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The Ultimate Guide to Custom Bobbleheads

Bobbleheads are a fun novelty that really took off in the 60’s and haven’t been away since. With their characteristic nodding heads, bobbleheads are an instantly recognizable gift that anyone will love. They come in a variety of sizes and can be displayed anywhere to great effect. But, hold on just a second because there is more!


Now you can create a fully customized bobblehead and give an even greater gift. All it takes is a few photos and we can make a bobblehead of anyone you like. This is ideal for when you need a truly personal gift but only have a small budget to play with. You can choose to make a bobblehead of yourself or your friend or even create a whole new person if you want to like a cosplay version of you in character! Have fun and get customizing!

The Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

Personalized bobbleheads are always a hilarious gift and whether you are presenting someone with a bobblehead version of themselves or a bobblehead version of you, the likeness will be brilliant.


But bobbleheads aren’t just a fun novelty, they can also be worth a fortune. So, if you plan to become famous in the future, or think that your friend might, getting a few bobbleheads made now might be the best possible investment you can make! Some bobbleheads have sold for thousands of dollars on online auctions – a significant bump on the few dollars we charge!


Given how many different styles there are on offer, you can reasonably expect that whatever you want can be made. We offer different eye colors, hair colors and skin tones and, with a wide variety of bodies and body types, as well as a completely customizable head, you can give exactly the perfect gift.

How to Create a Custom Bobblehead

Creating your own custom bobblehead is very simple – we do all the hard work for you!


All you need to do is provide 4 pictures: one of your face, one of the back of your head, and one of each side. With these pictures our designers start to build up a model of your head. This is quite a specialist job as each feature needs to be put in and shaped so that you will immediately recognise who it is supposed to be. Fortunately you can proof the design before it is baked to perfection and set forever in fabulous bobblehead style.


All the dolls are made using polymer clay. This is an ideal material because it is easy for our designers to handle and manipulate into such tiny details, but it also sets once baked. This means that once the design is complete, it will be permanently fixed and unchangeable. The other advantage of polymer clay is that it provides a bright, smooth finish and highlights all the fantastic handcrafted details on the doll such as the waves in their hair or that goofy smile.

Which Body Should You Choose?

Though the head might be the most recognisable feature on any bobblehead, getting the body right is just as important. As our bobbleheads are completely handcrafted, the body also opens up some options for our customers. For example, you could have one bobblehead proposing to another, or two bobbleheads riding in a car together. In fact, if you can describe what you want accurately enough, we are pretty sure that it can be done.


There are a few standard body designs that you can choose from and all of them are customizable to your taste. For example, you might like the look of one of our standard designs but prefer a different colour and body position, or you may wish to send us a picture of roughly what you would like the pose to be. Either way, the customizability is off the chart and you can get exactly what you want.

Perfect Your Design with Extra Details

The final secret ingredient to the customizable bobblehead is your ability to choose extra added details that really bring your design to live. Do you have tattoos? Do you wear glasses? Do you wear a t-shirt with a particular logo on the front? All of these things are completely doable, you just need to specify what you want so we can add it on! We can also add on a hat or a helmet if you like!


Another key thing to think about is the size you would like your bobblehead to be. Naturally, the bigger a bobblehead the better it is (how jealous are you of the 17 foot bobblehead the Conan show built that is now Harold’s Chicken Shack on Wabash Avenue, Chicago?!). That is why we offer bobbleheads up to 12 inches high – just 1.5 inches smaller than an Oscar.


The more highly detailed you can make your bobblehead the better it will be and the more hilarious it will be for your friend because they will instantly recognize themselves.

Realize Your Fantasy or Your Friend’s

One of the great things about bobbleheads is that because they are so personal and customizable, you can use them to create a sort of cosplay version of yourself. For example, you could put yourself into all kinds of different outfits, change your hair colour, add extra details to show your character. This is a really sweet thing to do if you want to encourage someone or reference a particular passion of theirs.  


Whoever you are buying a bobblehead for, the main idea is that you can create something truly personal that is fun and doesn’t cost the earth. The more detail that you can put in, the better your gift will be and with a proof or two, you can be certain that you will get exactly what you are after. Everyone loves to receive a gift like this that has been clearly thought through – and what a great gift to get to make too!