Here’s Why Everyone’s Buying Personalized Bobbleheads as Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2019

If you’re still struggling to pick out a valentine’s present then don’t worry–you’re not alone! Millions of people around the world struggle to pick something that is both affordable and meaningful when Valentine’s Day comes around.


Chocolates Are Common but Also Really Boring


Most people just turn to chocolates and flowers as a Valentine gift, but it’s so common, uninteresting and honestly quite boring. Let’s face it; while chocolate is delicious and one of the safest gifts to give to someone special, it’s boring and overdone. Everyone does it and no matter how your dress up the chocolate, it’s still going to be consumed and forgotten after a couple of days–hardly fitting for a meaningful gift for someone you love.


But there is one way to make chocolate a more acceptable and meaningful gift–by customising it! Instead of just giving a box of store-bought chocolates that you wrapped up, why not consider making your own or at least speaking to a company that offers custom chocolates where you can put your own message?


Sadly, no matter how much you personalize it, it’s still chocolate and it’s going to be eaten and forgotten, but at least if you make it slightly more interesting and customized, your recipient will take some pictures of it to remember the occasion.


But you can do better–a lot better! Why stick with boring gifts like chocolate and flowers? Even if you customize them they’re either going to wilt away or be eaten and forgotten! If we stick with the idea of personalization then there are hundreds of gifts you could offer. But in that huge pile of potential ideas, there’s one that really sticks out as being a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for 2019; bobbleheads.


What Are Bobble Heads?


Bobbleheads are collectable toy dolls that don’t use a solid connection between the head and the body. This means that their heads bob back and forth, much like the name suggests. These were incredibly popular many years ago but modern technology and nostalgia have brought them back as a wonderfully unique and interesting Valentine’s Day gift!


Thanks to new advances in technology, it’s now possible to take a photograph of your loved one and use it as a reference to create a personalized bobblehead! Since it’s a customisable toy, you could even change the clothes and colors that it’s created with, resulting in a unique gift for your loved one on Valentine’s Day.


Why a Personalized Bobblehead for Valentine’s Day?


You might already be thinking that bobbleheads are a strange or even eccentric idea for a Valentine’s gift, but you’d be surprised at how many positives there are and how charming they can be as a gift for a loved one!


    • There’s no effort required. Simply place an order, submit a picture of your and/or your loved one and write up some details on the clothes and colors that you want. You can pick a few more options like the size of your bobblehead and then it will be created and sent directly to your doorstep.


  • They make excellent personalized gifts. Whether you create a personalized bobblehead in your own likeness or a pair for you and your loved one, you can keep them around as decorations that can be placed on your desk, in your car, on a shelf in your bedroom or even take them into work to act as a good luck charm or a funny way to remind yourself of your loved one.
  • Lots of customization options. Whether it’s wedding clothes, superhero costumes or even adding vehicles, there are plenty of customization options that you can choose from to create completely unique bobbleheads that will be one of a kind in the entire world! You can even personalize them depending on the situation, so a valentine’s gift could include lots of heart accessories, flirty poses or you could even request the figures to hold hands!
  • It’s fun, silly and unexpected. Surprising someone and putting a smile on their face is a great way to deliver a gift and most people wouldn’t expect to be given a personalized bobblehead for Valentine’s Day. They’re funny and silly gifts that are sure to make anyone smile, yet they’re also endearing and sweet.



As you can see, personalized bobbleheads make fantastic gifts for Valentine’s Day. They’re so easy to customize and order, and with the added fun of making their faces look like real people, they’ll become timeless gifts that will stay around and remind you and your partner both of the special relationship that you both share.

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