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Usually, when we go to parties, we are asked to or feel the need to get a gift for the person,sometimes it’s difficult to determine what gift to get.

Usually, when we go to parties, we are asked to or feel the need to get a gift for the person,sometimes it’s difficult to determine what gift to get. Should it be expensive? Unique?
If you are having some trouble selecting a gift,read the following for some help.

You certainly know what bobblehead is. If I say a bobblehead is a good choice,you must be wondering if I am crazy. You may think bobble head is just for your kids,it’s so childish and make no sense.

But I didn’t finish my words yet,CUSTOM BOBBLEHEAD is what I meant. It’s more than a bobblehead and more than a gift. It can be one of a kind because it represents the memories and feeling of the owner. Now you must be wondering how the bobblehead can represent the memories and the feelings. The bobblehead can made according to your photos which can be wedding,graduation ceremony,birthday party and any other great moments in the life. It means,the custom bobbleheads can be whatever you want as long as you have the photos.

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Father’s Day 2014 – Guess who he is ?

Guess who he is ?

Back when you were a child,he would lift you high,spin you around till you feel asleep.Each birthday he would give you a big surprise.Do you remember the bike he bought for you?

Gradually you grow up,getting so ambitious that busy showing yourself to the world.You seldom have the opportunity to care about that man who is getting old.

Now he might be an old man longing for you.So he often goes to the park where together you’ve been to.The difference is without you.

While the old man still here on earth,express your love to him not only on this day but everyday.

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A special idea only for your old man, CUSTOM BOBBLEHEADS which records your happy moments with your old man at

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How can you buy a perfect Custom bobblehead?

1. Provide some nice photos

A. One full-faced photo,one lateral photo and one back photo.All photos should be clear and shooting angle should be correct.

Example Below:

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B. Choose these photos which are like you most to ensure the similarity.

2. Choose a reliable supplier

A. Check their starting date to make sure at least 2 years experience in this area.

B. Remark all your requirements that included what you care most. A reliable supplier must value your requirements and guarantee your satisfaction.

C.Inform the supplier of your material preference,it has a huge effect on quality.

3. effective communication and positive cooperation
A. Because of the differences in people’s subjective knowledge,it is not easy for our masters to do it right first time without your comments, so we need know your feeling. We will keep perfecting it until you’re satisfied.
It might take you some time if your reply is not in time or your requirements are not clear, but a perfect bobblehead is worth your time.