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Liknessme.Com brings the newest idea for unique gifts for dad christmas

The individuals from the diverse occupations search the different ideas for Christmas gifts online or offline. Sometime it becomes hard to make up the mind about the best presents to have for their nears and dears. The economic slowdown is considered another factor to afford costly gift for the Christmas.

This year is not the identical as the past couple of years. Great deals of individuals have lost their jobs while the others are afraid of the worst. It is hard for many of us to afford set Wii games for this year or iPhones. Moreover, it is hard to negotiate with the quality of our gifts for dads, moms or other nears and dears. The individuals still like the best for our beloved ones. Here the answer is the personalized bobblehead dolls as it can be considered the newest Christmas presenting notion to strike the market this year. Other than creating the personal and distinctive present, it does not cost maximally.

Bobblehead dolls have been with us for a long time; however, an easy twist of customizing these dolls can turn out to be unique gifts for dad christmas this year. The individuals can place the images of their choices upon these dolls. The image can be diverse including generic, Mother Mary, Lord Jesus or Santa. The bobblehead as gift can be one based on the given photographs of the client. For the kids, the individuals can go for Santa Bobblehead dolls as children can admire them. The gifts for dad can be Elvis doll while for the mom, the gifting idea can be Virgin Mary doll. While giving Christmas presents for your husband, one can go for the doll of any famous actors that he admires. There is another thing that one can deal with these dolls, as it is to append the personalized messages upon these dolls. This is another path of creating the gift to be personal and distinctive. This is certainly one of the simple perhaps the newest great Christmas gifting notion this year. This gift can be prominent among others.

The tiny bobbleheads are cute things with the practical body and the bobbling head. It might come out that they are irresolute. However, they are humorous and simply place the order at Likenessme.Com. If one might like to personalize the order the bobbleheads, he or she can upload the photograph of the individual or persons that one wishes to have made. The clothing pieces are also to be chosen. The individuals can find the sports action figures and comic book figures. Bobbleheads can be animals and they are available in diverse occupations as well. Bobbleheads can be obtainable for young girls and boys with collections of hair color selections. These figures appear in military attire or diverse professionals including a nurse, doctor or teacher. The client can also place an order for a holiday and select holiday based colors upon the figures. Most of these can be figured out as the stock items. Moreover, on one occasion, one places the order and finishes the payment as the bobbleheads can be shipped to the client. At Likenessme.Com, the client can enjoy paying through the third-party payment methods including PayPal.

process of producing bobbleheads

Bobbleheads are currently manufactured by Resin. With resin, bobbleheads are to be produced in a mass. Clients can find huge bobbleheads in clubs, websites, books, magazines, price guides, books, and auction sale that are devoted solely to bobbleheads. These are the best as presents and they are considered the wedding favors as well. One can also have a personalized bobblehead, if one can actually like the best bobblehead. The client must be able to search the best website like Likenessme.Com in which he or she can have what he actually likes to seize.

distinctive artisanship at Likenessme.Com

Likenessme.Com is diverse from the other sellers mostly. Since its inception in 2008, this online bobblehead producer often makes certain to apply Polymer Clay. Here, the doll is one hundred percent handmade. There is no application of premade mould and paint. This bobblehead producer depends greatly on human other than machine while handcrafting the products. Every one of the sculptors does have the distinctive skills. Due to this fact, the retaining of experienced sculptors comes out as one of the most vital paths to deal with the overall quality of products. As the years pass by, Likenessme.Com has progressed many incentives to make certain that the sculptors are to stay with them. There are many other producers of bobbleheads that like to apply Resin plastic along with machine-made mould since they are not equipped with any experienced sculptors.

Applying Resin Plastic and mould depend mostly on machines other than human. Resin Plastic is almost twenty-five percent cheaper than applying Polymer Clay. With Polymer Clay, it becomes impossible to build two similar dolls, as there is no option of mould. The production process all depends on human hands and experience. On the other hand, Resin plastic can be applied to bring very complex colors. However, it is not the case of Polymer Clay. Polymer Clay has specific colors in nature and cannot be painted with complicated color. Due to this fact, Resin Plastic can easily be painted again. However, for Polymer Clay, it is to alter color. It requires finishing redo. Buy bobbleheads as unique gifts for dad christmas from Likenessme.Com.

Likenessme.Com is believed that the final goods are the most vital for the consumers. Bobbleheads made of resin plastic are to look darker in color while comparing to Polymer Clay dolls. These are brighter in color, smoother in touch and qualitative details. The client can tell that the bobblehead from Likenessme.Com is handmade while looking at the verge and there is some trace of fingerprints. It is believed that the customer deserves one hundred percent personalized handmade good. It is other than some lower quality massed manufactured product. At Likenessme.Com, Resin Plastic along with pain is applied subject to the availability of requests of consumers and the particular permissions to go forward.

personalized bobbleheads as a great inexpensive Christmas presenting notion

When someone has the responsibility of choosing a Christmas present for his entire department, here the instruction is clear. The client needs to be certain that the present is distinctive, personal, and inexpensive.
It is as simple as it is apparent. While considering the newest Christmas presenting notion, it is making a stir this session and it is the personalized bobbleheads. The best thing about this presenting notion is that it can satisfy all the decisive factors. The individual can append the images or photographs of his selection on these bobblehead dolls. That is not sufficient as one can append messages on these dolls and it can bear the flavors. The individual can place the names of all individuals in the department upon these bobblehead dolls. The pictures of each these team members can be placed as well. At the top of that, there is the addition of a personal message for each of these team members that indicate something special about them.

an actually striking notion

This gifting notion can be an actually striking notion. More than half of the individuals in the department have placed these dolls upon their desks and some others can place these dolls in their cars. Bobbleheads as unique gifts for dad christmas can be the newest and best Christmas presenting notion this year.

bobbleheads not a striking or missing present

Nearly everyone loves having bobbleheads that make him or her a great present for those that are harder to purchase for. Perhaps they are not their preferred thing in the world. However, it is to tap the head for few times and they are certain to crack a smile. Hence, people happily accept the attractive little persons or woman.


bobbleheads- being great for all ages

The client does not have to be middle-aged or older to welcome the bobbleheads. They are great for kids, moms, adults, uncles, and grandparents or the best kitten friend of puppy of owner.


Bobbleheads are amusing as one can apply them for light-hearted, friendly pranks or one can place them on his desk at work while considering his friend. Perhaps one does have pets that do not have any comfortable feeling without somebody at home. As a house owner, one can leave a bobblehead on the mantle. It may help alleviate the anxiety of the pets.


Not anyone has to keep the bobbleheads at home, as he or she can take it anywhere that he likes. Perhaps, bobblehead persuades the owner if he keeps it at home. He can take it to work or carry it with him for a long trip in the woods as well.

option of personalizing

It does not matter of which the individual is. One can have a personalized bobblehead that looks like him or her. Perhaps, one knows that he works harder under pressure one could have a personalized bobblehead that appeared like his boss. Hence, one could be relaxed. Take a visit at Likenessme.Com to purchase bobbleheads as unique gifts for dad christmas.

Considering the bobblehead as the unique engagement gifts for her

Bobbleheads can be unique engagement gifts for her these days. As there is maxim, silence speaks louder than the words. A present like a bobblehead can be the best possible instance. This small gift can convey the importance of her and it shows the sensitiveness of you to her requirements. This gift helps the giver express his emotion. The individuals can face the dilemma of choosing the best present for her while considering the different events.

Conversely, engagement is a sort of event. This is when one not only rejoices his togetherness, but also the moment while thanking God for providing the best present for life his beloved one. An engagement becomes a moment for both a girl and a boy. As it is indicated, engagement comes out as the first step to the life that is to turn out to be the integral relation of life. This day confirms the starting of a journey filled with faith, dependability, worship, and promise. The mutual explanation and honor for each other compliments bring a relation. The contradiction in choosing the best present for her is thus interpreted, as the most special event demands the best engagement presenting notions and nothing less.

Based on the convention, engagement presents refer to the presents provided to the couple. It is by their relatives so that they can start having a life together with easiness. As the passage of time passes, the implication has undergone an expansion. The engagement presenting notions now can also incorporate the presents that one would plan for his fiancé. Here bobbleheads as unique engagement gifts for her. Still an actual and amusing present is left in the world.


The purchasing of a bobblehead in likeness of someone comes out as a present and it is certain to be a conversation starter. However, it is to be a present that provides someone enjoyment. It is very simple to figure out a place to create personalized bobbleheads. The site like Likenessme.Com goes for a straightforward figure with the likeness of the face of person one likes the head of doll being immortalized. It is making that one chooses clothing props in the hand of bobblehead including a golf club or skillet while relying upon the hobby of individual. It makes one shape the funny bobblehead.

The personalized bobbleheads can also be provided for the serious events as well. Some couples select to forgo the typical bride and groom to wedding cake other than selecting to make personalized bobblehead dolls of each other to place upon their cake. This provides the cake a personal touch that is also to be prominent to the wedding guests. The other individuals provide the dolls to their secretaries for a thank for all of his or her hard work. Alternatively, the other ones provide bobbleheads the parents or grandparents to commemorate a 30th wedding anniversary. Personalized bobbleheads also make interesting graduation presents for that hard-earned degree for daughter or son.
choosing bobbleheads as unique engagement gifts for her from Likenessme.Com

At Likenessme.Com, individuals can find bobbleheads as unique engagement gifts for her in the diversified forms. This online bobblehead producer offers the distinctive artisanship. This online seller is diverse from 95% of other bobblehead sellers online. Since its inception in 2008, likenessme.Com is often making certain to apply Polymer Clay and the bobblehead doll is one hundred percent handmade. There is no application of premade mould and paint. This online bobblehead producer depends heavily on human beings other than machine while handcrafting the products. Every sculptor here does have distinctive skills. Due to this fact, retaining experience sculptor comes out as one of the most vital paths to deal with the overall qualities of product.

As the years elapse, Likenessme.Com has developed many incentives to make certain that the sculptors are to love staying with this producer. Great deals of seller select to apply Resin plastic along with machine-made mould since they do not have any experienced sculptors. The application of Poly Resin and mould depend on machine other than human. Resin plastic is about twenty-five percent cheaper than applying Polymer Clay.

With the application of Polymer Clay, it is almost impossible to prepare two identical dolls without mould. It all depends upon the human hands experience. Resin Plastic can be applied to make very complicated colors. However, in sense of Polymer Clay, it does have specific colors in nature and they cannot be painted with complicated color. Due to this factor, Resin Plastic can be simply repainted. On the other hand, Polymer Clay is to alter color, as it requires finishing redo.

Likenessme.Com is believed that the final products of the consumers are the most vital. Resin plastic dolls are to look darker in color as it is comparing to Polymer Clay dolls that are brighter in color, smoother in touch and much better quality in details. Bobbleheads as unique engagement gifts for her can be handmade entirely while looking at the edge and there is some trace of fingerprints. It is also believed that the consumers deserve one hundred percent customized handmade product other than some low-qualify massed produced goods. Subject to the availability of proposals from consumers, Resin Plastic is applied. Personalized bobbleheads come out as the new trend in the society today. Moreover, it appears as the specially crafted mini dolls with faces being identical to the individual being presented to.


The distinctive present might be highly appreciated by each guest of the party. Moreover, the individual might be the star of the moment. The small idols are actually beautiful and it is adorable to look at them. Moreover, they might steal the heart with the first glance. The mini customized bobblehead can simply be personalized to negotiate with each need. The individuals can select from a wide diversity of dresses, body kinds, shapes, accessories along with other issues. When one is to present a bobblehead as unique engagement gifts for her, the individual is to take a couple of images of both his and his fiancé from the diverse angles to make 3d faces.
The individuals easily require uploading these images on the website, Likenessme.Com and the making process will start taking place. The mini bobbleheads might be the best wedding presenting notion that one might ever come through in search of the most accurate present. This mini bobblehead might make an everlasting impact upon the minds of the receiver and he or she might recall him or her for a lifetime. An easy glimpse of distinctive present can be set at a tabletop, a study table, or any other spot. It might certainly recall the bobblehead provider.

The consideration of usual showpiece with some unknown prince and princess is something special that might lose its value with time. However, these distinctive presents never fade and go for a long lasting time up to eternity. The higher quality materials applied in production determines that the item remains immune against any sort of harsh setting. Moreover, it can also oppose mishandling. Selecting the best present is one of the hardest selections that one even comes across. However, this is a phase that if it is done carefully as it would make a relation for lifetime.


A bobblehead comes out as a fundamentally a doll that does have a head that can bring the repeated bobbling movements. A bobblehead can be personalized and it is a good present for friends, relatives upon their anniversary and weddings. It is since the present is distinctive, meaningful and mostly nowadays, it is cheap. Hence, anybody can afford it. Everybody can simply place an order for a bobblehead that looks accurately like him, her or his beloved ones. As the years pass by, bobbleheads have developed to be well liked among the users that are fundamentally attracted by an option in which one can get a customized bobblehead for him or her. If one has been speculating, why the bobbleheads become so well liked?

Bobbleheads become so popular since the fact that one can really have a personalized bobblehead. This trait gives one with an upper hand while considering purchasing one for him or her as unique engagement gifts for her. If one likes to place a smile on his loved one, friend, or relative, it is better to have a bobblehead and it certainly works as a magic since the present is a distinctive item to commemorate any special event.

Great deals of individual have hugged the application of bobbleheads as the presents for their diverse occasions including engagement. This is since the presents are distinctive and bring huge meaningfulness. It is the talk of power of personalization to suit the taste and preference of recipient. There is another reason that brings the bobblehead the accurate present as it can last for a long time. Bobbleheads are believed to have been first produced during the eighteenth century in Germany. In which, they used to be made with ceramics. Since their beginning, personalized bobbleheads have turned out to be a very popular toy being collectible in the prime series of Baseball. Buy your best-personalized bobbleheads as unique engagement gifts for her from Likenessme.Com.

Custom Bobblehead Dolls – Latest Gift Idea For Christmas

Looking at the various Christmas gift ideas available in the market or on the Internet, it is really difficult to make up your mind regarding the best gifts to get for your near and dear ones. Another added factor is the economic slowdown. This year is not the same as last few years. So many people have lost jobs and so many others fear the worst. How many of us can afford iPhones or Wii game sets this year? And we can’t compromise on the quality of our gifts. We still want the best for our loved ones.

The answer to your wishes is the customized bobblehead dolls, the latest Christmas gift idea to hit the market this year. Apart from making your gift personal and unique, it doesn’t pinch the pocket too much. Bobblehead dolls have been around for a long time but a simple twist of personalizing these dolls can become your ideal Christmas gift. You can put the images of your choice on these dolls. The image can be a generic one like Santa or Lord Jesus or Mother Mary or it can be a personal one like that of the receiver or an occasion.

I will share a few examples of what I did with my gifts. For my two kids, I ordered Santa bobblehead dolls and I know the kids will simply adore them. For my dad, I ordered an Elvis doll while for my mom, I ordered a Virgin Mary doll. For my husband, I am thinking of a doll with the face of Bruce Willis, whom he adores.


Another thing that one can do with these dolls is add your customized messages on these dolls. This is another way of making your gift personal and unique. This is surely one of the simple, yet latest great Christmas gift ideas this year that will make your gift stand out among others.

They are cute things with the realistic body and the bobbing head it would appear they are indecisive. But they are humorous and easily ordered via the internet. Just log onto you favorite search engine and do a search for bobblehead and you will find that a number of websites show up that you can look at. You can purchase stock bobbles or have one or more custom ordered if you choose.

If you would like to custom order them you would upload a picture of the person or persons that you wish to have created and wearing whatever clothing you want then to be made wearing and the head will look like your person’s picture and the body will be clothed in a uniform or special dress or whatever outfit your have chosen to have replicated.

There are sports action figures and comic book figures. There are animals and different occupations too. There are young girls and boys with an assortment of hair color choices. These figures come in military attire or various professions like a nurse or doctor or teacher. You can order them for a holiday and choose holiday related colors on the figures. Most of these can be found as stock items and once you order them and complete payment they will be shipped to you.


Like any online website you just need to double check that the payment screen is a secure site either with the ‘https’ beginning of the URL or showing a silver or gold lock icon in one of the lower corners of your computer screen. Payment will be by credit card and some sites may accept PayPal too. If you place a large order perhaps coupled with some custom figures you may also get free standard shipping. Since there are so many to choose from you can stock up on them in one simple order.

A Few Tips And Tricks Of Choosing Best Custom Bobbleheads

Bobble heads are currently produced of resin. They can be mass-produced. You can see a lot of bobbleheads in auction sale, magazines, books and price guides, websites and clubs which are dedicated solely to bobbleheads.These are best as gifts and as wedding favours. You can also have a custom, personalized bobblehead. If you really want the best bobblehead, you should be able to look for the best website where you can get what you really want.

How to tell which the good ones are? Well, there’s a few tips and tricks that will help a newby navigate the bobble head choices with confidence.

First and foremost you must look beyond marketing blah blah. Every single custom bobblehead site will argue they sell the ‘real ones’ or ‘the original’, a big pile of lies, since we’ve established that they were well known way before any of our forefathers walked the earth. They will all say they have been around forever, been on major TV channels, created bobble heads of extremely famous people etc.


Try not to read, and instead follow your gut feel. How reputable does the website look? Is it providing you with rich, accurate information about the product, or is it full of hype? Have they invested in a clean, excellent looking shop or is it a guy in his garage who cannot give you guarantees about quality, timing and customer service? Secondly have a close look at the bobbleheads they show, how well are details like fingers and clothes made? Does the paint job look accurate or amateuristic? How many examples do they have to showcase the resemblance they can offer you?

Then there is the all important satisfaction guarantee. If you do nothing else, do not purchase a personalized bobblehead from a site that does not guarantee your satisfaction. Remember, this is a hand made product, made in 3D, based on nothing but photos you send. The margin for error is large and the price is not cheap, so take no risks on the purchase of your bobble head. Beware of vendors who claim 100% likeliness (resemblance) because the figurine is made by machine. This only guarantees that the machine will make a bobblehead that is identical to the digital file it is fed. However there is still human intervention and technical interpretation between the photo you send, and the file that the machine reads. The results can sometimes be a figurine that looks rather.

Personalized bobbleheads are here to stay, that much is clear. Their popularity as wedding cake toppers is unprecedented and they are immensely versatile. We attribute their popularity to the fact that they are so very personal. They speak directly of the person being made, their life, hobbies, things they love or experiences they have shared. The hand made element may not be their most exciting aspect, but it brings a special feeling to the bobble heads, in a time when even greeting cards are digital. It represents time, personal dedication and uniqueness embedded in them.

Quality is the first thing you must consider. Be sure to choose the best custom bobbleheads with the best quality.

If you want to know more about bobblehead, you should log onto This site is very professional and reliable. The company is also renowned for creating more than thousands of custom bobbleheads for reputed persons .