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Custom Bobbleheads: The Unique Gift Idea For A Christmas Day To Remember

Christmas is fast approaching and trying to find the perfect gift is not easy. It doesn’t matter whether you are a company manager buying for their staff, a team leader finding corporate gifts for a client or you simply want to dazzle your friend as their Secret Santa, you need to find a gift that’s going to be unique.

Enter the personalized bobblehead! A famous collectible, a personalized bobblehead is said to be a toy but really, it’s a piece of pride to be displayed in the car, on your desk at work or even in the home. There’s no other gift quite like it, which means that your efforts are going to be mega appreciated by the recipient. The spring inside the oversized head makes it wobble every time it’s moved or tapped, and as the body of the toy is much smaller, the focus is on the face.

A Little Bobble History

The initial look of the bobblehead was seen almost seventy years ago, back in the 1950s, when the Beatles famously had a bobblehead collectibles for sale. Since then, it’s become popular in sporting events, in the media and even by famous bands – even the Spice Girls! Sports and music fans around the world now trade these on eBay, and now you know a little about why they’re so popular, you know your personalised bobblehead gift is going to be the talk of the Christmas gift exchange.

Secret Santa

You could choose to buy a bobblehead toy of a famous person – perhaps your intended recipient’s favourite sports star or music player, but you could go one better. Secret Santa has a purpose: finding a gift to a set budget that tells you that you know the person you are buying for. Go one better with personalized bobbleheads from, and you’re going to have something that drums up some serious conversation upon unwrapping!

A lot of corporate offices across the world utilise Secret Santa at Christmas time, so that they can buy a gift that is worthy of the people who support them in their job throughout the year. Giving a gift that is personal, fun and custom made just lets them know that they are truly appreciated.

Something Unique

There is a huge difference between a gift that is grabbed off the sales shelf and a gift that has thought put into it. Personalized bobbleheads are the latter. uses polymer clay to handmake the bobblehead according to a photograph they receive. That’s right; purely, 100% handmade with thought and time put into it in a way that a mass-produced bath bomb set wouldn’t have. They prefer to rely on the skills of people rather than machines, which makes every single personalized bobblehead completely unique. They’re painted by hand, and your recipient deserves a gift that is totally unique!

Staff Gifts

You know that your staff are the asset of your company and with Christmas waiting just around the corner, you need to be able to give them a unique gift to celebrate the success of the year. As a business, you need a way to show your staff that you are appreciative of their efforts and once you have your budget, can help. With bulk orders an option, all you need to do is provide a photograph of the head of each of your staff members you’d like to give gifts to this Christmas time. We will make each personalized bobblehead and deliver it to you in a timely manner. All you then have to do is watch the looks of pure joy and mirth on your employees faces when they receive their very own mini likeness to sit on their desk.

It’s a talking point for any company, to have something unique that they can present their staff with, but it’s the season for goodwill and wishes, and you can send your staff on their Christmas break with an exciting gift in their hand. It’s a talking point, too, which means that when clients and visitors see the personalized bobbleheads wobbling away, they’ll ask you questions about why you bought them.

This is the part you explain that a unique gift can uplift the motivation and the productivity of your staff. Plus, it’s nice to choose something that’s not the norm. Being unique in your gift-giving this Christmas will set you apart from the rest of the businesses in your industry. are on hand to help you be that trailblazer this year.