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Searching For The Perfect Gift For Mother’s Day That Will Make Her Day?

Let’s face it, Mother’s Day is a huge day. It is the one day a year that you are to celebrate the woman who gave birth to you, soothed you when you got hurt, and was always there for you no matter what she had going on in her life. That adds up to a lot of pressure to show her how much you care and are thankful for all she did for you.


Most people also have a mother-in-law to buy for too. This can be a huge dilemma since you want to make sure you get the perfect Mother’s Day gift since most mothers believe nobody is good enough for their precious son or daughter. This is where you can change it up and surprise her and show her how much you care, not only about her son or daughter, but her too.


Don’t forget that mothers love flowers, especially their favorite flowers but you can also get her a present that will bring a smile to her face and maybe even make her see you in a new light for your outgoing and thoughtful nature for that special day. Even though she didn’t give birth to you, she did give birth to the person you love. Without her, you wouldn’t have the person you love in your life. This makes her a special person that you want to show how much you care for all she did.


Trying something new can be scary, however, her face will light up with joy when she opens up a unique, custom bobblehead. There are other options as well. If she is extremely close with the person you love, you could always get her a custom bobblehead of her son or daughter. It is a gift she will love to show to all her friends and the rest of the family.


A bobblehead for Mother’s Day can show you put extra thought into your present. As for your own Mother, she will love a custom bobblehead or maybe a bobblehead figure of her favorite movie star, singer, or even of your Father. Watching their faces light up with joy is all you need to see to know that they are surprised and pleased by your thoughtfulness. Letting your Mother and/or Mother-in-law know how much you care for all they have done over the years is a priceless gift to them. Getting them something more personalized shows your initiative to make their special day even more special.

Looking For A Unique Present For That Special Someone For Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day comes around every year and every year most people are stumped as to what to get their significant other. Sure there is the same old stuff, such as, roses and cards. For those that can afford it, they run out and purchase jewelry. Of course you have to factor in taking that special someone out to a nice, romantic dinner as well.


Something that can be new and totally unexpected by your loved one is custom bobblehead. Bobbleheads care a great gift idea for a man or a woman. Baseball stadiums fill to capacity on bobblehead day. Imagine having a bobblehead created from a photo and watching your loved ones face light up with delight and surprise at a bobblehead that looks just like them!


Getting your loved one a bobblehead for Valentine’s Day gift takes you out of the same old stuff that everyone gets, year after year. He or she will not be able to wait to show off this unique and personal Valentine’s gift.


Finally there is an alternative to the regular. Your loved one will be surprised when they don’t get the original Valentine’s gifts from you. Being unique with your gift can help to add that special something to your relationship. It shows you gave your significant other a lot of thought for Valentine’s Day and didn’t just make a reservation for dinner and make a call for some roses to be delivered.


Men love bobbleheads too. We all know men are difficult to buy things for on Valentine’s Day. They will love opening up a bobblehead of themselves, you, or their favorite sports player. The man in your life will be speechless as most men are used to getting a card, a watch, or silk boxers. This is a present they will truly love and not just act like it surprised them.


Men and women alike will love the bobbleheads and will be completely surprised and happy that you put more thought into Valentine’s Day than most people they know did.

How To Get That Smile And Nod From Your Father or Father-In-Law on Father’s Day

Most fathers are simple to buy for. They love their sports teams. Most are sports fanatics. Whether is it Football, Baseball, or Golf. They can make it one of the most important things in their lives besides marrying your mother and the birth of their children.

custom made son and father bobbleheads family bobbleheads

For the father who is difficult to buy for, a bobblehead of their favorite sports hero is the perfect way to go. They will love it. Who doesn’t love the way a bobblehead bobs back and forth? Men tend to find this most entertaining and amusing. It gets away from the normal card and dinner out to a nice steak dinner, and gets them mesmerized by their brand new bobblehead. Bobbleheads come in so many different famous people, sports figures, and even personalization.

Purchasing a Father’s Day gift for your wife or husband’s father can be a bit tricky. It can depend on how long you have been married and how much you know about this man that loves their children more that life itself. If you are a newly wed, it might be a good idea to include your significant other in finding just the right bobblehead. Ask questions about what he likes and what special interests or hobbies he has. We all know that marrying the daughter of your father-in-law can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable. Their daughter is a complete and total angel who deserves only the best in life.

Bobbleheads can bring a smile to his face and actually get you a nod of approval. Make sure you give it some thought. Don’t just go for the first idea that pops into your mind. Think of what he would appreciate the most. Is he a big Tom Brady fan? You could get him a bobblehead of Tom Brady. If you married a daddy’s girl, you could always get him a custom bobblehead of his little girl for a Christmas gift. All it takes is a picture to have this done and you do get final approval on what it will look like. This helps to make sure your Father’s Day gift is perfect.

As for your own father, you could always get him a custom bobblehead of him and your mother. That can be a very special present that they both will cherish for a long time. They will be proud to show it off. If he is more into himself, a custom bobblehead of himself is the way to go. Watching him bobble that head back and forth and laugh will be its own reward.

Having Trouble Finding A Unique Christmas Present?

Christmas is right around the corner from us. It seems to approach quicker each and every year. Some people are just harder to buy for than others. It could be your husband or wife, a family member, or the secret Santa at your job. No matter who it is you are having a hard time buying for, it can be frustrating.

Luckily, a new popular present that can fit a large number of different people is a bobblehead. Maybe the person you drew for the secret Santa at work does nothing but talk about his favorite football player. If this is the case, you have hit the jackpot. You can get him a bobblehead of that football player and know that your present scored a touchdown at the Christmas party.


If you drew a female for the secret Santa, this may take a bit more consideration if you are not work friends and know a lot about each other. Sneak a peak at her desk. Does she have pictures of family, friends, or does she have a CD that she listens to all the time? Let us say she is into Maroon 5 big time. You can have a bobblehead made specifically for her of Adam Levine. She will love looking at it and making his head bob to the music in her office each day.


Family members can be easier to buy for, however, does that person really need another scarf or coffee mug? Getting them a custom bobblehead as their Christmas gift of themself is a very unique and personal gift. You will see the Christmas glow all over their face.


A Christmas gift to make a big splash with your spouse could be getting them a custom bobblehead of you too together. It is personal, unique, romantic, and fun to boot. They will love the gesture and know you put a lot of thought into them for the holiday season. It will most surely get you that kiss under the mistletoe!

Why Buy Custom Bobbleheads Bulk from Likeness Me


The only day you will say YES I DO for only one time in front of your church pastor and the witnessing congregation is the time you are getting married. This is usually a special day and before everything gets started, you want to make sure that everything is according to plan, including the availability of the most specialized custom Bobbleheads for your wedding.


As you walk down the aisle and see a symbolic representation of you and the bridge, joy fills your heart. The Boobleheads has the two of you in doll pictures, in the same outfit you are wearing for the actual day to show that now two have become one and inseparable according to the words in the Book of God. It could also mean love that took the longest journey to thrive. Either way, we make the best custom Boobleheads bulk that will make this day a memorable one, perhaps for a lifetime.


Likeness Me is a great establishment from where you can purchase your custom Boobleheads bulk. Of course, there are good reasons to purchase your custom Boobleheads from us. All our Boobleheads are mad using a high-grade type of Poly Resin and there is proof offered to customers during the creation process. Our items are high quality and we provide one on one customer service to all clients who wish to purchase from us.


Likeness Me give quality the first priority. We understand how much quality product means to customers, which is why we have made quality production to be part of not just our business goals but also part of our policy and terms of service. We never make our items using Polymer Clay. We have the knowledge that this material will dry out and crack after a year, which is why Poly Resin is the one we use.

Quality Bridesmaid Bobbleheads for the Big Day


Weddings, unlike other ceremonies, are a one-time celebration. Once the party is over you only create memories. There will be no more dancing or mingling among so many people after you say YES I DO as for the case of the wedding. It is a moment that will never come again unless otherwise, and you want to make it as special as possible.

Why Bridesmaid Bobbleheads

The Bridesmaid Bobbleheads are special personalized gifts, usually created to make your wedding day more welcoming and praiseworthy. They are solely made for wedding cakes and they act as the symbolic figures of the presence of the bridesmaid in the presence of the occasion. These Bobbleheads are more personalized and can have the actual dress of the bridesmaid, the same way he will be dressed during the ceremony. They are more inviting, colorful and beautiful and could match your wedding day in the best way possible, you know how.


The perfect Bobbleheads:

It can be dangerous if you are on the last minute deals. But you need to make sure you pick products of the right make for the big day. Likeness Me ensures that you get only the right product that will not only be used on your wedding day but also give as personalized gift to a family friend or colleague having their wedding day. The quality items produced by Likeness Me could also make a perfect mementoes, which the couple can look at from time to time and create memories of the most one special day they had before the declaration of HUSBAND AND WIFE.


Why Likeness Me has the best:

The material used in producing the Bridesmaid Bobbleheads is Poly Resin. Likeness Me does not use Polymer Clay to produce the product because Polymer Clay dries and breaks out after a year, making it quite an unreliable material to use in making the Bobbleheads.

Personalized bobbleheads – Good Reasons to Give them to the Wedded Couple

Giving gifts to the wedded couple is a great way to appreciate the effort they have made in their relationship and the far each of them has come as a person. It is also a symbolic feature, which communicates a message for success, hope, health and well-being in the marriage life. Gifts make the couple feel special, giving them an assurance that there are friends, families, colleagues and family friends out there who care about them just as much as they care about one another.

Perfect bobbleheads

While personalized bobbleheads are less expensive or could cost you nothing to make, they are great for appreciating the wedded couple and thus worth giving. In fact, a gift does not have to be too expensive to suit the happily wedded couples. Instead, it just has to be good enough to make them happy. In a situation such as this, any gift is of value. It does not matter how big or how small the gift is.


Sending personalized bobbleheads is a great way to show appreciation to the wedded couple. When many people give gifts, it shows that the receivers are people that the society values. You can also give gifts to appreciate the couple for the step they took to get married and the good life they lived up to this point. It could be for any good reason really.

Show love and care:

Giving gifts is a great way to show that you care about the people who are getting married. Have it back in your mind that you will have your wedding one day too if you have not yet done yours, and you will need people of the likes to come to your ceremony and show love by giving you gifts. So, give as much as you can, and never have a second thought when doing so.

Make Your Wedding Even More Special with Custom Wedding Bobbleheads

Your wedding day is one of those special days you will have in a lifetime. It is a day that comes once, passes for good and will never repeat itself, well, unless you somehow want to try it again for the sake of remembering your anniversary but rarely does this happen. Your wedding day is not just a day to come together as a couple, but also a day you want to make sure that everything around you is according to your taste and the right plan.

Custom wedding Bobbleheads are among the most popular items in the wedding arena. It is somewhat a more personalized type of gift that you can purchase as simple gag gift for your wedding. Your wedding is usually quite special, and cannot be treated the same way people treat parties like anniversaries, birthdays or retirements. It must be treated in a special way. This is why the wedding Bobbleheads are more specialized than those that people purchase for anniversaries, friends parties and birthday celebrations.

The custom wedding Bobbleheads features wedding toppers of the bridge and the groom, usually with a purpose of making them the best of the day. In fact, the Bobbleheads can be symbolic. This means that they can be mad to include the actual outfit the bride and the groom are going to be in during their wedding day. That the wedding one of the very special days in your life is why more personalized wedding Bobbleheads is a necessary requirements for the day. This means you need authentic, legitimate and professional manufacturer who can make the best type of custom wedding Bobbleheads that will indeed make this very day a special one. A personalized gift such as this one could be a great one for creating special memories with your husband or wife as you look back on the say he or she said “Yes I Do”.

Groomsmen Bobbleheads Are Just Good Enough for the Occasion


Wedding days are those times when life gets sweeter and things get a little bit easier. At least, it beats logic that once you say YES I DO, you are also saying Goodbye to the loneliness you have had like for the rest of your life. In a few hours, you will be headed to your honeymoon and wakeup in a completely transformed world of love and everlasting union the following day. Yes, it is just that sweet.

Make it more personalized:


You can make your wedding a more personalized ceremony by including Groomsmen Boobleheads in your budget plan. The items are great for inclusion on wedding cakes. They can also be suitable for other purposes as advised by the wedding planner. You want to buy these because you believe they will make the day quite special and memorable. You want to walk down the aisle in a style and later on feast the cake in a style.

Why the Boobleheads:

The Boobleheads make a perfect choice for cake decoration and could have several meaning:

ü The Boobleheads can be symbolic to mean that every person participating in helping to make the wedding day a success is involved.

ü The Groomsmen Boobleheads combined with other types signify that this is a day of celebration for not just the wedded couples but also for the groom’s men and bride’s women.

ü They make the party inviting and quite memorable, making the people who attended the wedding to have special memories about the occasion. Of course, you have heard people praise most wedding events they have attended days after the wedding day.

The best Groomsmen Boobleheads to Buy:


Likeness Me makes all its Boobleheads from high quality, top-grade Poly Resin. Poly Resin has a long lifespan. It does not crack like Polymer Clay does, which makes it the best for making Boobleheads.

Why are we the best custom bobbleheads company?

What material do we use? Most of the companies use Poly resin clay, bake it, and then mold it into a doll and apply paint. But, we use Polymer clay, colored clay, which makes the doll look actually brighter showing off real 3D appearance with a higher quality.


Our dolls are sculpted by professional sculptors who we rely on to make the doll look so much like you from the pictures that you send in. Our sculptors create a huge number of bobbleheads annually and have the expertise needed to get your doll to just the right size and shape.

We have professional painters who can depict the tiniest details on your doll, ranging from flashy sports gear to tiny tattoos.

We have the biggest range of options for your perfect dolls than anywhere else. Our dolls come in various sizes ranging from 6 to 9 inches tall. Larger the doll, the more detailed it becomes making it all the more realistic. Keeping that fact aside, bigger dolls are just way cooler!

We have one of the very best customer services that you could have! We go the extra mile to keep you updated on how your doll is coming along at different stages of fabrication. We are even up for the chance of brainstorming with you about your own views and designs for your doll.

We are aware of the fact that most of the dolls that you order are high priority in regard to time. You need the bobbleheads to arrive well before an important event and we do everything in our hands to get it up to you on time to avoid you any embarrassment!

We are the first company to give a shot at making individual bobbleheads and it’s been years since we started. We are proud to tell you that about 95 percent of our customers recommend us, which is overwhelming. We strive to keep our business healthy and cater to your every need.