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It’s incredible! Great work!!!

I received my bobblehead today, Good work! Vietnam style, it’s what I want. I travelled to Vietnam last month, this journey is very impressive,the sceneries, the people and the traditional things.
What impress me most is the vietnam hat. It looks so funny and it’s
so useful to protect against the strong sunshine. I bought a number of the hats for my family and friends in US.

Life photos

head-shot-3 head-shot-2 5237Ahead-shot-1

Production process

5237-H-1-2 5237-H-1-1 5237-B-1-1

Bobblehead finished photos.


Hello,how is life treating you?

Hello,how is life treating you? I’ve received my bobblehead. It’s what I want. The jersey,the hat and the posture just hit the spot.The most important thing,you know,it really has my young time charm.I was a super fans of Milwaukee Brewers when I was young.This bobblehead really means a lot to me.It makes me feel young.Thanks! You don’t seem to know this team.I bring you a funny video about Brewers.Hope your business booming up,nice guy!

Life photos

5219-1 5219-full hat

Production process



Finished photo