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Our highest rated custom bobbleheads for the month of July

Are you lacking the inspiration to find a unique gift for your beloved ? You no longer need to search as our custom bobbleheads is all you need ! Funny, cute and distinctive, our custom bobbleheads will absolutely manage to make your family and friends smile. Check out our highest rated custom bobbleheads that already blew our customers mind.



  • Head-to-toe custom bobbleheads dolls


It’s the ultimate occasion to set free your imagination and make a special gift in which every little detail is as you desire. Whether it is adjusted to be funny or just a similar version of the person you will give to, you have the absolute freedom to constitute your gift as you aspire.

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  • Fully customized wedding bobblehead


It would be a really great idea for a wedding gift or something that you can just simply please yourself with on your big day. All you have to do is provide us with a photograph of this special occasion and we will make sure to sculpt the bobblehead as required. It would be a cute reminder of the great joy of that day !

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  • Guitar bobbleheads


Do you enjoy playing guitar or are you juste fascinated by it’s amazing sounds ? This guitar bobbleheads is the absolute choice for you ! Adorable and demonstrating the passion of music it would be a unique piece to show people your  artistic side with a touch of humour.

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  • Custom Bobblehead Mascot 11530-11530


Ever dreamed of being a superhero ? Well we are giving you the chance to be one, on our own way ! Choose your favorite character and we will make sure to create a custom bobblehead Mascot that will make you feel just like a real hero and will give you the chance to boast in front of your friends ! So release the hero that sleeps in you and send us a picture of your expectations that we will be more than pleased to make true.

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  • Personalized Custom Hunter Bobbleheads


If you are a big fan of hunting and you claim being one of the best in this field, you can commemorate a special moment containing one of your achievements ! We can sculpt for you a personalized custom hunter Bobbleheads so that you can capture your favorite hunting moments in a unique way that will make your friends and family discover your hobby and appreciate it.

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  • Personalized Custom Female Graduation Bobbleheads


       The graduation day is one of the most special days in someone’s life ! After enduring years of hardwork and tiredness, it’s high time to honor those life changing moments ! We suggest our personalized custom graduation Bobbleheads to catch the special moments of that special day ! it would be a reminder of what you had the strength to accomplish.

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  • Personalized IPhone Holder Bobblehead-11928


     Step out of the box and don’t settle for something plane when you can be special with our personalized IPhone holder bobblehead ! A one and only gift as well as an adorable piece that you can get yourself ! Useful and funny, this Iphone holder will be your new favorite item !

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  • Personalized Beach Time Eye-Catching Shirt Bobbleheads


What’s more tempting than spending your whole day chilling at the beach ? We all dream of vacation and beautiful beaches, so why not a Personalized Beach Time Eye-Catching Shirt Bobbleheads that will give you a breath of fresh air just by looking at it. This would be a great gift to your family and friends to remind them of the great moments you shared on your last vacation and to let them know how impatient you are to make many more on your next vacation.


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  Conclusion :


        Those are a few of our highest rated custom bobbleheads for the month of July, you can order the one that caught your eye but you have also the freedom to choose any detail you want and to customize your bobbleheads as you wish ! So whether it would demonstrate your passion and hobbies or juste be a funny gift for your beloved our bobbleheads will give you a great pleasure just by looking at them. So don’t hesitate to order and capture your finest moments in those unique and innovative bobblehead that will be soon your favorite items.

how to make custom bobbleheads

Are you in the market for a customized bobblehead? Or perhaps you just want to learn a little more about this incredible product before deciding whether you need one (you definitely do!) in your life? Either way, you’ve come to the right place.


Here’s all you need to know re: how to make custom bobbleheads in the quickest fashion at the most affordable price. Most importantly, you’ll discover how to get the very best outcome so that your bobblehead can bring the biggest smiles.


What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.


What Is A Custom Bobblehead?


A bobblehead is a specialized type of doll that is characterized by a moving head on a static body. The size of the head is usually disproportionate to the body for added emphasis. You may also know this type of collectible as nodder, wobbler or bobblehead.


The head is made wobbly due to the use of a spring or hook, and you can make it nod for several minutes with a single push. The earliest known bobbleheads date back to the 17th century, although it wasn’t until the 1960s that they became a much-loved toy.


Customized bobbleheads use modern technology and craftsmanship to create a doll that is manufactured to your design rather than a preset image. This allows the user to immortalize themselves with a collectible doll or celebrate their family, pets or favorite celebs.


Why Would You Want A Custom Bobblehead?


A custom bobblehead is a unique item that serves many purposes. Here are just six ways in which you may wish to use your bobblehead product.


  1. Brighten up the living room or bedroom with a unique family memento.
  2. Create a piece of memorabilia by depicting your favorite sports star or musician.
  3. Remember a family pet with customized animal bobbleheads.
  4. Celebrate a particular moment in your life by turning your favorite photo into a bobblehead doll.
  5. Decorate the home at Christmas or on another special occasion.
  6. Turn yourself into a superhero or replicate your favorite film scene in doll form.


Alternatively, it can make the perfect gift for a friend, loved one, or client. Whether it’s a wedding gift or a business endeavor, this is an unforgettable present that’s sure to go down a treat.


How To Create A Custom Bobblehead Of Your Own


By now, you’re probably itching to have a customized bobblehead created in your image. Of course, this is an assignment that requires a lot of skill, passion and time. Therefore, it’s not a job that you are going to take on yourself. Thankfully, the process of getting a professionally handmade bobblehead is a lot easier than you might think.


Follow these simple tips, and you won’t go far wrong.


Step One: Create Your Vision


Let’s face it; even the most celebrated bobblehead artist can only bring your dream to life if you are clear about what you want. Without that sense of clarity, it’s likely that you’ll be left with an underwhelming outcome. Frankly, only the best will do.


It’s not enough to say that you want a doll that looks like you. A custom bobblehead should depict you at your best and put you in the perfect scenario. This could mean putting yourself in a fantasy situation or may include your partner in the form of a couple’s bobblehead.


Whichever option you choose, you should be clear about what you wish to achieve.


Step Two: Choose The Right Photos


Expressing your desires with the artist is one thing, but a custom bobblehead creator can still only work with what they see. The choice of images that you send in is one of the most crucial factors of all. Get this wrong, and the entire product runs the risk of falling flat.


All photos should be clear, which means choosing images with good resolutions. If opting to replicate your current look, sending in snaps from the front and both sides will give the artist more to work with. In turn, this will allow them to bring your likeness to life.


Do not underestimate the significance of this part for a second.


Step Three: Choose The Right Artist


Of course, some bobblehead artists are better than others. We genuinely believe that the human eye and touch is needed to bring your likeness to life, which is why we’d always suggest taking this route rather than a company that mass produces dolls via machinery.


Our sculptors use polymer clay, which enables us to create unique handmade designs rather than relying on premade colors and designs. This produces the very best results time and time again. Furthermore, we can add eyeglasses and accessories, which some artists may not.


The combination of premium materials and world-class sculpting is geared towards success.


Step Four: Play An Active Role


While you do not need to actually create anything yourself, your input is key to getting the best results. Furthermore, with quick and precise communication links throughout the process, you should receive your bobblehead far quicker. What more incentive could you ever need?


When providing the images, you should also select your body type (or the type you want) along with the situation that you want the character to be in. Even if it’s simply wearing the clothes that you’re wearing in the photos, letting the sculptor know this is key.


The artist will send a digital preview of your doll, so approving this can help them get on quicker too.


Final Thoughts


Whether it’s for yourself or a gift for someone else, a custom bobblehead is a truly unique and magical item. However, it’s imperative that your doll is crafted with the affection and attention that you deserve. Otherwise, this lack of talent and love will shine through.


With the help of, you can have the perfect custom bobblehead within a matter of weeks. From the intricate detailing to the lasting materials, every aspect will surpass even your wildest expectations. And that is a promise from our passionate and dedicated sculptors.