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Likenessme.Com brings the best bobbleheads for Mother Day as gifts

Introduction: Mother Day is coming and the individuals of all occupations are getting ready to rejoice this fantastic day on the second Sunday of May. As a gift-providing day for mothers and grandmothers, the individuals can go for the bobbleheads as the best unique homemade mothers day gift ideas in the contemporary time. Mother Day comes out as a recent progress. This is the fundamental notion that goes back to the oldest mythology. The day reflects the long history of civilizations of Greeks and Romans. Greek used to provide the yearly homage to Cybele. It is the figure of mother of their Gods. The Romans used to be devoted with a yearly spring festival to the mother of their Gods.

the consideration of Mothering Sunday

During the sixteenth century in England, a joy known as Mothering Sunday was inaugurated. A Sunday is depicted for visiting of mother of somebody. The eldest daughter or son might introduce a Mothering Cake that whole family might take part in cutting and sharing among them. The reunions of family were the order of the day as there are the sons and daughters that get together to serve the familial duties. All members used to go for making a special dinner in admiration of their mother. The mother might take part at the special Church services along with her family sometime on that specific day.



Likenessme.Com appears as the different one from the other sellers of bobbleheads in the market today. Beginning the journey during the year of 2008, Likenessme.Com has always made certain to apply Polymer Clay to make pure handmade bobbleheads. There is no need of application and pre-making of mould and paint. Likenessme.Com depends upon human heavily other than the machine when these products are handcrafted at this online bobblehead producer. Every one of the sculptors does have the distinctive skills. That is why the enriching experience of sculptors is one of the most vital considerations to deal with the overall quality of products. Other sellers select to apply Resin Plastic along with machine-made mould since they do not possess any experienced sculptors. The application of Resin plastic and mould depend upon the machine mostly in comparable to the human labors. Resin Plastic is around twenty-percent cheaper than applying Polymer Clay. While using Polymer Clay, it is approximately unfeasible to bring two similar dolls, as there is no mould.

Hence, the making of bobbleheads by Polymer Clay at Likenessme.Com is entirely depended on the hands of skilled and professional human labors. Resin Plastic can be applied to bring very complicated colors; however, it is not the instance of Polymer Clay. Polymer Clay does have the specific colors in nature. These cannot be painted with complicated colors. Due to this fact, Resin Plastic can simply be repainted. However, Polymer Clay can alter the color, as it requires finishing redo.

welcoming the consumers at Likenessme.Com

The online service agents of Likenessme.Com consider that the consumers the most vital parts while receiving the ultimate goods. Resin Plastic dolls are to look darker in color and it is comparable to the dolls of Polymer Clay that are brighter in color. They are smoother in touch and they have much better quality in details. The consumers can tell that his bobblehead is handmade by looking at the verge. There is some trace of fingerprints. Likenessme.Com determines that the consumers are to gain one hundred-percent handmade product other than some quality products in mass production. Subject to the availability of the placement of order of consumer, Resin Plastic along with paint can be applied here at Likenessme.Com.

the concept of mother day in America during the year of 1872

In a country like America, Julia Ward Howe came out as a famous poet and pacifist during the year of 1872. Howe struggled for the abolition and rights of women. Julia preferred June 2 to be set for the admiration of mothers in the name of world peace. This occurred not long after the bloody Franco-Prussian War after which Howe started thinking of a global petition to women. The notion became collapsed fast. Nothing new occurred in this regard unless 1907 arrived. It was when Miss Anna M. Jarvis of Philadelphia began to carry the banner. As her mother became dead during 1905, Miss Anna Jarvis desired to celebrate her life and began to campaign for a national day to admire all mothers around the world. Buy bobbleheads as the unique homemade mothers day gift ideas from Likenessme.Com.


Mother Jarvis

The name of mother of Miss Anna M. Jarvis was known as Mother Jarvis. She was a young Appalachian homemaker along with lifelong campaigner that had systematized Work Days of Mother. The idea of organizing Mother’s Work Days was to save the lives of those individuals that were dying from the infected water. While the Civil war was going on, Mother Jarvis arranged the brigades of women while enhancing the women to assist without considering the chosen-side of their men. During those periods, there were great deals of special days for men; however, there was none for women. On 10 May 1908, a Mother’s Day service was taken place at a Church in Grafton, West Virginia. At Church, the mother of Anna had taught. Then, the idea was sustained as the second Sunday in May became set aside to admire all mothers whether they would be dead or alive.

Anna Jarvis turned out to be the public figures and she appeared in civic organizations through letters, telegrams, and discussion in person. She went for addressing the groups including small and large. Based on her own cost, she went for writing, printing and distributing the booklets while praising her notion. Her efforts appeared to the concentration of Mayor of Philadelphia. The Mayor then declared a local day of Mother. Based on the local tier, she arrived at Washington, D.C. The politicians there got accustomed to a good thing when they found it. They were fast to provide the support verbally. Visiting Likenessme.Com helps the consumers find bobbleheads as unique homemade mothers day gift ideas.

officially adopting the holiday for Mother’s Day

West Virginia became the first state to approve the holiday formally. Others went for the suit. The diverse states proclaimed the day and Representative J. Thomas Heflin of Alabama and Senator Morris Sheppard of Texas directed to offer a joint resolution to Congress as Mother’s Day was to be observed all through the nation. Both houses passed the resolution.

nowadays, Mother’s Day

During the year 1914, President Woodrow Wilson went for signing a bill. The bill mentioned that the second Sunday of May of each year was to be the Mother’ Day. This second Sunday of May of each year was to be a holiday legally. This holiday was to be devoted to the best mother around the world. It was your mother as indicated in the bill. In the initial years, the day was considered a legal holiday with absolute simplicity and admiration. The Church used to hold the services for all mothers whether they were dead or alive. In the diverse paths, the family observance much brought a resemblance to the British edition of “Mothering Sunday”.


considering bobblehead as unique homemade mothers day gift ideas

The presents of bobblehead can be personalized and distinctive. Bobbleheads can be unique homemade mothers day gift ideas. Mother’s Day comes out as the best day to display the love and gratitude for the mother that had introduced us into this healthy world. Showing the degree of admiration and love to the mother on Mother’s Day, one can go for custom-made bobblehead from Likenessme.Com. The consumers can send the photographs and select their preferred dresses or locations. Moreover, they are to overcome all smiles and appreciations from her when the mother receives her present on the Mother’s Day.

When someone likes to present something extremely cool that makes his or her mother feel special, then, the individual must think of gifting his mother a bobblehead doll. One can find a wide array of bobbleheads at Likenessme.Com in diverse types and colors. However, the appeal of bobblehead can be the best one. With customized bobblehead dolls, one can manage to provide any sort of appearance to it based on his or her desires and wishes. Based on the provided photos, Likenessme.Com entirely sculpts the doll in hand from clothing, face, hair to all.

There is nothing to be compared to Mother. Mom has been dedicated to her sons and daughters for her own life. She does not consider any returns. Now, it is the time to show the love for Mom on the coming Mother’s Day. It is to make her smile with a personalized bobblehead. Bobblehead displays her personality and beauty. This present is to provide a smile to Mom every day.

Likenessme.Com often offers the sample proofing services without cost. This online bobblehead manufacture determines the highest likeness and satisfaction from the consumers like us. While the proofing method is going on, one can place whatever happens to the mind into the making of bobblehead along with sculptor. The consumers are not to face any bar in communicating and modifying the doll at Likenessme.Com unless he or she becomes satisfied. Take a visit at Likenessme.Com for unique homemade mothers day gift ideas.

Custom Bobbleheads-The best Gift For The Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task. May be it will take six to twelve months to plan your perfect wedding. Sometimes you do not know where to start and what to do .It is clear to see that you can’t plan your entire wedding alone, that is why you need to choose your bridesmaids who will assist you to every decision you will make.

The bridesmaids are among the important people that serve an important role to your entire wedding preparation. Aside from planning your bachelorette party, their main function is to help you in any possible way that you won’t end up looking haggard and stress. You are the highlight of your wedding, and your bridesmaids want to make that thing happen.To thank the bridesmaids, one great idea you can do is to give them special gifts. Giving bridesmaids gifts has been a tradition, but it could be more thoughtful if the items you will choose for your attendants are something special.

When you think of special kind of gifts for the bridesmaids, you might want to consider gifts that can make the girls feel relaxed and pampered. Planning a wedding can take a lot of energy, so giving your bridesmaids a special present that pampers them would really make a good sense. A custom bobblehead is an excellent present for each bridesmaid. If you order a custom bobblehead, its bobbing head will be made based on the likeness of those who will receive it. It’s a fun gift that will surely be remembered and appreciated.

Ordering a custom bobblehead now is easier thanks to Internet technology. You can simply order and pay for the customized item from online vendors. However, you need to place your order weeks in advance. There are several stages involved in its production before the custom bobblehead can be delivered to you.

Steps in Making Custom Bobblehead

The first step of course starts from you. You have to place your order online and provide a photo of your bridesmaid if the custom bobblehead is for her. Just simply upload a scanned picture. Online vendors have facilities for uploading photos.

Upon receipt of your order and the photo, the custom bobblehead maker will create a miniature head sculpture based on the image you submitted.

Expert bobblehead sculptors will capture unique facial features and other distinguishing facial characteristics.


After creating a mock-up sculpted head, the online vendor will send you an email containing a photo of the sample bobblehead. You can study the photo and if you want to suggest something to the custom bobblehead makers, then you have to email them and give details of your suggestions. You also need to give your approval to proceed with the production.
After receiving your approval, the maker will create the actual item. The mock-up figure will be finalized, treated, and put in a specialized oven.

After this process, the custom bobblehead will get a final touch as artists will add colors to it.
The custom bobblehead then will be carefully packed and shipped to your registered postal address. Normally, vendors use courier services to ensure the safety of the custom bobblehead. The item will be delivered at your doorsteps.

A custom bobblehead is an excellent gift. It can surely make your bridesmaid happy and grateful for your thoughtfulness. This is a gift that can stand out above the rest. So why not buy a custom bobblehead and make your friends happier.

It is no wonder that any groom would choose the best groomsmen gift and best man gift for presenting on his wedding day. The groomsmen gifts are in reality a token of appreciation, love and respect for all that the groomsmen do for the lovable groom.

But there are many grooms who consider that to find out a gift for the groomsmen is the most difficult thing in the world. However in reality it is not that difficult. Personalized bobble heads are so fun to pick out and so easy to order. They are the perfect custom groomsmen gifts.

Pick Out the Body
You’ll need to start by picking out the body for your bobble head. This can be a lot of fun. Show off how well you know each of your groomsmen with bodies that show their interests. There are bodies for any occasion doing just about anything that you can imagine your groomsmen doing. There are bodies playing sports, playing instruments or even executive or doctor bodies. No matter what your groomsmen love to do, you will be able to find a body that matches it.


Once you have found the perfect body, you will then need to pick the eye color, skin color as well as the hair color. This is to help get them just right. Although you will be sending a picture of the recipient you will still need to let them know the hair, eye and skin color. This is to leave the guess work out. After you have done this you will go through the payment options. After you have paid you will have the opportunity to download the picture so that they will be able to finish personalizing your bobble head before they send it out to you.

If you wish you can be sent an e mail of proof of what they have done. You must respond within twenty four hours if any changes need to be made.

It is best to have a picture that shows their face well. You want to be sure that they are looking directly at the camera and that the picture is not too dark or too bright. Make sure that both ears are visible in the picture. They will need to get all of their features for the bobble head to come out correctly.

You will also need a profile picture of them as well. The lighting needs to be the same and try to make sure that their hair is not covering up too much of their features. You will need straight on and profile pictures for the bobble heads to come out the way that they should. If the straight on shot is good enough then a profile picture will not be necessary.

Keep the time in mind when you are making your purchase. You can get it in as soon as a week, but it will cost you. It is best to give them time to make the item and ship it out to you. Their basic shipping method will be four to six weeks. This is the most cost efficient method of shipping your purchase.

Custom BobbleHeads Are Perfect For Any Occasion

Custom bobbleheads are becoming much more popular as personalized gifts for various special moments and holidays. You may be thinking that bobblehead dolls are those ornaments placed on car dashboards or given out at sporting events. Most look like celebrities, such as athletes, actors and other notable people.

Bobbleheads actually have a long history dating back to the middle 1800s. They used to be primarily made from ceramic and the doll’s head was attached to the body by a spring. As you touch the doll’s head lightly, it nods up and down or in other words, bobbles. That is why they are called bobbleheads.

Now, you can custom a doll to look like your brother, sister, aunt, uncle cousin, friend or other relative. They are elegantly crafted by professional designers, who will work you to make sure the dolls are perfect.

When the order is received, the designer is given a picture. He or she uses this picture to make this doll by hand. Due to the increasingly popularity, these dolls are typically made from plastic. This material is much easier to mold the doll to resemble the faces, postures and the clothes of the individual.


These custom bobbleheads can vary in size. The most common sizes are between 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 inches tall. You should keep in mind that they may vary in size even if you order multiple dollars, because each one is handcrafted.

If you want to buy one or more of these dolls, there are many online companies that can complete your order. You should compare websites and review their customer reviews and ratings. Most dolls generally range from $70 up to several hundred dollars. This price may depend on how detailed and life-like you want the dolls to be.

These custom bobbleheads can be given out as gifts for a variety of holidays and special occasions.

The most common has been for weddings. People always want to find that special gift to give to a bride and groom. It can also be used as a groomsman bobbleheads. Surprisingly, these are the most common dolls in today’s times. Most companies offer a discount on an order of these dolls. You should ask for it.

Also for weddings, these bobbleheads can also be used for wedding cake toppers. These modern custom dolls definitely look better instead of using those traditional ones. The bride and groom want a cake topper to be that center of attention for the friends and family to be talking about.

It can be a romantic gift for Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. Your partner will definitely love one of these. These bobbleheads are unique. They are also fun to play with and funny to look at.

They can also be given as a Christmas or Birthday gift for people who have everything or you do not know that well.

You may even want to get one of these for yourself. These custom bobbleheads can also serve as conversation starters if you have one on your desk, in your work area or in your car. They make unique personalized gifts.


Using custom bobble heads is a popular way to generate buzz. But what is a buzz, and why should you care? If you are trying to market yourself or your business, buzz is very important. Buzz is a marketing term that relies heavily on word of mouth. Your primary goal is to be able to get your message across to some people. This is why these figurines are often used to generate it – It’s easy to capture the attention of people. If you have something as entertaining as custom bobble heads to relay your message, more people will check it out. Once you have gotten your message across, it will now be up to them to make it viral by spreading the word about you or your company.

So how can you effectively use bobble head dolls to generate buzz? Here are some helpful tips in order to do so:

1. Make a fun and entertaining design
Most people wouldn’t waste their time with something that is boring. If your bobble head is boring, no one’s going to see it. If no one’s going to see it, no one would make your sales message viral. Also, most people would display it if it’s fun and entertaining. If they do, more people will be able to check it out.

2. Make it useful
Custom bobble heads are perfect displays for anyone’s home or office. This is the reason why it’s a good tool to generate buzz. But you can kick it up a notch higher by making it more useful. You can add a pen holder to it. You can also turn it into a card holder. You can even include a picture frame or a clock. The possibilities are endless. This will give people more reason to display it.

3. Be obvious
For your figurine to generate buzz effectively, it should be obvious. Your prospective customers should take one look at it and know at once who or what they’re representing. So when they start the word of mouth campaign, they know whose message they’re trying to spread.

4. Relay your message effectively
A custom bobble head doll is a great vessel for your sales message. Make sure that you use it effectively. You can have the toy hold a sign with your message then have your company’s name across the pedestal of the toy or even at the bottom. Better yet, you can have your custom bobble heads talk to relay your sales message. It’s sure to capture anyone’s attention.


Buzz marketing is an effective way to market yourself or your business. But if you don’t do it correctly, it can do more harm than good. Using bobble head dolls is a great way to do buzz marketing and with these tips, it will be hard not to succeed in your efforts.
Another good idea is to get a few ideas from the caricatures that you’ve been giving the executives as gifts. In case you’re not familiar with them, caricatures are supposed to be funny drawings or paintings of a person in a fun situation. Usually, the caricature of the person has a big head. Well, bobble head dolls already have big heads so that’s taken care of. What you can now do is to talk to the manufacturer about a possible fun design. A good idea is to design them in such a way that the executives are in an unimaginable position. Let’s say that the boss is all work and no play. Design the custom bobble heads showing the boss wearing swimming attire complete with a tan and a cocktail drink with a little umbrella in hand.