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Special Bobblehead Made Only for You

Bobblehead is a type of toy, which is also acceptable as a collectible toy. Doll’s head is often relatively large comparing to body dimensions and it is lightly connected to a doll’s body, so a little tap on the head causes the top to wiggle, and hence the origin of the name is “bobble”, which means a sharp movement of the head in English language. Bobblehead dolls are made in the form of figurines from various fields. United States dolls are identified primarily with athletes, especially baseball players. Bobblehead are also made in the form of animals. Now, you have the opportunity to design your own personalized custom bobblehead. You can choose the face and the material of the doll. Do some experimentation and choose the best for yourself.

Over the years, the dolls were made from different materials that have replaced each other for various reasons. Previous dolls were mostly manufactured with paper, later with ceramics and today it is customary to make them using plastic. You can choose the material that suits you best.

Over the years, there have been many ups and downs in the popularity of these figurines. History of these creatures is very interesting. The first official mention of these dolls was in the short story by Nikolai Gogol from 1842 when he stated that the neck of one of the characters “seems extremely long, just like the neck of small plaster cats that you can buy from main foreign vendors in Russia”. Bobbleheads are manufactured all over the world. They are also produced in Germany, where they look like shaped ceramic animals in sizes ranging from 15 to 20 cm. Personalized bobbleheads are becoming so popular that everybody wants to have one. Design your own bubblehead and make it unique. You will be proud owner of your own personalized doll.

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Personalized Bobbleheads all ready for you!

Well, you all know what a Bobblehead is, and in case if you do not, which is very unfortunate indeed, here’s what it is: it’s a toy. Well not exactly, let us say it is kind of a peculiar doll with its head the size of America as compared to its body which is the size of Rhode Island. The head stays in place with the faithful help of a tiny spring attached to the rest of the body, which pretty much stays in one piece. One small flick at the doll, and the head goes crazy. So I hope now you get why it is named as a ‘Bobblehead’ (‘cos the head is bobbly and stuff).

Bobbleheads were introduced by Baseball’s Major League. Every Baseball team had one bobblehead for the team. Personalized Bobbleheads became a huge hit back in the days with a set of personalized bobbleheads for ‘The Beatles’. And not long after, companies began production of bobbleheads to promote their firm. Since then, it has been a massive hype. Since then, personalized bobbleheads have been in high demand with movies and TV shows featuring them. TV series like ‘The Office’ got its pretty little bobblehead introduced in the episode ‘Valentine’s Day’ and the other sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory’ got its very own Howard bobblehead in the episode ‘The Mommy Observation’, just in case you would want to check those out.

Get personalized bobbleheads just the way you like it and perfect for you. These can be used as a decorative piece of art on your mantelpiece, or just put them on your car dashboard, that’s going to make its head bobble away to glory, serving you with exactly what you wanted with it. Get personalized bobbleheads to adorn your table, car or just about anywhere.



Let Yourself be the Creator of Your Own Bobblehead!

The 21st century world is full of new, innovative, crazy yet extremely funny and adventurous ideas. As the life is becoming increasingly tough and busy, one has to get oneself entertained one way or the other. Sometimes you might want to knock your head off when you are annoyed with yourself or you have committed some blunder. Well here is the perfect thing for you; your own bobblehead. Now you can knock your head off anytime you like and here is the best part; you won’t get hurt.

If you are unaware of the word “Bobblehead” then you must be considering me mad or lunatic. Well actually it’s a pity really that you don’t even know it, I have to say that you must be leading a seriously bored and robotic life. Don’t get too upset now, it can be simply termed as nodder or the bobbing head doll. It’s like a toy with a head comparatively immensely large than the rest of the body like the story of Gulliver’s travel and as soon as you touch the head it starts bobbling because it is attached with a spring to the main body. The modern bobblehead all starts up in 1950s and 60s as the major league baseball got into the action but the trend went down in the 70s. It bounced back in the 90s as the San Francisco Giants distributed 35,000 bobbleheads in one of their matches in 1999.

The more interesting thing is that now you can do it the way you like, means that you can yourself design or create your own bobblehead. Well you can know better that how you will look the funniest so depend on others, let’s do it yourself. The only limitation in this whole thing is now your imagination. Let your thoughts ride free so that you can yourself work out the best possible bobblehead. What are you waiting for now? Grab a pen and paper and carve out your dream bobblehead with your own hands and let your thoughts describe you.





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Get Your Own Customized Bobblehead Just the Way You Like It!

Don’t you just wish you had your own Bobblehead? Just the way you would’ve imagined it to be i.e. impeccable! Well look no further, we are going to swoop down and save your life – with Bobbleheads. No, they’re not your average Bobbleheads, they are exclusively MADE for YOU! How cool is that? You can either customize just the head of the doll or you can customize your bobblehead from head-to-toe.

But that’s not your limit, you can customize the bobblehead to look like your favorite cartoon character, movie character, gaming character or any character from your favorite novel. It’s a perfect gift for any occasion. Who wouldn’t love a bobblehead that looks like them? Or if your friend is getting married soon, why not pop up two bobbleheads of the couple right on top of the cake. That may probably freak them out at first, but trust me, they are eventually going to love it unless their heads come loose (but not if you get them from us, we take the heads seriously). But if you think about it, you don’t really need a reason to get a bobblehead. Get a whole set of them for your family and voila! You got a bobblehead family!


So how do you get yours? Give us as many pictures as you can, so we get all your features right, cos you don’t want to be looking like someone else. And your bobblehead will soon be on its way. And if you’re going for the head-to-toe customization, we will customize it as per your requirements i.e. regarding your head, your posture, your apparel or even the background if you would like that too. We offer to get your approvals during the different stages of the process to make sure you’re completely satisfied with it. So wait no more, get your pretty little bobblehead right away!

Customizing a Doll like You

Customizing a Doll like You

Were you fond of playing with dolls and toys when you were still a child? Remembering those times are really nostalgic, especially now that time flies so fast as with age. Time cannot go back to the past and I am pretty sure you have accepted that bitter truth already. But well, worry no more for there is now a doll that is made for grown- ups like you! A doll that you can be proud of as an aged man or woman. So now perhaps you are wondering what kind of doll that is? It is none other than the bobblehead! What? Never heard of it? Bobblehead is a doll which has the size of its head often oversized compared to its body. The head is connected to the body by a spring which makes it bobble when you touch it, thus originating its name — bobblehead.

Bobblehead is also considered as a collectible toy for some and it is really an enjoyable site if you can see one or many more in places either at your house or even at your car. Bobbleheads come in different varieties and styles and here is an awesome news. Actually, one can now have his or her own idea of bobblehead to be made. That is right! You can now start thinking of things that you would want for your own bobblehead. Whether it is a bobblehead that wears a gown or suit or even a bobblehead that is a basketball player or others more! Did that trigger your interest?

Then what are you waiting for? Start sketching for a perfect suitable image of you so that your kind of bobblehead can be done in no time. And you would surely want to decorate and have it on display w ithout regret.

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Create Your Own Bobblehead: Exciting And Fun

Bobbleheads are good looking and funny toys. This doll has a large head compared to the overall body size. The head is connected to the body via a spring and it bobbles at every touch. You can create your own bobblehead and it is quite fun.

Generally, bobblehead toys are crafted to look like renowned people. Famous cartoon characters are also taken as inspiration to make these toys. To create your own bobblehead, you have to round on a character first and start making the toy to suit the character. The toys are made to resemble by including the design cues from the targeted characters. For example, if you want to make Curtis Martin, then include the jersey color and number to the toy.

Any material is preferable for making bobbleheads, but wood suits more to the beginners. Craft the overall body to match the target and use appropriate colors. You should make the head with great care and it has to be larger in dimensions compared to the body size. Now connect the head to the body by a spring. You have to make holes on the bottom of the head and the top of the body for this purpose. A good looking bobblehead can be created with utmost dedication and concentration.

While this process seems easy to read, it is quite tough in practical application. It is not a child’s play to design a striking face and body design. There are experts for this purpose and they can create extremely good looking bobbleheads. While you can create your own bobblehead with various difficulties, the experts can complete this work without any fuss. They can also create your own bobblehead by taking design cues from your photograph. They are extremely good to look at and fun to use.

You can create your own bobblehead for fun or you can hire a good expert for making an excellent looking bobblehead doll.


Look at our sculpture division working.

Most bobbleheads providers use poly resin clay and then they bake and mold the dolls – apply paint and the doll is yours… We uses Polymer Clay – the color is the clay so the final product is actually brighter, true 3D likeness and higher quality.

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Personalized Bobbleheads

Bobblehead is a figure whose head is much larger in proportion comparing to the body. The head us secured to the body by a spring so that even the smallest movement of figure makes the head begins to sway.

Bobblehead figurines appeared in 1950 in the United States. Major League of Baseball firstly introduced them and after that, mass production began. Baseball teams were ordering one figure for each team. With the increasing popularity of this gadget, other organizations and companies have begun to use it as a promotional item. Personalized bobbleheads became widely wanted. The most popular was a set of figures created for “The Beatles”. The using of new production techniques significantly lowered their cost of production. As a result, they have become a gadget handed out for free in addition to tickets for matches of San Francisco Giants. In 1999, 35 000 figures of Willie Mays were given while promoting the leading player of this team.

Personalized bobbleheads in pop culture. Personalized bobblehead appeared in the comedy series “The Office” in the episode “Valentine’s Day”, when Dwight Schrute receives its thumbnail in the form of a bobblehead. He had small collection of various figures of this type on his desk. In the TV series “Scrubs” in episode “My Way Home”, the surgeon Turk wanted to please his boss Bob Kelso by giving him a gift of bobblehead figurine. “The Big Bang Theory” series in the episode “The Mommy Observation” shows how Sheldon receives personalized bobblehead figure of Howard as a reward. In the TV series “Prison Break”, hero Fernando Sucre steals a van loaded with bobblehead figures of St. Mary. Bobblehead figurines were also used in the clip promoting the next season of the series “Monk”.

Similar to these figurines, one bobblehead was extremely popular. It is personalized bobblehead of Elvis Presley. It is used as a decorative item for the parcel shelf or the dashboard of a car. It was made as a 15 cm high Elvis Presley doll standing on a nail, while its head is attached by a cord. In contrast to usual bobleheads, this one does not shake his head, but oscillates with movement of the automobile with his hips and outstretched left arm. Personalized bobbleheads are wide known in all parts of the world. People buy them as a toy or for a gift. In any case, it is recommended to have one of them.


The bobblehead came out great.

Hope all is well! The bobblehead came out great. It was a total surprise…It is much better than I expected. Not only the doll itself, but also the accessary is perfect. It is a birthday gift for my father and he really loves it, especially the raiders t-shirt on the bobbleheads. As we’re living in California, we all love Oakland Raiders. My father said it was an unbearable team when he was my age. We always enjoy the games no matter win or not. Now I am thinking about ordering a bobblehead in raiders jersey. Share a video of raiders and tell me if you can make the jersey on my bobblehead.

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