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classic collectibles

The bobbleheads are classic and these bring back their image. The history of bobbleheads is around one hundred and fifty years. The earliest familiar toys are available in a short story during the year of 1842. The story was named as The Overcoat and Nikolai Gogol wrote this story. In this story, the character did have a neck and it was like the neck of plaster cat wagging their heads. In the later part, the bigger ceramic figures of animals range between six and eight inches and these were manufactured in Germany. These toys got the spring linking heads. Hence, they were known as nodders or bobbers depended upon the bobbing of heads upon their bodies.

During the year of 1920s, there is an introduction of a bobblehead of basketball player of New York Knicks. Moreover, this made a rehabilitated interest in the collectible.  Conversely, by the year 1930s, the interest of procuring bobblehead had again diminished. Moreover, between this point and the year, 1950s, they were only manufactured in very restricted numbers as the unique items.


the year 1960

As the year, 1960 arrives; the Major League Baseball manufactured a series of papier-mâché bobblehead dolls. Each doll was same and each one looks like the face of angel. The player-based dolls were for Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Roberto Clemente and Willie Mays. These dolls were manufactured and sold while the year, 1960 World Series was going on. On the other hand, the uniforms were diverse. Each of them got the similar face. Unluckily, due to their papier-mâché composition, very few of these early bobblehead dolls have carried on without damaging. It is normally chipping or cracking.


during the year of 1970

As the year, 1970 is going on, the construction processes were developed. The new bobbles were produced by the ceramic materials. They turned out to be well-liked for the other sports and the cartoon characters of the day. The bobblehead is depicted for the Beatles that turned out to be the most renowned and unusual for all the time. Moreover, it is still a worthy collectible today.  But, by the mid 1970s, bobblehead had again gone out of favor. Moreover, only very new bobbleheads were manufactured. It might bring two decades for them to come back to the distinction.


during the year of 1990

While the year, 1990 is going on, the new production processes permitted bobbleheads to be prepared with plastic other than ceramic. It is radically diminishing the cost and difficulty of making the quality bobblehead goods.


the year, 1999

As the year, 1999 is going on; the San Francisco Giants baseball team distributed thirty-five thousand nodders of Willie Mays on a single game. This distribution brought a huge hit among the devotees and collectors. This event and the diminished producing cost brought a powerful and faster resurgence of the toys along with the industry. The market increased upward exponentially to integrate many lesser-known cultural figures along with the notable individuals.


after the year, 2000

As the year 2000 is passed, the new variation of dolls was also manufactured integrating the mini-bobblehead, bobblehead computer sitters, bobblehead banks and bobblehead air fresheners. The personalized bobbleheads also turned out to be possible and some companies started to introduce this service.  A good number of existing bobblehead dolls closely mirror their actual-life counterparts while blending tattoos, headbands, scars and hair fashions.


reasons behind selecting Likenessme.Com

The first reason behind choosing Likenessme.Com is that it offers the best quality likeness. This site of bobblehead offers one hundred percent hand-made low-cost personalized bobbleheads while understanding the best likeness of consumers. The consumers do not require choosing the kind of body and it is entirely personalized bobblehead dolls and distinctive for the ownership of consumers. The only restriction is the imagination of consumer. It is to make the personalized bobbleheads for any events including Christmas, wedding, anniversary for the customers themselves.


Steps of placing order of bobbleheads at Likenessme.Com

The consumers can send their photographs and have the outstanding personalized bobbleheads. The dozens of University-educated sculptors are evaluated to sculpt the practical heads. However, only some of the University-trained sculptors passed the evaluation.  The selected sculptors are to be trained for the several months. The sculptors make great deals of bobbleheads for the individuals each year. Therefore, they preserve the experience of aptitude and training. These sculptors know how to produce the bobbleheads that are similar with the given photographs. offers the sample proofing service for free. It is to determine the highest similarity and satisfaction for the clients like you. While proofing the method is going on, the client is to place the points based on the considerations of his or her mind. There is not to be any restriction in communicating and modifying between the clients and sculptors. The communication occurs until the client become satisfied.


availability of detailed sculpting of bobbleheads at Likenessme.Com

This online bobblehead producer uses some of the most talented sculptors being available to detain the intricate details of tattoos, sports uniforms and logos. The client is to be stunned at finding the degree of detailing that can portray upon something so small.


superior consumer service

This bobblehead producer, is equally proud of the service team of clients. This service team can go beyond the additional destinations to negotiate with all the requirements. These make certain upon the development of doll and that each detail is detained. They are prepared to brainstorm with the client to design the bobbleheads as well.


bigger sounds better comes out as a huge in comparable to the other providers of bobbleheads. The dolls of start ranging from 8.5 to 9 inches tall. The devotees of Bobbleheads can also find out the dolls in seven to six inches tall at this online store. The bigger doll makes this doll producer detain more details and introduce a more pragmatic face. Here, the bigger dolls look cooler.


availing the fastest delivery from

It is known that the bobbleheads are frequently the special foundations for vital occasions.  This online bobblehead producer does everything in her power to have them toward the client on time. The consumers can hear many horrifying sagas about the significance of centerpiece of the occasion. It is also observed that the ordered bobbleheads at other stores does not arrive in time. On the contrary, here at, the story is different.


the originality of bobbleheads- the best ones

Likenessme.Com became the first bigger bobbleheads company to bring the individual dolls. This company has been producing these toys over the years. More than ninety-five percent consumers might suggest the name of Likenessme.Com to a pal and it is a quite a testimonial. It is known that the best path to hold the business healthy and the on-going development is to provide the consumer an excellent goods and superior service.


considering the materials

Most of the bobblehead producers apply the Poly Resin clay and they bake. Hence, the bobblehead dolls become molded. The doll is painted. On the other hand, Likenessme.Com applies Polymer Clay. The color is the clay; therefore, the ultimate goods are really brighter, real 3D likeness and higher quality.


the endless possibilities

It is possible for any consumer to imagine any kind of his or her bobblehead. This online bobblehead producer can make it qualitatively. It is to just provide the detail comments and photographs. This bobblehead producer company asks her sculptors to sculpt anything unless one can imagine. It is better to go into the personalized section entirely. In consideration of the past sample bodies, the bobblehead producer can alter the clothing colors. The additional items can be removed or appended. The items can be hats or sunglasses.


waiting time for the bobbleheads

The clients can find the shipping option for their bobbleheads upon the order page to choose the time frame to gain the item of consumer. If the client requires receiving the bobblehead fast, the delivery can take place within the five days. All bobblehead dolls are to be shipped through DHL or Fedex; the clients can have the doll within two to four days just after the shipment. The photos are sent to the client while the production process is going on for approval. If any client receives the bobblehead in delayed process for approving the proof or alterations of the proof, the extra time can be required to finish the task.


the cost of bobbleheads at Likenessme.Com

The price of single bobblehead dolls usually is around $79.  However, the cost varies from $89 to $109 and this integrates the standard delivery. There is the option of some intricate dolls including pet, motorcycle, car or custom-body doll. These are costly. To append the items including hats, glasses or tattoos, the additional tiny fees including $3 or $7 can be charged.


the add-ons being attractive precise- the cost

These add-ons are less-costly. When there are any tiny add-ons not available upon the website, these can be available without any cost. The client can write the particular upon his or her comment.


whether the consumer can have a discount upon shipping if the consumer buys the multiple bobbleheads

It is a matter of fact that Likenessme.Com introduces a discount upon shipping for blended shipments. The discount depends upon the quantity of personalized bobbleheads. The client can email this online bobblehead for a quote and it is to make this producer know how many copies the consumer requires. The discount level is to enhance based on the order of quantity.


kind of sending photographs

Broadly speaking, Likenessme.Com requires only two good quality and distinctive photographs of the individual that require sculpting upon the bobbleheads. The photographs are to be one front-view and one side-view.

The output of the bobblehead relies upon the quality of photograph. Hence, this online bobblehead often suggests that the photo must have a smiling face or with some distinctive facial expression. It is strongly suggests that the clients are not to send the wedding photos or artistic photos while applying the soft lenses. However, there is the shortage in facial details. All sorts of photographic formats are accepted; however, .JPG and GIF files are more accepted. Conversely, it is to see whether the client needs a head to toe entirely customized design, this online bobblehead producer is to require a body shot. The body position or pose photo is also needed in this instance.


shipping countries

The clients around the world can receive the bobbleheads from Likenessme.Com. There are two hundred and ten destinations around globe being covered.


notifying during the time of shipping of orders

As soon as the order has been shipped, this online bobblehead producer can send an email to the client. The email contains the shipping notice. It confirms that the package has been sent to the client. This email is to also provide the client with a Tracking Number.


stages of proofs- not certain

The sculpted head means it is to sculpt the head in hand to resemble the initial photo the client attached to the order. During this time, the client can be able to propose to alter the facial properties including mouth and nose. It does not integrate any skin and hair-color. The alterations can be done if there is any necessity. This does not bear any cost. On one occasion, the client approves the item, the sculptors of Likenessme.Com starts continuing the next phase. On one occasion, the head is to be baked and there are no additional alterations to the face to be made.


the consideration of complete proof

The proof is to be completed. While this stage is going on, Likenessme.Com is to display the finished product. While the phase is going on along with the past feedback, the most consumers become happy and approve the doll to be shipped.  During this stage, there are the only logos that can be entirely baked. And these cannot be altered. has to sculpt the head or body again if the client likes to make any other alterations at this stage. Under this circumstance, the $25 is to be charged to sculpt a head or body again. Take a visit at Likenessme.Com and place your order for the best bobbleheads.

Customize Bobblehead Dolls: Uses and How to Get One

How frequently, have you got yourself in a situation where you struggled to think of the best gift to purchase someone you care about, you work with or are in love with? For how many times have you asked for idea as to what someone would wish for a gift just to get the answer, just pick or buy whatever you think you like, only to purchase the gift and see the look of disappointment and confusion on the face of the recipient.


Nobody wishes to purchase a gift which the receiver will not appreciate, but how many original gifts are left in a world wherein anything you could think of is farther than a laptop screen? Worry no more, because there is a fun and original gift left in the world. Buying a customized bobblehead dolls in someone’s likeness is a gift which is certainly a conversation starter. On the other hand, will also be a gift that provided fun. After all, how many individuals can say that they have personalized bobblehead of themselves?


It is relatively easy to look for a place to buy custom bobbleheads. Like for instance, there are lots of sites that offer custom bobbleheads. A number of sites will do a simple figure with the resemblance of the person’s face you like to immortalized on the head of the dolls, while some will personalize the doll, allowing you choose props, clothing and other accessories such as a skillet, golf club, it all depends on what your hobby us, and even allows you make the doll fun and humorous, clothing the doll in a caveman or Superman outfit.

A custom bobblehead could also be provided for serious events and occasions too. Like for instance. A number of couples decide to forgo the usual bride and groom toppers to their wedding cakes, rather selecting to make custom bobblehead dolls to put on their wedding cake. This provides the cake with a personal touch which wills also a main attraction to the reception.                                                                                                                                                          028322

Other give this doll to their workers as a sort of appreciation of all their efforts and hard work, or give grandparents or parents bobblehead dolls of them as newlywed to celebrate a silver wedding anniversary. Custom bobbleheads also make fascinating graduation presents for that hard-to-purchase son or daughter. If you are stumped by what to purchase for your friends, family members, office mates or best friend, think about a custom bobblehead doll.


Where to Get or Order?

Custom bobblehead dolls are easy to order through internet, pretty inexpensive, however it depends on what form of custom bobblehead you are searching for, and as far as exceptional presents go, you are not going to do much better than a personalized bobblehead doll. Normally custom bobblehead dolls are those dolls that you can buy and these will be made for your spec from head to toe. A standard bobblehead is approximately 7 inches in height, on the other hand you decide on your own height up to a point when you order personalize bobblehead dolls.

In case you are not 100 percent sure what bobbleheads are, remember those huge plastic spotted dogs with head and tails which bobbled as the auto was being driven over bumps or no matter what that individual used to place on their back seat window ledge in their vehicles? At this point in time, most vehicles do not have a back seat window anymore, on the other hand those bobble heads are now a renowned item that you can buy online.

Some online sites sell personalize bobbleheads that you can really design yourself. Like for instance, you have a son who is into volleyball, well you can send or upload his picture in his volleyball apparel and the online site who experts in making these personalize design will re-form your son with a bobblehead and his apparel. These are not the cheapest dolls you can purchase, however will exceptional and might cost you about $200.00 or more than. It depends on how simple or elaborate you want them might cost less as well. Typical dolls will cost 20$ up. The custom dolls make superb keep sakes for special events like anniversary, birthday or perhaps winning a basketball tournament.


Usually you can order custom bobblehead dolls in almost any theme such as action figures or sport figures or even in an anniversary theme. Select the bobbleheads with that partner as the figures then allow their heads in their resemblance just bobble away. You can choose the clothes, coloring, and color of the hair or even design your preferred pet like a dog or cat or even a toucan or a parrot. When you choose to buy one that duplicates your preferred basketball players sure to choose the position or profile you want for him. It could be in a shooting position, sitting position or while dribbling a ball.

These custom bobbleheads also make a superb marketing campaign, especially when the clothing has the logo or name of your company. This is an extremely one effective way of marketing your product without spending too much. Through this way, your company became popular amongst clients without spending too much time and money on TV and radio advertisement. This can also be used for personal dedications. A lot of people buy this bobblehead for to serve as a decoration on their room. You can also buy bobblehead to hang on your cars, walls and office.



All in all, there are many manufacturers that offer customize bobblehead for a fraction of cost. Customers could be in contact with these services in their sites and for any buying related information. These services offer a wide selection of options and styles in personalization. Each bobblehead doll is made utilizing top quality and eco-friendly process. No damaging materials are used in the process. If you want some special or exclusive style or design may need to bear some patience as it takes times to make. On the other hand, it makes a remarkable gift for family members and friends as well as it can be used as a souvenir or give away.