Here’s Why Everyone’s Buying Personalized Bobbleheads as Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2019

If you’re still struggling to pick out a valentine’s present then don’t worry–you’re not alone! Millions of people around the world struggle to pick something that is both affordable and meaningful when Valentine’s Day comes around.


Chocolates Are Common but Also Really Boring


Most people just turn to chocolates and flowers as a Valentine gift, but it’s so common, uninteresting and honestly quite boring. Let’s face it; while chocolate is delicious and one of the safest gifts to give to someone special, it’s boring and overdone. Everyone does it and no matter how your dress up the chocolate, it’s still going to be consumed and forgotten after a couple of days–hardly fitting for a meaningful gift for someone you love.


But there is one way to make chocolate a more acceptable and meaningful gift–by customising it! Instead of just giving a box of store-bought chocolates that you wrapped up, why not consider making your own or at least speaking to a company that offers custom chocolates where you can put your own message?


Sadly, no matter how much you personalize it, it’s still chocolate and it’s going to be eaten and forgotten, but at least if you make it slightly more interesting and customized, your recipient will take some pictures of it to remember the occasion.


But you can do better–a lot better! Why stick with boring gifts like chocolate and flowers? Even if you customize them they’re either going to wilt away or be eaten and forgotten! If we stick with the idea of personalization then there are hundreds of gifts you could offer. But in that huge pile of potential ideas, there’s one that really sticks out as being a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for 2019; bobbleheads.


What Are Bobble Heads?


Bobbleheads are collectable toy dolls that don’t use a solid connection between the head and the body. This means that their heads bob back and forth, much like the name suggests. These were incredibly popular many years ago but modern technology and nostalgia have brought them back as a wonderfully unique and interesting Valentine’s Day gift!


Thanks to new advances in technology, it’s now possible to take a photograph of your loved one and use it as a reference to create a personalized bobblehead! Since it’s a customisable toy, you could even change the clothes and colors that it’s created with, resulting in a unique gift for your loved one on Valentine’s Day.


Why a Personalized Bobblehead for Valentine’s Day?


You might already be thinking that bobbleheads are a strange or even eccentric idea for a Valentine’s gift, but you’d be surprised at how many positives there are and how charming they can be as a gift for a loved one!


    • There’s no effort required. Simply place an order, submit a picture of your and/or your loved one and write up some details on the clothes and colors that you want. You can pick a few more options like the size of your bobblehead and then it will be created and sent directly to your doorstep.


  • They make excellent personalized gifts. Whether you create a personalized bobblehead in your own likeness or a pair for you and your loved one, you can keep them around as decorations that can be placed on your desk, in your car, on a shelf in your bedroom or even take them into work to act as a good luck charm or a funny way to remind yourself of your loved one.
  • Lots of customization options. Whether it’s wedding clothes, superhero costumes or even adding vehicles, there are plenty of customization options that you can choose from to create completely unique bobbleheads that will be one of a kind in the entire world! You can even personalize them depending on the situation, so a valentine’s gift could include lots of heart accessories, flirty poses or you could even request the figures to hold hands!
  • It’s fun, silly and unexpected. Surprising someone and putting a smile on their face is a great way to deliver a gift and most people wouldn’t expect to be given a personalized bobblehead for Valentine’s Day. They’re funny and silly gifts that are sure to make anyone smile, yet they’re also endearing and sweet.



As you can see, personalized bobbleheads make fantastic gifts for Valentine’s Day. They’re so easy to customize and order, and with the added fun of making their faces look like real people, they’ll become timeless gifts that will stay around and remind you and your partner both of the special relationship that you both share.

Custom Bobbleheads: The Unique Gift Idea For A Christmas Day To Remember

Christmas is fast approaching and trying to find the perfect gift is not easy. It doesn’t matter whether you are a company manager buying for their staff, a team leader finding corporate gifts for a client or you simply want to dazzle your friend as their Secret Santa, you need to find a gift that’s going to be unique.

Enter the personalized bobblehead! A famous collectible, a personalized bobblehead is said to be a toy but really, it’s a piece of pride to be displayed in the car, on your desk at work or even in the home. There’s no other gift quite like it, which means that your efforts are going to be mega appreciated by the recipient. The spring inside the oversized head makes it wobble every time it’s moved or tapped, and as the body of the toy is much smaller, the focus is on the face.

A Little Bobble History

The initial look of the bobblehead was seen almost seventy years ago, back in the 1950s, when the Beatles famously had a bobblehead collectibles for sale. Since then, it’s become popular in sporting events, in the media and even by famous bands – even the Spice Girls! Sports and music fans around the world now trade these on eBay, and now you know a little about why they’re so popular, you know your personalised bobblehead gift is going to be the talk of the Christmas gift exchange.

Secret Santa

You could choose to buy a bobblehead toy of a famous person – perhaps your intended recipient’s favourite sports star or music player, but you could go one better. Secret Santa has a purpose: finding a gift to a set budget that tells you that you know the person you are buying for. Go one better with personalized bobbleheads from, and you’re going to have something that drums up some serious conversation upon unwrapping!

A lot of corporate offices across the world utilise Secret Santa at Christmas time, so that they can buy a gift that is worthy of the people who support them in their job throughout the year. Giving a gift that is personal, fun and custom made just lets them know that they are truly appreciated.

Something Unique

There is a huge difference between a gift that is grabbed off the sales shelf and a gift that has thought put into it. Personalized bobbleheads are the latter. uses polymer clay to handmake the bobblehead according to a photograph they receive. That’s right; purely, 100% handmade with thought and time put into it in a way that a mass-produced bath bomb set wouldn’t have. They prefer to rely on the skills of people rather than machines, which makes every single personalized bobblehead completely unique. They’re painted by hand, and your recipient deserves a gift that is totally unique!

Staff Gifts

You know that your staff are the asset of your company and with Christmas waiting just around the corner, you need to be able to give them a unique gift to celebrate the success of the year. As a business, you need a way to show your staff that you are appreciative of their efforts and once you have your budget, can help. With bulk orders an option, all you need to do is provide a photograph of the head of each of your staff members you’d like to give gifts to this Christmas time. We will make each personalized bobblehead and deliver it to you in a timely manner. All you then have to do is watch the looks of pure joy and mirth on your employees faces when they receive their very own mini likeness to sit on their desk.

It’s a talking point for any company, to have something unique that they can present their staff with, but it’s the season for goodwill and wishes, and you can send your staff on their Christmas break with an exciting gift in their hand. It’s a talking point, too, which means that when clients and visitors see the personalized bobbleheads wobbling away, they’ll ask you questions about why you bought them.

This is the part you explain that a unique gift can uplift the motivation and the productivity of your staff. Plus, it’s nice to choose something that’s not the norm. Being unique in your gift-giving this Christmas will set you apart from the rest of the businesses in your industry. are on hand to help you be that trailblazer this year.


How do I get a bobblehead of myself?

There are many reasons why our customers purchase bobbleheads of themselves. So, don’t worry too much about asking the question of how you get one. We don’t think you’re strange or odd. In fact, we think you’re really cool because you must appreciate the products we dedicate our entire working lives to creating. Getting a bobblehead is really easy, and anyone can do it by following the step-by-step guide outlined below. Don’t worry if you encounter any stumbling blocks or you have any concerns because our team is always here to help, and we can guide you through the entire process if you get stuck.


Why get a bobblehead?


People order custom bobbleheads of themselves because they are fun products that are sure to put smiles on faces. They’re perfect for amateur sports teams who want to commemorate a successful season, and they’re ideal for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to bring some enjoyment into the office. Some people decide to get bobbleheads of themselves for hundreds of other reasons too. The items are built to last, and so they will stay looking fantastic for many years.


How to get a bobblehead

If you want to get a custom bobbleheads of yourself or someone else from our website; you need to follow the steps outlined below:


Step 1: Designing your bobblehead


Before you do anything else; you need to click over to the appropriate page on our website and start the ball rolling by making some selections. We’ll ask you to choose a body type from our extensive gallery first. You then need to select hair, complexion, eyes or other options in the order form before uploading three pictures (some people might call them mugshots.) We need a profile pic of your face from the front, and with your head turned to the left, and then to the right. We’ll start working on your bobblehead as soon as you check out, and it doesn’t take us long to get the item finished.


If you want to know more about our designs and the results we can achieve; take a look at some of the products listed on our website right now.


Step 2: Approving our proof


We are 100% committed to making sure you are happy with the custom bobblehead we create. We also know that people might make mistakes when selecting options if this is the first time they’ve used the service. That is why we never send the design to production until you are satisfied and you give us the green light. Around nine days after you place the order, we will contact you and provide you with a link to our interactive panel. You get to see a proof of the design, and you can communicate with our team if you wish to make any changes or alterations before we push ahead.


Step 3: Manufacturing and shipping


Once you approve the proof we send (and sometimes you might want us to make some alterations which can add to the production time,), we will start manufacturing your bobbleheads. You provide us with shipping details, and we send the items in secure packaging to your address. Standard shipping takes three to four weeks, but don’t stress; we have some urgent shipping options too for people who need their products fast. In some instances, it is possible we can ship the goods in five days.


We use only the best and most reliable couriers to ensure your custom bobbleheads get from A to B in perfect condition, and you are always happy with the results. Right now, we use DHL/FedEx which means customers should receive their orders between three and five days after we ship the package. You get a tracking number from us so you can follow the progress of your delivery and ensure someone is home to accept it when the driver arrives. We can deliver to your home, workplace, or anywhere else. Just let us know!


After reading all the information and advice on this page; you should now understand how easy it is to get hold of custom bobbleheads of yourself or your friends. Take a look around at some of the product listings on this website if you want to learn more about our designs and the quality of our work. We also take the time to publish testimonials, and you can find the link at the top of our homepage. If you have any concerns, read some of those reviews, and we’re confident you’ll be more than satisfied with the outcome.


We look forward to creating your custom bobblehead!

Our highest rated custom bobbleheads for the month of July

Are you lacking the inspiration to find a unique gift for your beloved ? You no longer need to search as our custom bobbleheads is all you need ! Funny, cute and distinctive, our custom bobbleheads will absolutely manage to make your family and friends smile. Check out our highest rated custom bobbleheads that already blew our customers mind.



  • Head-to-toe custom bobbleheads dolls


It’s the ultimate occasion to set free your imagination and make a special gift in which every little detail is as you desire. Whether it is adjusted to be funny or just a similar version of the person you will give to, you have the absolute freedom to constitute your gift as you aspire.

Click here and order your bobblehead dolls right away.



  • Fully customized wedding bobblehead


It would be a really great idea for a wedding gift or something that you can just simply please yourself with on your big day. All you have to do is provide us with a photograph of this special occasion and we will make sure to sculpt the bobblehead as required. It would be a cute reminder of the great joy of that day !

Click here and order your bobblehead dolls right away.



  • Guitar bobbleheads


Do you enjoy playing guitar or are you juste fascinated by it’s amazing sounds ? This guitar bobbleheads is the absolute choice for you ! Adorable and demonstrating the passion of music it would be a unique piece to show people your  artistic side with a touch of humour.

Click here and order your bobblehead dolls right away.



  • Custom Bobblehead Mascot 11530-11530


Ever dreamed of being a superhero ? Well we are giving you the chance to be one, on our own way ! Choose your favorite character and we will make sure to create a custom bobblehead Mascot that will make you feel just like a real hero and will give you the chance to boast in front of your friends ! So release the hero that sleeps in you and send us a picture of your expectations that we will be more than pleased to make true.

 Click here and order your bobblehead dolls right away.



  • Personalized Custom Hunter Bobbleheads


If you are a big fan of hunting and you claim being one of the best in this field, you can commemorate a special moment containing one of your achievements ! We can sculpt for you a personalized custom hunter Bobbleheads so that you can capture your favorite hunting moments in a unique way that will make your friends and family discover your hobby and appreciate it.

Click here and order your bobblehead dolls right away.



  • Personalized Custom Female Graduation Bobbleheads


       The graduation day is one of the most special days in someone’s life ! After enduring years of hardwork and tiredness, it’s high time to honor those life changing moments ! We suggest our personalized custom graduation Bobbleheads to catch the special moments of that special day ! it would be a reminder of what you had the strength to accomplish.

Click here and order your bobblehead dolls right away.



  • Personalized IPhone Holder Bobblehead-11928


     Step out of the box and don’t settle for something plane when you can be special with our personalized IPhone holder bobblehead ! A one and only gift as well as an adorable piece that you can get yourself ! Useful and funny, this Iphone holder will be your new favorite item !

Click here and order your bobblehead dolls right away.



  • Personalized Beach Time Eye-Catching Shirt Bobbleheads


What’s more tempting than spending your whole day chilling at the beach ? We all dream of vacation and beautiful beaches, so why not a Personalized Beach Time Eye-Catching Shirt Bobbleheads that will give you a breath of fresh air just by looking at it. This would be a great gift to your family and friends to remind them of the great moments you shared on your last vacation and to let them know how impatient you are to make many more on your next vacation.


Click here and order your bobblehead dolls right away.


  Conclusion :


        Those are a few of our highest rated custom bobbleheads for the month of July, you can order the one that caught your eye but you have also the freedom to choose any detail you want and to customize your bobbleheads as you wish ! So whether it would demonstrate your passion and hobbies or juste be a funny gift for your beloved our bobbleheads will give you a great pleasure just by looking at them. So don’t hesitate to order and capture your finest moments in those unique and innovative bobblehead that will be soon your favorite items.

how to make custom bobbleheads

Are you in the market for a customized bobblehead? Or perhaps you just want to learn a little more about this incredible product before deciding whether you need one (you definitely do!) in your life? Either way, you’ve come to the right place.


Here’s all you need to know re: how to make custom bobbleheads in the quickest fashion at the most affordable price. Most importantly, you’ll discover how to get the very best outcome so that your bobblehead can bring the biggest smiles.


What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.


What Is A Custom Bobblehead?


A bobblehead is a specialized type of doll that is characterized by a moving head on a static body. The size of the head is usually disproportionate to the body for added emphasis. You may also know this type of collectible as nodder, wobbler or bobblehead.


The head is made wobbly due to the use of a spring or hook, and you can make it nod for several minutes with a single push. The earliest known bobbleheads date back to the 17th century, although it wasn’t until the 1960s that they became a much-loved toy.


Customized bobbleheads use modern technology and craftsmanship to create a doll that is manufactured to your design rather than a preset image. This allows the user to immortalize themselves with a collectible doll or celebrate their family, pets or favorite celebs.


Why Would You Want A Custom Bobblehead?


A custom bobblehead is a unique item that serves many purposes. Here are just six ways in which you may wish to use your bobblehead product.


  1. Brighten up the living room or bedroom with a unique family memento.
  2. Create a piece of memorabilia by depicting your favorite sports star or musician.
  3. Remember a family pet with customized animal bobbleheads.
  4. Celebrate a particular moment in your life by turning your favorite photo into a bobblehead doll.
  5. Decorate the home at Christmas or on another special occasion.
  6. Turn yourself into a superhero or replicate your favorite film scene in doll form.


Alternatively, it can make the perfect gift for a friend, loved one, or client. Whether it’s a wedding gift or a business endeavor, this is an unforgettable present that’s sure to go down a treat.


How To Create A Custom Bobblehead Of Your Own


By now, you’re probably itching to have a customized bobblehead created in your image. Of course, this is an assignment that requires a lot of skill, passion and time. Therefore, it’s not a job that you are going to take on yourself. Thankfully, the process of getting a professionally handmade bobblehead is a lot easier than you might think.


Follow these simple tips, and you won’t go far wrong.


Step One: Create Your Vision


Let’s face it; even the most celebrated bobblehead artist can only bring your dream to life if you are clear about what you want. Without that sense of clarity, it’s likely that you’ll be left with an underwhelming outcome. Frankly, only the best will do.


It’s not enough to say that you want a doll that looks like you. A custom bobblehead should depict you at your best and put you in the perfect scenario. This could mean putting yourself in a fantasy situation or may include your partner in the form of a couple’s bobblehead.


Whichever option you choose, you should be clear about what you wish to achieve.


Step Two: Choose The Right Photos


Expressing your desires with the artist is one thing, but a custom bobblehead creator can still only work with what they see. The choice of images that you send in is one of the most crucial factors of all. Get this wrong, and the entire product runs the risk of falling flat.


All photos should be clear, which means choosing images with good resolutions. If opting to replicate your current look, sending in snaps from the front and both sides will give the artist more to work with. In turn, this will allow them to bring your likeness to life.


Do not underestimate the significance of this part for a second.


Step Three: Choose The Right Artist


Of course, some bobblehead artists are better than others. We genuinely believe that the human eye and touch is needed to bring your likeness to life, which is why we’d always suggest taking this route rather than a company that mass produces dolls via machinery.


Our sculptors use polymer clay, which enables us to create unique handmade designs rather than relying on premade colors and designs. This produces the very best results time and time again. Furthermore, we can add eyeglasses and accessories, which some artists may not.


The combination of premium materials and world-class sculpting is geared towards success.


Step Four: Play An Active Role


While you do not need to actually create anything yourself, your input is key to getting the best results. Furthermore, with quick and precise communication links throughout the process, you should receive your bobblehead far quicker. What more incentive could you ever need?


When providing the images, you should also select your body type (or the type you want) along with the situation that you want the character to be in. Even if it’s simply wearing the clothes that you’re wearing in the photos, letting the sculptor know this is key.


The artist will send a digital preview of your doll, so approving this can help them get on quicker too.


Final Thoughts


Whether it’s for yourself or a gift for someone else, a custom bobblehead is a truly unique and magical item. However, it’s imperative that your doll is crafted with the affection and attention that you deserve. Otherwise, this lack of talent and love will shine through.


With the help of, you can have the perfect custom bobblehead within a matter of weeks. From the intricate detailing to the lasting materials, every aspect will surpass even your wildest expectations. And that is a promise from our passionate and dedicated sculptors.

7 Cute bobbleheads for pet lovers

Having a pet is like having a family. You don’t just adopt the animal, you also take up the responsibility to love and care for it. Take a look at our many bobbleheads with your adorable pets. You can order from anywhere in the world and we will deliver your sculptures in 6 to 36 days.


1. Pet Dog Bobbleheads

Get a cute replica of your pet with the exact features and facial expression! We help you create unbreakable bonds and with this charming bobblehead, you’ll never be to far from your lovable pet.

For more details go to and see the sample for yourself.


2. Hockey Players Bobble Head Doll

Who isn’t a hockey lover? People all around the world cherish a decent amusement. Ice hockey or road hockey is a game that can be appreciated in any season. So bring that love for hockey home by making a bobblehead hockey figurine for your family members right away!

Visit for more details.


3. Custom Cat Bobbleheads

For all the cat lovers out there, here is your new lifestyle mantra! Make a capricious bobblehead doll of your favourite cat. Or on the other hand, get 9 more to remember all their nine lives! If have more than one cat, we can make multiple cat bobbleheads that look just like yours in just one sculpture.

For samples, go to


4.  Head-To-Toe Customized Dog, Pets Bobbleheads

You can customize your own special bobblehead doll from scratch! Be it for any individual, pet and any event. Just make sure you depict in detail what you require, or submit a photograph of the individual and setting you’d get a kick out of by the chance to immortalize.This will guarantee our crafters to be as detailed and specific as you want.

Here’s your link to order

5. Couple Bobbleheads With Lovely Dog Pet In Middle

No matter what, your pets are an inseparable part of your family. Let us help you create significant memories with you, your spouse as well as your adorable pet. Just send us your requirements and photo by email and we will start working on this one of a kind bobblehead figurine keepsake.

You can see the default model on place your order there. All our sculptures are handmade and will be sent to you in 6 to 36 days.


6. Fisherman Handing A Big Fish And A Large Lobster Bobblehead

For some people, fishing is more than a hobby. It is a lifestyle, or a passion. It can be a device of survival, where you eat what you get. In any case, it is a respected convention, adored by ages of people around the world! Locate the ideal present for your most loved fisherman in this hand-made bobblehead doll.

To place your order or to view a sample, go here


7.  Basketball Player Bobblehead

Join your two great loves in one bobblehead and give your pet a complete makeover in your favourite basketball clothes. Just send us a picture of your pet and the clothes you want it in, and voila! Our customised sculpture of your choice will be its way.

Visit the following link for more details.




Get customized bobbleheads simply the way you like it and ideal for you. These can be utilized as a beautiful bit of workmanship on your mantelpiece, or simply put them on your auto dashboard, that will influence its make a beeline for bobble away to eminence, serving you with precisely what you needed with it. Get customized bobbleheads to enhance your table, auto or pretty much anyplace.

Your bobblehead can even have props. Props for the bobbleheads include presents, hats, Christmas trees and so much more. Just ask us what you need, and we’ll work towards giving you the best possible option! And in case you decide to make your pet wear cute outfits, worry not. We will incorporate that into our unique sculptures as well, since all our bobblehead dolls are completely handmade, and can be customised as per your wishes.

The all the more fascinating thing is that now you can do it the way you like, implies that you would yourself be able to plan or make your own bobblehead. Well you can know better that how you will look the most entertaining so rely upon others, how about we do it without anyone else’s help. The main component in the subject is your creative energy. Give your considerations a chance to ride free with the goal that you would yourself be able to work out the most ideal bobblehead. So what are you waiting for? Get a pen and paper and cut out your fantasy bobblehead with your own hands and let your imagination run wild!

9 Adorable couple bobbleheads to surprise your significant other!

Want to gift something to your better half’s on their birthday or anniversary? How about a cute bobblehead? You can choose one or more from our incredible list of couple bobbleheads that are just right for you. Here you go!

1.  Fully Customized Wedding Bobblehead

Get a fully customised bobblehead of your wedding. All you have to do is give us a detailed description about your needs and submit a photo of you both and the setting you’d like to memorialize and voila! You’ll get your own personalized bobblehead doll from head to toe!

Go to to order your wedding bobblehead and take full advantage of our FREE approvals in the different stages during the creation of your hand sculpted bobblehead doll. Though we sculpt our dolls to look like the photos you provide to us with great detail, you can ask for changes however you like.

2.  Groom In Black Suit Lifting His Bride In White Dress Bobblehead

A fun way to surprise your better half is by this amusing groom in black suit lifting his white dressed bride bobblehead. Who doesn’t like a animated moment of your wedding day where both of you look fantastic and full of life? We can customise your faces the way you like and it would be such a good story to tell your friends. All we need is a good front you of you and your better half and you’re on your way to receiving this amusing bobblehead!

Click on to see the model and get your order placed right away.

3.  Marriage Proposal Bobblehead

Make your most fond memory a permanent one by ordering a bobblehead of your marriage proposal. Immortalize that perfect moment you proposed, and have a keepsake to last a lifetime. This handmade bobblehead will be based on a photo of the bride and groom and is roughly between 6.5 to 12 inches.

For more information, go to and get on your way to ordering one of our best bobbleheads!

4. Couple Bobblehead Doll With Dog Pet In Middle

No matter what, your pets are an inseparable part of your family. Let us help you create significant memories with you, your spouse as well as your adorable pet. Just send us your requirements and photo by email and we will start working on this one of a kind bobblehead figurine keepsake.

You can see the default model on and place your order there. The bobblehead will be sent to you in 6 days to 35 days once the order is placed.

5. Poseidon Couple Bobbleheads

The ideal gift if you and your better half are fantasy lovers or even big fans of mythology! These customised Poseidon couple bobbleheads are even perfect for beach lovers. Create your own beach fantasy and see yourselves as the ultimate mermaids and mermen with this exclusive, handmade gift.

You can see the sample and order by clicking in this link

6.  Christmas Wedding Bobbleheads

Whether it’s Christmas or not, you can never go wrong when you dress yourselves as Mr and Mrs Claus!  This one of a kind bobblehead doll comes not only in Santa Claus dressing, you can even dress yourself as an elf. Place your order on Hohoho!

7. Couple Golf Bobbleheads

This is absolutely the perfect gift for you and your golf loving partner! This customised bobblehead doll can be personalised you’re your choice of clothes, and of course, your faces. What’s more, our figurines can be shipped anywhere in the world.

So whichever part of the planet you are living in, you can get these handmade beautiful gifts without any hassle in 6 to 35 days. Visit for more details.

8. Make Action Figure Bobbleheads

Who doesn’t like movies and their iconic stars? Like Mr. and Mrs. Smith for instance! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s exemplary roles in this movie not only started their real life love story, but also made them one of the most stylish actors in the movie industry!

So what are you waiting for? Get your own version of this famous action movie with our unique bobblehead dolls. It’s the picture-perfect way to say I love you. To see samples and order, click on

9. Superman Couple Bobbleheads

If you find the ideal wedding couple gift too boring for your taste, this is a shout out to all DC and Marvel comic fan couples out there. Whoever says you can’t be superman in real life, you can prove them wrong! After all, who’s actually seen the real superman? Just send us your picture and we’ll sculpt our superman couple bobbleheads to look exactly like you in your pictures, but with Superman and Superwoman costume obviously!

Here’s the link for more information


All of our bobblehead doll sculptures can be fully customised according to your needs and requirements. We take great pride in ensuring your satisfaction and will keep you informed during various steps of the process by sending head proofs and hair proofs, body proofs (if applies) to your email. You can also choose your own pose and idea for you and your loved one.


The Ultimate Guide to Custom Bobbleheads

Bobbleheads are a fun novelty that really took off in the 60’s and haven’t been away since. With their characteristic nodding heads, bobbleheads are an instantly recognizable gift that anyone will love. They come in a variety of sizes and can be displayed anywhere to great effect. But, hold on just a second because there is more!


Now you can create a fully customized bobblehead and give an even greater gift. All it takes is a few photos and we can make a bobblehead of anyone you like. This is ideal for when you need a truly personal gift but only have a small budget to play with. You can choose to make a bobblehead of yourself or your friend or even create a whole new person if you want to like a cosplay version of you in character! Have fun and get customizing!

The Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

Personalized bobbleheads are always a hilarious gift and whether you are presenting someone with a bobblehead version of themselves or a bobblehead version of you, the likeness will be brilliant.


But bobbleheads aren’t just a fun novelty, they can also be worth a fortune. So, if you plan to become famous in the future, or think that your friend might, getting a few bobbleheads made now might be the best possible investment you can make! Some bobbleheads have sold for thousands of dollars on online auctions – a significant bump on the few dollars we charge!


Given how many different styles there are on offer, you can reasonably expect that whatever you want can be made. We offer different eye colors, hair colors and skin tones and, with a wide variety of bodies and body types, as well as a completely customizable head, you can give exactly the perfect gift.

How to Create a Custom Bobblehead

Creating your own custom bobblehead is very simple – we do all the hard work for you!


All you need to do is provide 4 pictures: one of your face, one of the back of your head, and one of each side. With these pictures our designers start to build up a model of your head. This is quite a specialist job as each feature needs to be put in and shaped so that you will immediately recognise who it is supposed to be. Fortunately you can proof the design before it is baked to perfection and set forever in fabulous bobblehead style.


All the dolls are made using polymer clay. This is an ideal material because it is easy for our designers to handle and manipulate into such tiny details, but it also sets once baked. This means that once the design is complete, it will be permanently fixed and unchangeable. The other advantage of polymer clay is that it provides a bright, smooth finish and highlights all the fantastic handcrafted details on the doll such as the waves in their hair or that goofy smile.

Which Body Should You Choose?

Though the head might be the most recognisable feature on any bobblehead, getting the body right is just as important. As our bobbleheads are completely handcrafted, the body also opens up some options for our customers. For example, you could have one bobblehead proposing to another, or two bobbleheads riding in a car together. In fact, if you can describe what you want accurately enough, we are pretty sure that it can be done.


There are a few standard body designs that you can choose from and all of them are customizable to your taste. For example, you might like the look of one of our standard designs but prefer a different colour and body position, or you may wish to send us a picture of roughly what you would like the pose to be. Either way, the customizability is off the chart and you can get exactly what you want.

Perfect Your Design with Extra Details

The final secret ingredient to the customizable bobblehead is your ability to choose extra added details that really bring your design to live. Do you have tattoos? Do you wear glasses? Do you wear a t-shirt with a particular logo on the front? All of these things are completely doable, you just need to specify what you want so we can add it on! We can also add on a hat or a helmet if you like!


Another key thing to think about is the size you would like your bobblehead to be. Naturally, the bigger a bobblehead the better it is (how jealous are you of the 17 foot bobblehead the Conan show built that is now Harold’s Chicken Shack on Wabash Avenue, Chicago?!). That is why we offer bobbleheads up to 12 inches high – just 1.5 inches smaller than an Oscar.


The more highly detailed you can make your bobblehead the better it will be and the more hilarious it will be for your friend because they will instantly recognize themselves.

Realize Your Fantasy or Your Friend’s

One of the great things about bobbleheads is that because they are so personal and customizable, you can use them to create a sort of cosplay version of yourself. For example, you could put yourself into all kinds of different outfits, change your hair colour, add extra details to show your character. This is a really sweet thing to do if you want to encourage someone or reference a particular passion of theirs.  


Whoever you are buying a bobblehead for, the main idea is that you can create something truly personal that is fun and doesn’t cost the earth. The more detail that you can put in, the better your gift will be and with a proof or two, you can be certain that you will get exactly what you are after. Everyone loves to receive a gift like this that has been clearly thought through – and what a great gift to get to make too!

7 Amazing, Fun Facts About Custom Bobbleheads

If you are a collector of bobbleheads or are fascinated by them as we are you might think that you know all the facts. But you might be surprised because there are a lot of fun little details about bobbleheads that you may not be aware of. So, sit back as we take you through some of the most startling facts about this fun little item that can be perfect as a gift or an accessory for your own home.


Major League Baseball Gave Away 1 Million Bobbleheads


Ask any baseball fan, and they’ll probably love bobbleheads. America’s favorite pastime is synonymous with the fun little figurines, and the Major League Baseball has certainly noticed. In 2014, they gave bobbleheads to just under 1 million fans for free. The little toys arrived at their homes in the mail as gifts, and we’re sure they went down a treat. Apparently, the bobbleheads were designed around some of the top players across a range of different teams.


If you weren’t lucky enough to get your hands on one then, you’ll be pleased to know you can get one custom made right now. All you need is a picture of the player that you want a bobblehead of. Or, perhaps you want a bobblehead custom made to match you. That can be arranged, and it can be fully dressed and equipped for baseball. Get your own bobblehead with a baseball bat in hand. Or, if you and your partner love the sport, why not get a double feature with two bobbleheads standing next to each other, each ready to hit a home run.


They Can Look Just Like You


In the past, you used to only be able to get bobbleheads that were modeled after cartoons or famous figures. These days, thanks to new technology, a bobblehead can be modeled after anyone and look exactly like them. All you need to do is get a picture of whoever you want the bobblehead to be made for. For instance, you can get one that matches the face of your partner, your best friend, your loved one or really anyone that you like. Once you have that photo, you can send it in with your bobblehead order.


At that point, using sophisticated tech, your bobblehead can be created to perfectly match the given photograph. As well as this, other pictures can be used to make the bobblehead more unique as well. For instance, you can think about adding a car, but rather than any old car, the vehicle can be modeled to match one that you have in real life. Or, the one that the person you’re getting the bobblehead for drives. This type of customization has made bobbleheads the perfect gift for absolutely any occasion.


They Have Been Used To Win The Heart Of A Bachelorette


If you’re a fan of reality TV, you might recall the moment when one contestant on ‘The Bachelorette’ actually used the collectible to woo his would-be partner. Chris Bukowski earned the adoration of Emily Maynard in the premiere of season 15 after presenting her with a pair of bobbleheads that matched their likeness perfectly. It allowed him to get off to a strong start against the other contestants as he continued to win the support of the lady a number of rounds through the show.


This just shows that bobbleheads can actually be quite a remarkable and indeed romantic gift. You can customize bobbleheads to be placed in romantic positions from proposing to cuddling one another. You could even have a bobblehead holding a heart-shaped box of chocolates or in a car together, ready to drive off on their honeymoon.


If you look at the range of different bobbleheads available online, you will always find one that suits you, regardless of what you’re searching for or what occasion you want it to match. A bobblehead could be the perfect gift for any romantic occasion like Valentine’s Day, a wedding proposal, wedding ceremony or even a sixth month anniversary.


They Can Be Worth A Lot Of Money


You might think that bobbleheads are quite cheap to buy. Well, if you look on the site, you’ll certainly see that our custom made bobbleheads are priced for value. But that doesn’t mean that the value of these figures can’t rise. Bobbleheads to commiserate the 1961-1962 New York Yankees sold for over fifty-nine thousand. If you ever become famous one day, we bet your bobblehead could be worth that much too.


If you look online, you’ll see you can get a bobblehead of every star, athlete, and musician imaginable. You might even be able to just buy a bobblehead of yourself holding a huge wad of cash.


They’re made In China


Originally, Bobbleheads came from China in the 1760’s. These days, of course, bobbleheads are made and sold all over the world. Back then, the heads were ceramic, and the expressions were often quite serious. They didn’t have the cartoon aesthetic that they do these days. Bobbleheads are wonderful items that often bring joy and are packed with a great sense of fun. The bobbleheads you can buy today have a lot of character and are the perfect gift to put a smile on someone’s face.


Bobbleheads Can Be Completely Customizable


You might think bobbleheads are always going to be a fairly typical figure standing tall. But actually, they don’t have to be. Bobbleheads can be something completely different. They can be totally customized to fit any image, shape or position that you like.


There’s A National Bobblehead Hall of Fame


Yes, it’s true the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame can be found in Milwaukee. Here you’ll find crazy bobbleheads from all over the world, old new, quirky and serious. You may even spot a few customizable bobbleheads made to match a certain individual. This is the largest collection of bobbleheads in the world, and it’s also a place where you can learn more about the history of these items.  


Did you know these facts about bobbleheads? Why not check out some of the coolest, craziest custom bobbleheads that we make and sell to see if one could be the perfect purchase or a fantastic, fun gift.

5 Times A Bobblehead Is The Perfect Gift To Say Congratulations

Do you adore bobbleheads? Or, perhaps you know someone that loves them and may even collect them? Well, did you know that bobbleheads can be a great gift to celebrate some sort of achievement? They can! A bobblehead can be the perfect way to say congratulations, well done or even ‘atta boy and make sure someone knows just how proud you are. Regardless of the achievement in question, you’ll be able to find the right bobblehead to match.


One of the best parts of giving one of these as a gift is that they can keep it forever. Whenever they look it they’ll remember the achievement and the person who gave them the bobblehead as a brilliant fun little gift.


What type of achievements are we talking about here? Well, there’s a whole range of times when a bobblehead could be the perfect congratulatory gift. The best part is that they can be custom maid to match the event perfectly!


You Passed Your Driving Test!


There’s nothing like the feeling of passing your driving test and being able to drive on the road for the first time as a full licensed driver. Perhaps your son or daughter has completed their test, or maybe you have a friend who has learnt to drive later in life. Either way, a custom made bobblehead is the perfect gift to say well done and show how proud you truly are.


All you need to do is get a picture of the person that you’re creating the bobblehead for be it a friend or family member. Once you have the pic, the bobblehead can be sculpted to match your friend or family member perfectly. It’s a quick turnaround too, and you’ll have your bobblehead within  6 days to a month!


The best part is that you can get your bobblehead figure seated in a car. These little accessories are the perfect way to make a bobblehead unique and ensure that they are the perfect fit for any occasion. You can see this model and many more on the rest of our site.


You’re Engaged!


Has your friend or beloved family member finally popped the question? Maybe your daughter’s partner has stopped dragging his feet and finally got down on one knee? Why not commiserate the occasion with a custom made double bobblehead set. Yes, that’s right you can get a bobblehead couple that matches the moment of the proposal perfectly. Beautifully sculpted, one figure will be on one knee while the other will stand elegantly. These bobbleheads can be put up as accessories anywhere around the home and look absolutely perfect.


Of course, you don’t have to get figures frozen during the point of the proposal. Instead, you can choose couple figures that celebrate something else about the partnership. There are lots to choose from such as a pair of bobbleheads on their first date to a couple enjoying sports together. As such, you’ll be able to make sure that they are the best fit for the person getting the gift.


You’re Hired!


Maybe you’ve just been informed by your son that they have been hired for a new position. Perhaps they are becoming a firefighter, or maybe they are going to be a professional sports player. The job could be anything! It doesn’t matter what job your friend or a family member has been hired for because a custom bobblehead can be made to match it.


You can get a bobblehead dressed to impress in the uniform or outfit for the job in question. As well as this, the bobblehead can be fitted with little accessories as well. For instance, you might have a friend who is about to be hired as a journalist. If that’s the case, their bobblehead could be holding a microphone or even sitting at a computer! Crafted to perfection and with the promise of a pristin level of quality, these bobbleheads are a great gift that will look fantastic on a new office desk.


You’ve Graduated!


Do you have a son, daughter, cousin, niece, nephew, brother, sister, family member or friend who has recently graduated? Perhaps they’ll be graduating soon, and you want to make sure that you have the perfect gift to say congratulations and welcome them into the world of adulthood. You can certainly get a personalized bobblehead in a graduation cap and gown. Perfectly painted these bobbleheads are absolutely flawless and can be treasured forever, displayed with pride in a home or office.


If you don’t want the typical graduation bobblehead, you can opt for something completely different. Instead, you can choose to get a bobblehead made to match the loved one’s dream career. Perhaps they have graduated and are moving on to medical school? If that’s the case, you can get a bobblehead of them wearing a doctor’s coat? The might even be aiming to become an astronaut, and you better believe you can get a bobblehead in a full space suit!


You’re Buying A Home!


Is your kid finally buying their own place? It’s time to celebrate and congratulate them! There’s no better way to do this than with a little custom-made bobblehead. If they are moving in with their partner, you can get a bobblehead of them being carried over the threshold or being carried themselves! You can even get a bobblehead holding a house key, ready to enter their new home.


These bobbleheads are a great present that won’t break the budget and will last a lifetime. Made for durability, your child or friend will still have their bobblehead long after they move out of the house they are buying.


These beautiful figures are completely custom made so they will look just like your child, their partner or whoever else you want to give them too. The accessories that come with them can be customized too. If you want them to be holding a certain key or wearing a particular outfit take a picture, make a few notes, and your bobblehead will arrive exactly as you pictured it.


We hope you see that these bobbleheads are a great gift to see congratulations, regardless of the event.