Special Bobblehead Made Only for You

Bobblehead is a type of toy, which is also acceptable as a collectible toy. Doll’s head is often relatively large comparing to body dimensions and it is lightly connected to a doll’s body, so a little tap on the head causes the top to wiggle, and hence the origin of the name is “bobble”, which means a sharp movement of the head in English language. Bobblehead dolls are made in the form of figurines from various fields. United States dolls are identified primarily with athletes, especially baseball players. Bobblehead are also made in the form of animals. Now, you have the opportunity to design your own personalized custom bobblehead. You can choose the face and the material of the doll. Do some experimentation and choose the best for yourself.

Over the years, the dolls were made from different materials that have replaced each other for various reasons. Previous dolls were mostly manufactured with paper, later with ceramics and today it is customary to make them using plastic. You can choose the material that suits you best.

Over the years, there have been many ups and downs in the popularity of these figurines. History of these creatures is very interesting. The first official mention of these dolls was in the short story by Nikolai Gogol from 1842 when he stated that the neck of one of the characters “seems extremely long, just like the neck of small plaster cats that you can buy from main foreign vendors in Russia”. Bobbleheads are manufactured all over the world. They are also produced in Germany, where they look like shaped ceramic animals in sizes ranging from 15 to 20 cm. Personalized bobbleheads are becoming so popular that everybody wants to have one. Design your own bubblehead and make it unique. You will be proud owner of your own personalized doll.

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