming a castle, or about to take out Darth Vader, then our expert rendering team can make it happen. 

We also offer group and bulk options so if you like you could have your dad as second baseman in his favorite team. If not, just dress him up as his childhood hero. Sportstars and accessorized costumes are a popular choice. You pick the sport and the colors, and we’ll add your father’s unique visage. His personalized bobblehead could even be posed leading the national team to win the world cup or an Olympic gold medal.

If you prefer to recreate your dad’s favorite hobby we also have lots of design ideas. He could be bent over a Harley or playing golf. You could even have him in overalls or his fishing gear. The personalized bobbleheads are fully customizable, so you can also get custom logos and accessories. If your dad’s a budding musician, his bobblehead could be playing the guitar or drums. Turn him into a rockstar and make his dreams come true this father’s day.

Why choose us for father’s day?


  • Guaranteed quality


All of our customized bobbleheads are 100% handcrafted from the best quality polymer clay. Each of our professional sculptures brings their own unique flair and skill to the practice, and we only hire the best. You can be guaranteed talented craftsmanship and attention to detail. 


  • Free proofs til your 100% satisfied


We pride ourselves on quality and providing you with an accurate rendition of your chosen loved one or relative. We’ll send you free proofs, examples of our designs and mock-up models throughout the crafting process, so you can give us feedback. This way we’ll ensure a more precise final piece with no extra cost on your part.  


  • Fully customizable


Unlike most of our competitors, we offer a delicate service with polymer clay, making all of our models original and fully customizable. We don’t order cheaper parts or materials unless requested. All of our paint colors and clothing designs are chosen by you. If you want, it’s also possible to create a complete model from scratch.


  • Matching items available


If you’re looking for a father’s day present why not get a handcrafted rendition of the whole family? You could get personalized bobbleheads of the two of you together, fishing, jamming, or whatever you get up to in your spare time. 


  • Top-notch customer service


Our friendly customer service team is always available to answer any FAQs about your orders and our products. You’ll be getting a tailored service with each design and will be in touch directly with our talented craftsmen while they work.


  • Fast delivery


With father’s day around the corner, you’ll want to make sure your unique design is ready in time. We ship all our customized bobbleheads via DHL/FedEx, and on average they arrive in 2-4 days. In total we aim to make the dolls and deliver them in about 5 days, depending on changes to the design and feedback on proofs. 


If you’re after a truly original and ultimately hilarious gift for your dad this father’s day, you’ve come to the right place. Trust our talented team to put together an amazing present that he’ll treasure for years to come.

The Custom Bobbleheads Guide for 2020

Bobbleheads make a welcome addition to any desk, any shelf or anywhere anyone needs to see something that makes them smile! Many of us collect Bobbleheads of all kinds based on our favorite sporting heroes or fictional characters. But did you know that you could give a friend,m family member or loved one a bobble head based on their own unique visage? 

What better and more unique gift to show someone how much you care out them? And if you feel the need to treat yourself, nobody’s going to judge you! But how do Custom Bobbleheads get made? Do they really capture the likeness and personality of the intended recipient or is “close enough” good enough? Join us for our guide to Custom Bobbleheads in 2020. 

Here we’ll try to cover everything you need to know about Personalized Bobbleheads.

How does it work?

It’s both quick for you to create and gift a bobblehead based on the unique likeness of someone you hold dear. We’re not just talking vaguely replicating their face shape, hair and eye color either. We’re talking about rendering their likeness accurately in Bobblehead form to delight and amuse them for years to come. 

Simply send us a good quality front-facing photo of your intended recipient and our talented craftsmen take care of the rest, rendering them in eerily accurate yet unmistakably adorable bobble head form.


We keep you in the loop, providing head proofs, hair proofs, and body proofs (where applicable) by email to ensure that you’re happy with the result. 

We are also proud to offer FREE approvals in the different stages of the creation of your hand Custom Bobblehead. If you need us to make little changes that you feel will make your bobblehead more effective or accurate, we are happy to do this for you at no extra cost. So you need never run the risk of unpleasant surprises when your bobblehead arrives.

All of our Personalized Bobbleheads are 100% hand crafted using polymer clay. We believe in craftsmanship and giving the personal touch for a gift of real quality.

What can I customize?

Absolutely everything! Take a look at our selection and you’ll see Custom Bobbleheads of all times with an enormous array of clothing options, accessories and even vehicles. Is your boyfriend constantly tinkering with his motorbike? You can include it with his Personalized Bobblehead. Is your wife only truly alive when she’s on the golf course? Render her in a perfect likeness with her clubs by her side. We can even include Personalized Bobbleheads with pets for animal lovers. 

We create Custom Bobbleheads with a huge range of clothing and accessory options, Whatever their inimitable sense of style we can capture it and ender it accurately in bobblehead form. We can also capture your intended recipient in all kinds of work related uniforms and poses.

Want to see the recipient as their favorite superhero, an international superspy or a force wielding Jedi Knight? We can make it happen! Turn someone special in your life into their favourite wizard, action hero, Avenger or Justice Leaguer.

Lights, camera, action!

Very rarely in life are we standing still. And while you may want to choose a Custom Bobblehead that features your recipient standing to attention, you can also render them in a wide range of poses. 

Whether you want to capture your martial arts obsessed sister practicing her high kicks, or your DC-mad brother pulling open his short to reveal the iconic Superman “S”, our Custom Bobbleheads are available in a huge variety of action poses. 

Can I get a pair / group of Custom Bobbleheads?

Sure thing! Many of our customers like to get matching Custom Bobbleheads of themselves and their partners. Or perhaps themselves with members of their sports team, band or work team. It’s a great way to celebrate your love, friendship or camaraderie, and will bring smiles to your faces every time you see them!

Always wanted to see what your family would look like as the cast of Star Wars? Or in the regalia of your favorite sports team? We can make it happen! 

Can I create a Bobblehead from scratch?

You bet! While we pride ourselves on our ability to offer great customization, we also offer a “Head to toe” custom option that gives you complete control over every aspect of your Personalized Bobblehead’s appearance. These are great for celebrating special occasions or accurately capturing precious memories and immortalizing them in bobblehead form. 

We also offer this option for couple, group and family Custom Bobbleheads. 

I’m not in the US, can I still order a Custom Bobblehead?

When it comes to ordering a Personalized Bobbleheads, quality matters. You may not be able to get a custom made bobblehead to your exact specifications in your native country. But that doesn’t mean that you should have to miss out. We’re proud to deliver all over the world so that you can be assured of a Custom Bobblehead of real quality that’s hand crafted by an expert using high quality materials… no matter where in the world you live. 

Can I get a bulk order?

Just because we offer hand crafted quality in every Personalized Bobblehead doesn’t mean that we can’t handle bulk orders! We’re more than happy to provide bulk orders on identical bobbleheads for orders of up to 1,000 units. Perfect for business / corporate events or parties! 

Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Take a few minutes to browse our website and you’ll see the incredible results and huge range of customizations that can be achieved with our bobbleheads. You’re limited only by your imagination. 

We’ve tried to be as comprehensive in this guide as possible, showing you everything you could want to know about ordering Custom Bobbleheads. If, however, you should have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Or take a look at our FAQ section.

We love working collaboratively with our customers and adding all the little touches and details that make a Personalized Bobblehead truly unique.  

Custom Bobbleheads For V Day

It’s almost that time of the year again and Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time of year where you can show that special person in your life how much you like them. Buying gifts can be a particularly tough choice; you may be more keen to buy something along the jewellery line or the traditional flowers, but sometimes it can be a great idea to buy something a little different and quirky! 


Bobbleheads could certainly be your answer; with plenty of hilarious designs to choose from, you could have your loved ones in stitches with a little souvenir that can last a lifetime. They can sit their token gift on their desk at work, in their car, or on the kitchen counter, and these high quality designs are really amusing gifts that make the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts look bland! This cute novelty gift will put a smile on your friends’ faces and it’s the perfect way to immortalize your love in the form of a Bobblehead! What else could be better?


What Makes Them A Great Choice For A Gift?


They are versatile and means that they can be used in many atmospheres and won’t be consumed like a box of chocolate. They are not just used as ornaments either, they can be used in a multitude of ways that add to the product’s productivity, as wine bottle openers, cake toppers, and much more. Meaning that the sentiment of Valentine’s Day can continue much longer than the day itself and can be used for any occasion. There is no reason to say that Bobbleheads are just for one type of person; they are for men and women of any age which makes them a great choice! 


What Designs Are Available For Valentine’s Day?


There are a wide range of designs; from their favourite characters to superheroes or celebrities, there are so many designs that can make them smile. What better way to put a smile on your partner’s face then having them open something both entertaining and super fun. Choose a bobblehead that is best suited to Valentine’s Day, pick the colours and styles that match the occasion and be sure to personalise it and have added extras such as a car or a prop for them to hold. Available in bespoke design, you won’t ever have to worry about the design being duplicated and custom made bobbleheads mean that you can pick exactly how it looks; you know your partner better than anyone, be sure to make it a good choice! 


It can also be a lovely reminder of times of the past; any momentous occasion you have shared together, can be immortalised, whether it was a time you wore a funny sombrero in Barcelona or the time you had stripy underpants on at a beach party in Miami, there is a bobblehead to suit. If you want a joint bobblehead of you and your partner, that too is doable. Perhaps you had a romantic trip to Paris and want it immortalised or a special trip to Santorini, you could have that remembered via this special art form! Personalise them to make each piece the epitome of your partner. Do they have a specific hobby that you can design? Do they play an instrument, you could have your bobblehead created with a violin or guitar in their hand. If they are an art teacher, why not have them holding a paintbrush and sat at an easel. If their hobby is swimming, you could have them swimming in a hand designed pool. If they enjoy snooker, you can have them poised at the table ready to take their shot! If they are a police officer, have them in a uniform and really symbolise their personality, career, hobby and them as people to really impress! There is certainly no holding back on the type of design and we strive to ensure that it’s exactly what you’re looking for when you get in touch. We believe in creating things exactly how you want but appreciate that takes time and effort. 


Art Form For Everyone


Bobbleheads are incredibly artistic and the detail that goes into each piece is incredibly detailed and artistic. It is a type of art that you can have as a constant reminder of your love for one another, whether it is the pair of you kissing, bobbleheads with your kids or pets, this is a fun way to express your love. With some bobbleheads being created and sent in just a few days, we will be sure that you have a piece you truly fall in love with. Carefully crafted, your partner can certainly enjoy this different type of art. Each bobblehead is perfectly created to bring any face to life with intricate details that make the pieces look lifelike and incredibly realistic to make your partner’s face light up with delight and amazement. 


Add a little love to the art and surprise them with a really unique gift idea. It takes minimal effort, can be ordered efficiently and easily online and with no hassle the gift arrives right at your front door ready for the big day! All that’s left to do is put a bow on it and give it to your special someone at that perfect moment! 


The History Of Bobbleheads 


A perfect Valentine’s Day with a great history! Bobbleheads have existed since the 50s and are certainly not a new concept; they were immortalised firstly by the Beatles. You may have also seen them floating around in the 90s also with the Spice Girls. They have been a popular choice for many years and they make wonderful trading pieces as they have for many years. With the new decade upon us, bobbleheads are not going anywhere and with a great history, it makes them another great choice for Valentine’s Day. Add a little history to your gift with an item that is both unexpected and funny. It’s time to send a unique gift this year. 

Unique Gift Ideas For Black Friday 2019

Black Friday is fast approaching. A huge shopping day after Thanksgiving, it’s the perfect time to buy Christmas presents and birthday presents for loved ones. A time when you’re battling through the shops or racing online to get the best gifts possible, it can seem impossible to find items that are exceptional. So if you’re looking for an extraordinary present this Black Friday, look no further than our custom bobbleheads.

Differing to anything you’ve gifted your friends or family before, it showcases their personality to a tee. A unique gift that stands out from the crowd, they’ll love the concept as well as the intricate design of the bobblehead. A process that requires a photo of them, each bobblehead is created with their individual facial features. Taking care with each product we create, the resemblance is uncanny.

A Unique Present For Black Friday

Everyone’s been there. As Black Friday and Christmas gets closer, it becomes a chore to find an amazing present. When nothing jumping out at you, you opt for the traditional gifts – socks, perfume, gift cards etc. But why choose the ordinary when you can choose a present that will have your loved one in awe?
A thoughtful gift, no one else will gift them with one – making it even more special when they open it. With no risk of duplicates, you can rest assured that they will be amazed when they unwrap their gifts.

There are many benefits from purchasing a personalized bobblehead – apart from the uniqueness of them:

Hilarious Gifts for Black Friday

Are you looking for funny gifts for Black Friday? Then our humorous bobbleheads are guaranteed to please. A fun gift, it will put a smile on their face from the moment that they open it. A gift that thinks outside of the box, it has a novelty value that they will appreciate for many years to come. Whether immortalize your loved one as Iron Man, Superwoman or create a couple bobblehead, they will love them.

A Gift That’s Suitable for All This Black Friday

Black Friday runs the risk of producing products that are stereotypical and dull. So this Black Friday, why not choose a gift that’s suitable for everyone? Personalized, they are designed with your loved one in mind – rather than a one-size-fits-all gift. From your partner to a couple you know and your parents, you’re able to find a bobblehead that’s perfect for them.

A Flexible Gift Idea For Black Friday

Unlike other presents, custom bobbleheads won’t be placed in a draw or away from view. Their versatility means that they can be placed proudly on a mantlepiece, shelf or in a car. Alternatively, alongside bobbleheads, we have a wide selection of wedding cake toppers, bottle stoppers, wine bottle openers and more.
This flexibility means that you can find a gift for anyone – for any occasion. Usable throughout the year, it won’t be a gift that they only appreciate on Black Friday, their birthday or Christmas. A personal touch that’s lost on other gifts, they can also be bought for numerous people at one time.

Who Should I Buy It For?

As aforementioned, personalized bobbleheads are suitable for anyone – no matter what the occasion. As we are approaching Christmas however, it can seem like a daunting task to find everyone’s gift. With the uprise in Black Friday, however, there’s no better time than now to purchase a present that’s appropriate for everyone.

A Black Friday Gift For Partner

Buying a present for your other half can be challenging – whether it’s for their birthday, an anniversary or for Christmas. That’s where a custom bobblehead comes in. A memento that they will cherish, it can be used to immortalize unforgettable memories, their favorite superhero, their hobbies, talents, etc.

A Black Friday Gift For Parents

Over the years, it can be very difficult to find an extraordinary present for parents. This Black Friday, show them how much they mean to you with a present that will have them in stitches! Better than the traditional bottle of wine, flowers or chocolates, you can showcase them as a couple or on their own with all of their favorite things.

A Black Friday Gift For Friends

Buying for friends can be challenging – especially when they seem to have everything. So treat them to a gift that will surprise them this Black Friday. Whether you opt for a bobblehead that’s in a classic car, as a musician or another design, they will treasure it forever.


Discover our incredible collection of unique personalized bobbleheads today!

All They Want For Christmas Is….A Bespoke Bobblehead

Christmas is coming. Whether you’re still clinging on to those distant summer memories, or you’re ready to embrace the fall, there’s no getting away from the fact that the festive season will soon be upon us. With temperatures starting to fall, and the sun setting earlier every day, it’s time to face the music and consider starting those Christmas preparations. For many people, buying and receiving gifts is what makes the holidays special. The trouble is that sourcing perfect presents isn’t always a walk in the park. In fact, buying unique gifts loved ones will adore is one of the hardest things to get right. This is where our bespoke bobbleheads come in handy. If you’re on the lookout for weird and wonderful presents for Christmas 2019, look no further than a personalized bobblehead.

The benefits of buying bobbleheads for Christmas
We’ve all been there. You’re trawling stores with days left to complete your Christmas shopping, and nothing is jumping out at you. You could revert back to the old favorites, and plump for socks or perfume, but who wants to be a cliché when you can be cool instead? Gift shopping should be fun, rather than arduous, and there’s nothing more entertaining and joyous than buying a bobblehead for a loved one. If you’re starting to think about presents you want to buy for your nearest and dearest this Christmas, here are some fantastic reasons to add custom bobbleheads to your list:

A unique gift idea
Bobbleheads are unique, they’re thoughtful, and you can guarantee that your friend or family member won’t get one from anyone else. There’s nothing worse than watching somebody peel back the paper and try and feign surprise or delight when they realize they’ve already got that exact gift. With a bespoke bobblehead, there’s no risk of duplicates.

A fun present
Many of us have a list of things we need when it comes to specifying Christmas gifts, but it’s so much more fun to be given presents that we want. Socks, ties, and bath lotion are all great, but it’s far more exciting to think outside of the box and opt for something a little bit different with unquestionable novelty value. Just imagine your loved one’s face when they tear the wrapping away to reveal their very own bobblehead.

Suitable for all
One of the best things about personalized bobbleheads is that they are suitable for everyone. If you really wanted to, you could tick off every single person on your Christmas shopping list simply by bulk ordering bobbleheads. From couples and friends to parents, siblings, and even your boss at work, bobbleheads are an excellent choice for all.

Bobbleheads are a versatile gift choice, as they can be used for a range of purposes. You can display a custom-designed bobblehead on your shelves at home, you can place your bobblehead in your car, or you could even turn your bobblehead design into a functional gift, for example, a bottle opener, a cake topper, or a wine bottle stopper. There’s scope to celebrate a wide range of passions, interests, and hobbies, and to add a personal touch to your gifts.

Who to buy a custom bobblehead for this Christmas
Many of us have several names on our Christmas shopping list, and crossing off every person can be a daunting task. The good news is that bobbleheads are suitable for a diverse range of recipients. If you’re starting to draw up plans and conjure up ideas as Christmas approaches, here are some ideas to give you inspiration:

Work Secret Santa
Most of us get excited about Secret Santa until we draw a name out. If you’re faced with the prospect of buying a gift for someone that has everything, or a colleague who is particularly picky, for example, the task of sourcing a present becomes much less appealing. If you find yourself in this scenario, let our bobbleheads come to the rescue. You can choose from designs that are relevant to the individual’s hobbies or interests, or you can design a bespoke bobblehead based on a photograph. This is a quirky, original Secret Santa idea, which definitely won’t have been done before, and it’s guaranteed to spread smiles around the office.

Sometimes, buying for couples can be really tricky, and it’s very easy to fall into the habit of buying something mundane and practical. If you’re thinking that the only option is a candle, vase, or pots and pans, for example, don’t panic! Custom bobbleheads can break the mold and provide a much more entertaining gift option. There are all kinds of designs that will appeal to couples, or you could create your own. Once you’ve decided on the aesthetic, you can choose what kind of gift to opt for. If you have friends that love wine, for example, what could be better than a pair of custom bobblehead bottle stoppers?

We all know that dads are notoriously hard to buy for. If you surveyed a bunch of dads, you’d probably find that very few of them expressed an interest in receiving a clutch of socks and hankies this Christmas. To switch things up, and make life a bit more interesting for those poor dads that have drawers full of aftershave and golf balls, why not treat your dad to a bobblehead instead of the usual suspects on every ‘must-haves for him’ gift list?

Other halves
Buying for your partner can be challenging, especially if they don’t give away hints in the run-up to the holidays. If you’re looking for something thoughtful and unique, a bobblehead is the gift for you! Your bobblehead can act as a gift in itself, a memento of special times, or as a clue to a special present like a trip away or tickets to a big game. You could order a bespoke bobblehead baseball player and then bring out tickets to the season opener, for example.

Christmas is hurtling towards us whether we like it or not. If you’re starting to think about buying presents, or you’re already struggling for ideas and inspiration, why not check out our dazzling range of bobbleheads or treat your friends and family to personalized bobbleheads this Christmas?

5 custom bobblehead dolls for couples and families

Custom bobbleheads are an extraordinary method to acknowledge somebody in your life and say thank you for the great things he’s done. If you’re searching for that ideal present for a couple or a family, then look no further. They are cheap yet they endure forever.

We shape our dolls to resemble the photographs you give to us. All that is required in the photograph is an unmistakable front perspective on the individual you mean to make it for and voila! You have yourself a unique easygoing bobblehead doll. The following are 5 best custom bobbleheads for couples and families..

1. Couple Bobbleheads With Lovely Dog Pet In Middle

Regardless, your pets are an indivisible piece of your family. Give us a chance to enable you to make huge recollections with you, your companion just as your cute pet. Simply send us your necessities and photograph by email and we will begin chipping away at this exceptional bobblehead puppet memento.

You can see the default model on and submit your request there. Every one of our figures are carefully assembled and will be sent to you in 6 to 36 days.

2. Man of the hour In Black Suit Lifting His Bride In White Dress Bobblehead

A fun method to amaze your significant other is by this diverting man of the hour in dark suit lifting his white dressed lady bobblehead. Who doesn’t care for an energized snapshot of your big day where both of you look fabulous and loaded with life? We can tweak your countenances the manner in which you like and it would be such a decent story to tell your companions. All we need is a decent front you of you and your significant other and you’re headed to accepting this interesting bobblehead!

Go to suit-lifting-his-lady of the hour in-white-wedding-dress-custom-bobblehead-3117260.html to see the model and get your request put immediately.

3. Superman Couple Bobbleheads

On the off chance that you locate the perfect wedding couple blessing unreasonably exhausting for your taste, this is a yell out to all DC and Marvel comic fan couples out there. Whoever says you can’t be superman, all things considered, you can refute them! All things considered, who’s really observed the genuine superman? Simply send us your image and we’ll shape our superman couple bobbleheads to look precisely like you in your photos, however with Superman and Superwoman outfit clearly!

Click here for more details

4-Customized baseball couple.

Regardless of whether you or your sweetheart appreciate watching the game or playing it, in the event that you are a baseball fan, at that point you would prefer not to be without this one. Most particularly in the event that you both love the game. This wonderful doll would leave you experiencing passionate feelings for the game and your sweetheart once more, while it perpetually helps you to remember that beautiful minute in your life you need engraved. Have them created and exhibited to your darling this coming new year, and watch only that occur.

These marvels are created with exactness and to flawlessness. Send a model picture of yourself and your sweetheart and have the bobblehead look precisely that way. You could likewise make changes to the shading or kind of garments, model, and other such changes on the off chance that you need to. Get these bobbleheads and appreciate the best of the baseball look and the bobblehead world. Visit custom-bobbleheads-of-baseball-couple-mb3788-113788.html to arrange.

5. Santa Clause Claus bobblehead.

This is one you certainly need to get. Particularly since the season is here once more. Appreciate Christmas with your family and companions with these lovely dolls around. They can fill in as anything from enhancements to blessings.

Get them uniquely designed for you and your family and even companions. Observe Christmas together with your family AND bobblehead family and give these bobbleheads to companions in the period of giving. Send the photos of those you need etched and have the ideal high-quality bobblehead reproduction made only for them! Conveyance is between 6-35 days. Visit Clause claus-bobble-12-inch-3113479.html to see the model and get your request set.


Be sure that our dolls are remarkably made to give you the absolute best of bobblehead dolls. They are high quality from the best materials and etched to look precisely like the image you painted or the photograph you gave. Time is of the pith, don’t squander anything else of it and request for your tweaked bobblehead doll now.

To guarantee consumer loyalty, we offer free endorsements to empower you to make changes when important at various phases of the chiseling procedure. We send you hair proofs, head proofs, body confirmations, and last verifications to your email for your last endorsement. Each confirmation we send you can be affirmed or adjusted by you. This procedure is significant in light of the fact that after the doll has been prepared, we can’t move in reverse and since every one of our pieces are high quality, the sizes may shift, however the greater part of our dolls are between 6.5 to 12 inches tall.

Top female bobblehead dolls for her!

Are you wondering what gift to give to a female friend or relative? Is she an amazing person that deserves to be happy? Do you want to offer her something she will never forget?

Think no more! We have create a list of awesome gifts to offer to your female loved ones. This list of female bobblehead dolls for her will please any lady. Not just that, but the gift will be so close to their heart to the point that it will be worth more to tham than any other expensive gift.


1- Custom female boss bobblehead

Did your female friend occupy a new position as a boss in a company? What better way to congratulate her? Or maybe she’s not a boss at her job, but she likes to give instructions to her friends and family, and acts like a boss in her personal life all the time. What if she’s a regular person, but whenever you have a problem she seems to have a solution. Whenever you need her, she’s there for you. In all cases, she truly is a boss! What better way to thank her?

Offer her this custom bobblehead with her face, made specifically for her. Sitting in a classy way like the real boss she is, holding a book in her hand reflecting how smart she is. The small coffee table beside her with the cup of coffee on top is the icing on the cake.  As it adds a calm and confident touch to that classy look of hers.


2- The teacher

Teachers are a blessing to our world. They help raise our children, educate them, and help build a better world by enlightening the younger generations. Someone with all those great deeds definitely needs a thank you. But not in a normal way, but in a manner that’s unique and memorable.

That’s why this bobblehead doll is part of our list. If you feel that your female teacher ows you so much. If you have a female friend or relative that’s a teacher. This is unique custom bobblehead will make the perfect gift for them. 

Another funny way to offer this gift, is to offer it to your classmate or anybody that’s helping you with your studies. To you, they are a true teacher and deserve a thank you!


3- The confident woman

We all know that one confident female, that speaks in a sure tone, is always certain of her decisions, and knows exactly what she wants! Isn’t she amazing? Where does she get all that confidence from?

She’s a true inspiration. That strong character is really a gift that only a few people posess. If you know such a person, this bobblehead accurately represents her.  With a big smile, classy clothes, and confident stance and posture, you have all her traits in one small and funny doll.

This will this make a funny gift. But it will also serve a greater purpose. We all go through some bad days where we’re not sure about ours selves anymore. If your confident friend goes through such a period, where she starts doubting herself and feel helpless, this bobblehead will remind her how strong she is, and give her power to keep fighting and not lose confidence!


4- The female runner

Is your female friend or family member a sports fan? Does she like to go out running every morning? Does she often go to the gym and takes care of her diet? Well, offer her this bobblehead doll!

Not only is it a cute and funny gift that represents her while she’s running, this will also serve as a motivation for her. Whenever she looks at this unique gift you gave her, she will remember how hard she’s been exercising, and that the harder she works out, the better the results.


5- The pet lover

Now this gift is for that soft-hearted and special girl, that loves pets more than anything! This girl is so kind, so gentle, and so loving that she will never sleep when her pets have an empty stomach. She loves them like her actual children. Whenever she’s around friends or family, she can’t help but show them pictures of her pets. She’s so pround of them! This bobblehead doll will definitely make an awesome gift for her.



This was our list of 5 female bobbleheads for her! Make sure you choose one that truly represents the female you’re offering it to. As she has to feel that special bond and connection with the bobblehead in order for it to be a unique and memorable gift. You can always check our website to browse more bobbleheads, we have a lot of other options! 

6 Best Bobblehead Gifts in Summer 2019

It can be challenging sometimes to find the right gift idea. The person receiving the gift has to relate and feel connected to it. It should leave a great impression on them, and make them remember you and that special moment for many years. This is exactly why bobblehead dolls are so popular. They simply make awesome gifts!

You can choose a bobblehead that represents the person you’re offering it to. You can choose a bobblehead of them playing their favorite music instrument, practising their favorite sport, or dressed in their favorite style. That way, they will feel connected to the bobblehead, and it will become their favorite gift.

In this post, we chose 6 best bobblehead gifts in summer 2019.


1- Custom Fitness Coach

We all have that one friend who starts going to the gym a few months before summer. Who can blame him? We all want that summer body so bad! Even if your friend doesn’t have that good of a body, you can still place his face and gift it to him. This can be a great way to joke with them. If they have just started bodybuilding, it can serve as a great motivation. Whenever they look at that awesome body with their face on top, they will feel like that’s the goal they are working to achieve. If your friend already has a rock hard body like that, then this is an ideal representation for them.


2- The Cook In The Hotel

Do you have a friend or family member that works as a chef? Well, let him cook the great meals, and let us cook the great gifts! This is an awesome way to say congratulations for the new job as a chef, or simply to remind him of the job that he loves so much.

Now does the person you’re gifting it to have to be a chef? Of course not! It can be a person that often cooks amazing food for you. If you like his or her food so much, why not thank him in a unique way by offering them this gift!


3- The woman who likes shopping

We all have that female friend or relative that adores shopping. Whenever she crosses your path, you can’t help but notice the shopping bags in her hands. You truly cannot find a better gift to offer this person than this bobblehead doll. It represents their love for shopping in a lovely, funny, and unique manner. Not to mention that she will look gorgeous in that beautiful red dress!

4- The fisher!

Great gift for those who enjoy fishing. For someone that has fishing as their number one hobby, catching a big fish is like winning the lottery. He often shows it in pride, or shows his picture holding it to every person he knows! That shows how much catching a big fish means to a fisher. And it actually is impressive, I have to admit. Imagine their feeling when they get a bobblehead with their face, holding a big fish as a trophy. It has to be an amazing feeling!

If your friend or relative doesn’t go fishing, but simply adores eating fish. This can also be a funny gift to offer them as it represents their love for their favorite food.

5- The Superman

Do you know someone that’s always there when you need him? Someone that always seems to have an answer to all your questions? Always has a solution for all the problems? Someone that always helps you with your job, studies, or personal life. Well, this is the perfect way to thank them! They are a true hero, and a superman bobblehead with their face on it is an awesome way to thank them. You can say thank you to them a thousand times, but it will never have as great of an impact as offering them this gift. You can even write them a small note with it.They will certainly remember it for a very long time…


6- The drummer

Do you have a friend or relative that’s in a band? Do you know someone who enjoys playing drums? Or simply loves listening to rock music. This is the gift for them! This funny bobblehead, with their face on it, a set of drums, and cool black shades will make them look like a true rockstar. They will feel proud of their custom bobblehead and show it to every guest they receive to impress them!



The reason why bobblehead dolls are so popular as gifts is the fact that they create a special bond with the person you offer them to. The fact that they relate to it, the feeling that it represents them, their hobbies, fears and lives, makes it a special gift that’s close to their hearts. Don’t hesitate to make your loved ones happy, and choose the bobblehead that represents the most.


Here’s Why Everyone’s Buying Personalized Bobbleheads as Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2019

If you’re still struggling to pick out a valentine’s present then don’t worry–you’re not alone! Millions of people around the world struggle to pick something that is both affordable and meaningful when Valentine’s Day comes around.


Chocolates Are Common but Also Really Boring


Most people just turn to chocolates and flowers as a Valentine gift, but it’s so common, uninteresting and honestly quite boring. Let’s face it; while chocolate is delicious and one of the safest gifts to give to someone special, it’s boring and overdone. Everyone does it and no matter how your dress up the chocolate, it’s still going to be consumed and forgotten after a couple of days–hardly fitting for a meaningful gift for someone you love.


But there is one way to make chocolate a more acceptable and meaningful gift–by customising it! Instead of just giving a box of store-bought chocolates that you wrapped up, why not consider making your own or at least speaking to a company that offers custom chocolates where you can put your own message?


Sadly, no matter how much you personalize it, it’s still chocolate and it’s going to be eaten and forgotten, but at least if you make it slightly more interesting and customized, your recipient will take some pictures of it to remember the occasion.


But you can do better–a lot better! Why stick with boring gifts like chocolate and flowers? Even if you customize them they’re either going to wilt away or be eaten and forgotten! If we stick with the idea of personalization then there are hundreds of gifts you could offer. But in that huge pile of potential ideas, there’s one that really sticks out as being a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for 2019; bobbleheads.


What Are Bobble Heads?


Bobbleheads are collectable toy dolls that don’t use a solid connection between the head and the body. This means that their heads bob back and forth, much like the name suggests. These were incredibly popular many years ago but modern technology and nostalgia have brought them back as a wonderfully unique and interesting Valentine’s Day gift!


Thanks to new advances in technology, it’s now possible to take a photograph of your loved one and use it as a reference to create a personalized bobblehead! Since it’s a customisable toy, you could even change the clothes and colors that it’s created with, resulting in a unique gift for your loved one on Valentine’s Day.


Why a Personalized Bobblehead for Valentine’s Day?


You might already be thinking that bobbleheads are a strange or even eccentric idea for a Valentine’s gift, but you’d be surprised at how many positives there are and how charming they can be as a gift for a loved one!


    • There’s no effort required. Simply place an order, submit a picture of your and/or your loved one and write up some details on the clothes and colors that you want. You can pick a few more options like the size of your bobblehead and then it will be created and sent directly to your doorstep.


  • They make excellent personalized gifts. Whether you create a personalized bobblehead in your own likeness or a pair for you and your loved one, you can keep them around as decorations that can be placed on your desk, in your car, on a shelf in your bedroom or even take them into work to act as a good luck charm or a funny way to remind yourself of your loved one.
  • Lots of customization options. Whether it’s wedding clothes, superhero costumes or even adding vehicles, there are plenty of customization options that you can choose from to create completely unique bobbleheads that will be one of a kind in the entire world! You can even personalize them depending on the situation, so a valentine’s gift could include lots of heart accessories, flirty poses or you could even request the figures to hold hands!
  • It’s fun, silly and unexpected. Surprising someone and putting a smile on their face is a great way to deliver a gift and most people wouldn’t expect to be given a personalized bobblehead for Valentine’s Day. They’re funny and silly gifts that are sure to make anyone smile, yet they’re also endearing and sweet.



As you can see, personalized bobbleheads make fantastic gifts for Valentine’s Day. They’re so easy to customize and order, and with the added fun of making their faces look like real people, they’ll become timeless gifts that will stay around and remind you and your partner both of the special relationship that you both share.

Custom Bobbleheads: The Unique Gift Idea For A Christmas Day To Remember

Christmas is fast approaching and trying to find the perfect gift is not easy. It doesn’t matter whether you are a company manager buying for their staff, a team leader finding corporate gifts for a client or you simply want to dazzle your friend as their Secret Santa, you need to find a gift that’s going to be unique.

Enter the personalized bobblehead! A famous collectible, a personalized bobblehead is said to be a toy but really, it’s a piece of pride to be displayed in the car, on your desk at work or even in the home. There’s no other gift quite like it, which means that your efforts are going to be mega appreciated by the recipient. The spring inside the oversized head makes it wobble every time it’s moved or tapped, and as the body of the toy is much smaller, the focus is on the face.

A Little Bobble History

The initial look of the bobblehead was seen almost seventy years ago, back in the 1950s, when the Beatles famously had a bobblehead collectibles for sale. Since then, it’s become popular in sporting events, in the media and even by famous bands – even the Spice Girls! Sports and music fans around the world now trade these on eBay, and now you know a little about why they’re so popular, you know your personalised bobblehead gift is going to be the talk of the Christmas gift exchange.

Secret Santa

You could choose to buy a bobblehead toy of a famous person – perhaps your intended recipient’s favourite sports star or music player, but you could go one better. Secret Santa has a purpose: finding a gift to a set budget that tells you that you know the person you are buying for. Go one better with personalized bobbleheads from, and you’re going to have something that drums up some serious conversation upon unwrapping!

A lot of corporate offices across the world utilise Secret Santa at Christmas time, so that they can buy a gift that is worthy of the people who support them in their job throughout the year. Giving a gift that is personal, fun and custom made just lets them know that they are truly appreciated.

Something Unique

There is a huge difference between a gift that is grabbed off the sales shelf and a gift that has thought put into it. Personalized bobbleheads are the latter. uses polymer clay to handmake the bobblehead according to a photograph they receive. That’s right; purely, 100% handmade with thought and time put into it in a way that a mass-produced bath bomb set wouldn’t have. They prefer to rely on the skills of people rather than machines, which makes every single personalized bobblehead completely unique. They’re painted by hand, and your recipient deserves a gift that is totally unique!

Staff Gifts

You know that your staff are the asset of your company and with Christmas waiting just around the corner, you need to be able to give them a unique gift to celebrate the success of the year. As a business, you need a way to show your staff that you are appreciative of their efforts and once you have your budget, can help. With bulk orders an option, all you need to do is provide a photograph of the head of each of your staff members you’d like to give gifts to this Christmas time. We will make each personalized bobblehead and deliver it to you in a timely manner. All you then have to do is watch the looks of pure joy and mirth on your employees faces when they receive their very own mini likeness to sit on their desk.

It’s a talking point for any company, to have something unique that they can present their staff with, but it’s the season for goodwill and wishes, and you can send your staff on their Christmas break with an exciting gift in their hand. It’s a talking point, too, which means that when clients and visitors see the personalized bobbleheads wobbling away, they’ll ask you questions about why you bought them.

This is the part you explain that a unique gift can uplift the motivation and the productivity of your staff. Plus, it’s nice to choose something that’s not the norm. Being unique in your gift-giving this Christmas will set you apart from the rest of the businesses in your industry. are on hand to help you be that trailblazer this year.