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Here’s Why Everyone’s Buying Personalized Bobbleheads as Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2019

If you’re still struggling to pick out a valentine’s present then don’t worry–you’re not alone! Millions of people around the world struggle to pick something that is both affordable and meaningful when Valentine’s Day comes around.


Chocolates Are Common but Also Really Boring


Most people just turn to chocolates and flowers as a Valentine gift, but it’s so common, uninteresting and honestly quite boring. Let’s face it; while chocolate is delicious and one of the safest gifts to give to someone special, it’s boring and overdone. Everyone does it and no matter how your dress up the chocolate, it’s still going to be consumed and forgotten after a couple of days–hardly fitting for a meaningful gift for someone you love.


But there is one way to make chocolate a more acceptable and meaningful gift–by customising it! Instead of just giving a box of store-bought chocolates that you wrapped up, why not consider making your own or at least speaking to a company that offers custom chocolates where you can put your own message?


Sadly, no matter how much you personalize it, it’s still chocolate and it’s going to be eaten and forgotten, but at least if you make it slightly more interesting and customized, your recipient will take some pictures of it to remember the occasion.


But you can do better–a lot better! Why stick with boring gifts like chocolate and flowers? Even if you customize them they’re either going to wilt away or be eaten and forgotten! If we stick with the idea of personalization then there are hundreds of gifts you could offer. But in that huge pile of potential ideas, there’s one that really sticks out as being a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for 2019; bobbleheads.


What Are Bobble Heads?


Bobbleheads are collectable toy dolls that don’t use a solid connection between the head and the body. This means that their heads bob back and forth, much like the name suggests. These were incredibly popular many years ago but modern technology and nostalgia have brought them back as a wonderfully unique and interesting Valentine’s Day gift!


Thanks to new advances in technology, it’s now possible to take a photograph of your loved one and use it as a reference to create a personalized bobblehead! Since it’s a customisable toy, you could even change the clothes and colors that it’s created with, resulting in a unique gift for your loved one on Valentine’s Day.


Why a Personalized Bobblehead for Valentine’s Day?


You might already be thinking that bobbleheads are a strange or even eccentric idea for a Valentine’s gift, but you’d be surprised at how many positives there are and how charming they can be as a gift for a loved one!


    • There’s no effort required. Simply place an order, submit a picture of your and/or your loved one and write up some details on the clothes and colors that you want. You can pick a few more options like the size of your bobblehead and then it will be created and sent directly to your doorstep.


  • They make excellent personalized gifts. Whether you create a personalized bobblehead in your own likeness or a pair for you and your loved one, you can keep them around as decorations that can be placed on your desk, in your car, on a shelf in your bedroom or even take them into work to act as a good luck charm or a funny way to remind yourself of your loved one.
  • Lots of customization options. Whether it’s wedding clothes, superhero costumes or even adding vehicles, there are plenty of customization options that you can choose from to create completely unique bobbleheads that will be one of a kind in the entire world! You can even personalize them depending on the situation, so a valentine’s gift could include lots of heart accessories, flirty poses or you could even request the figures to hold hands!
  • It’s fun, silly and unexpected. Surprising someone and putting a smile on their face is a great way to deliver a gift and most people wouldn’t expect to be given a personalized bobblehead for Valentine’s Day. They’re funny and silly gifts that are sure to make anyone smile, yet they’re also endearing and sweet.



As you can see, personalized bobbleheads make fantastic gifts for Valentine’s Day. They’re so easy to customize and order, and with the added fun of making their faces look like real people, they’ll become timeless gifts that will stay around and remind you and your partner both of the special relationship that you both share.

Our highest rated custom bobbleheads for the month of July

Are you lacking the inspiration to find a unique gift for your beloved ? You no longer need to search as our custom bobbleheads is all you need ! Funny, cute and distinctive, our custom bobbleheads will absolutely manage to make your family and friends smile. Check out our highest rated custom bobbleheads that already blew our customers mind.



  • Head-to-toe custom bobbleheads dolls


It’s the ultimate occasion to set free your imagination and make a special gift in which every little detail is as you desire. Whether it is adjusted to be funny or just a similar version of the person you will give to, you have the absolute freedom to constitute your gift as you aspire.

Click here and order your bobblehead dolls right away.



  • Fully customized wedding bobblehead


It would be a really great idea for a wedding gift or something that you can just simply please yourself with on your big day. All you have to do is provide us with a photograph of this special occasion and we will make sure to sculpt the bobblehead as required. It would be a cute reminder of the great joy of that day !

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  • Guitar bobbleheads


Do you enjoy playing guitar or are you juste fascinated by it’s amazing sounds ? This guitar bobbleheads is the absolute choice for you ! Adorable and demonstrating the passion of music it would be a unique piece to show people your  artistic side with a touch of humour.

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  • Custom Bobblehead Mascot 11530-11530


Ever dreamed of being a superhero ? Well we are giving you the chance to be one, on our own way ! Choose your favorite character and we will make sure to create a custom bobblehead Mascot that will make you feel just like a real hero and will give you the chance to boast in front of your friends ! So release the hero that sleeps in you and send us a picture of your expectations that we will be more than pleased to make true.

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  • Personalized Custom Hunter Bobbleheads


If you are a big fan of hunting and you claim being one of the best in this field, you can commemorate a special moment containing one of your achievements ! We can sculpt for you a personalized custom hunter Bobbleheads so that you can capture your favorite hunting moments in a unique way that will make your friends and family discover your hobby and appreciate it.

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  • Personalized Custom Female Graduation Bobbleheads


       The graduation day is one of the most special days in someone’s life ! After enduring years of hardwork and tiredness, it’s high time to honor those life changing moments ! We suggest our personalized custom graduation Bobbleheads to catch the special moments of that special day ! it would be a reminder of what you had the strength to accomplish.

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  • Personalized IPhone Holder Bobblehead-11928


     Step out of the box and don’t settle for something plane when you can be special with our personalized IPhone holder bobblehead ! A one and only gift as well as an adorable piece that you can get yourself ! Useful and funny, this Iphone holder will be your new favorite item !

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  • Personalized Beach Time Eye-Catching Shirt Bobbleheads


What’s more tempting than spending your whole day chilling at the beach ? We all dream of vacation and beautiful beaches, so why not a Personalized Beach Time Eye-Catching Shirt Bobbleheads that will give you a breath of fresh air just by looking at it. This would be a great gift to your family and friends to remind them of the great moments you shared on your last vacation and to let them know how impatient you are to make many more on your next vacation.


Click here and order your bobblehead dolls right away.


  Conclusion :


        Those are a few of our highest rated custom bobbleheads for the month of July, you can order the one that caught your eye but you have also the freedom to choose any detail you want and to customize your bobbleheads as you wish ! So whether it would demonstrate your passion and hobbies or juste be a funny gift for your beloved our bobbleheads will give you a great pleasure just by looking at them. So don’t hesitate to order and capture your finest moments in those unique and innovative bobblehead that will be soon your favorite items.

how to make custom bobbleheads

Are you in the market for a customized bobblehead? Or perhaps you just want to learn a little more about this incredible product before deciding whether you need one (you definitely do!) in your life? Either way, you’ve come to the right place.


Here’s all you need to know re: how to make custom bobbleheads in the quickest fashion at the most affordable price. Most importantly, you’ll discover how to get the very best outcome so that your bobblehead can bring the biggest smiles.


What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.


What Is A Custom Bobblehead?


A bobblehead is a specialized type of doll that is characterized by a moving head on a static body. The size of the head is usually disproportionate to the body for added emphasis. You may also know this type of collectible as nodder, wobbler or bobblehead.


The head is made wobbly due to the use of a spring or hook, and you can make it nod for several minutes with a single push. The earliest known bobbleheads date back to the 17th century, although it wasn’t until the 1960s that they became a much-loved toy.


Customized bobbleheads use modern technology and craftsmanship to create a doll that is manufactured to your design rather than a preset image. This allows the user to immortalize themselves with a collectible doll or celebrate their family, pets or favorite celebs.


Why Would You Want A Custom Bobblehead?


A custom bobblehead is a unique item that serves many purposes. Here are just six ways in which you may wish to use your bobblehead product.


  1. Brighten up the living room or bedroom with a unique family memento.
  2. Create a piece of memorabilia by depicting your favorite sports star or musician.
  3. Remember a family pet with customized animal bobbleheads.
  4. Celebrate a particular moment in your life by turning your favorite photo into a bobblehead doll.
  5. Decorate the home at Christmas or on another special occasion.
  6. Turn yourself into a superhero or replicate your favorite film scene in doll form.


Alternatively, it can make the perfect gift for a friend, loved one, or client. Whether it’s a wedding gift or a business endeavor, this is an unforgettable present that’s sure to go down a treat.


How To Create A Custom Bobblehead Of Your Own


By now, you’re probably itching to have a customized bobblehead created in your image. Of course, this is an assignment that requires a lot of skill, passion and time. Therefore, it’s not a job that you are going to take on yourself. Thankfully, the process of getting a professionally handmade bobblehead is a lot easier than you might think.


Follow these simple tips, and you won’t go far wrong.


Step One: Create Your Vision


Let’s face it; even the most celebrated bobblehead artist can only bring your dream to life if you are clear about what you want. Without that sense of clarity, it’s likely that you’ll be left with an underwhelming outcome. Frankly, only the best will do.


It’s not enough to say that you want a doll that looks like you. A custom bobblehead should depict you at your best and put you in the perfect scenario. This could mean putting yourself in a fantasy situation or may include your partner in the form of a couple’s bobblehead.


Whichever option you choose, you should be clear about what you wish to achieve.


Step Two: Choose The Right Photos


Expressing your desires with the artist is one thing, but a custom bobblehead creator can still only work with what they see. The choice of images that you send in is one of the most crucial factors of all. Get this wrong, and the entire product runs the risk of falling flat.


All photos should be clear, which means choosing images with good resolutions. If opting to replicate your current look, sending in snaps from the front and both sides will give the artist more to work with. In turn, this will allow them to bring your likeness to life.


Do not underestimate the significance of this part for a second.


Step Three: Choose The Right Artist


Of course, some bobblehead artists are better than others. We genuinely believe that the human eye and touch is needed to bring your likeness to life, which is why we’d always suggest taking this route rather than a company that mass produces dolls via machinery.


Our sculptors use polymer clay, which enables us to create unique handmade designs rather than relying on premade colors and designs. This produces the very best results time and time again. Furthermore, we can add eyeglasses and accessories, which some artists may not.


The combination of premium materials and world-class sculpting is geared towards success.


Step Four: Play An Active Role


While you do not need to actually create anything yourself, your input is key to getting the best results. Furthermore, with quick and precise communication links throughout the process, you should receive your bobblehead far quicker. What more incentive could you ever need?


When providing the images, you should also select your body type (or the type you want) along with the situation that you want the character to be in. Even if it’s simply wearing the clothes that you’re wearing in the photos, letting the sculptor know this is key.


The artist will send a digital preview of your doll, so approving this can help them get on quicker too.


Final Thoughts


Whether it’s for yourself or a gift for someone else, a custom bobblehead is a truly unique and magical item. However, it’s imperative that your doll is crafted with the affection and attention that you deserve. Otherwise, this lack of talent and love will shine through.


With the help of, you can have the perfect custom bobblehead within a matter of weeks. From the intricate detailing to the lasting materials, every aspect will surpass even your wildest expectations. And that is a promise from our passionate and dedicated sculptors.

The Best Unique Christmas Idea For 2017

When it comes to Christmas, every year there are a few items that seem to be at the top of everybody’s Christmas lists. One year it might be a Nutribullet blender, the next it might be a the new Fifa game, the next it’ll be something completely different. One thing’s for sure; lots of people open the same things come Christmas day.

Isn’t it a lot more meaningful when you’re a unique present giver? Isn’t it far more exciting and rewarding? After all, Christmas is all about giving, and giving isn’t the most selfless thing in the world – it makes us feel good too! If you want this Christmas to be full of unique and exciting surprises for the people you love, you’ve come to the right place.


A gift that is bound to make anybody smile come Christmas day, is a custom bobblehead. A custom bobblehead might not be the first thing people think of when going Christmas shopping, but it makes a great unique present for just about anybody.


Why Choose A Custom Bobblehead For Christmas

There are so many reasons to choose this gift this Christmas. Custom bobbleheads are cute and fun gifts that can sit about anywhere, from a mantlepiece to on an office desk. The great thing about customizing these is that they can be made in the image of a favourite celebrity, the person themselves, or just about anybody else you can think of. Just send in a picture. This is a fun and affordable gift that is bound to make somebody smile!


Custom bobbleheads are handcrafted carefully to the very last detail, so you can guarantee that the finished piece will look just like the person you want it to. It could be wearing their regular casual attire, an office outfit, or you could go all out with the Christmas theme.


Personalized Christmas Bobbleheads

Personalized Christmas bobbleheads are available to get into the Christmas spirit. They can make great little festive decorations, and the great thing is, you still have a variety of options when it comes to deciding what you want. You would be forgiven for thinking that you only have a few choices, but in reality, your options are vast.


A Christmas wedding bobblehead is perfect for a couple that have just got married, engaged, or are planning on getting married. You can have the male bobblehead down on one knee, or you can have the happy couple in a warm embrace. You can specify the pose you would like or simply have them made to the picture you send in. It’s all down to you.


Bobble Head In A Kilt

Sometimes, it isn’t all about Santa outfits. Some people prefer to celebrate Christmas wearing a kilt alongside the rest of their Christmas attire. If this person has Scottish heritage, or hey, just likes wearing kilts, this could be a great choice for them.


Santa Bobblehead

Why not have your bobblehead wearing a full Santa costume? If this person enjoys dressing up as Santa, has a part time job as dressing as Santa in a mall, or just loves to deck the halls with boughs of holly, a Santa bobblehead could be the perfect gift for them. This will definitely make them smile and get them into the festive spirit.


Mrs Claus Bobblehead

If you’re buying a custom bobblehead for one of the ladies in your life, how about a Mrs Claus bobblehead? You can find many different Mrs Claus dresses and outfits, from longer, more traditional dresses to something much more modern. However, you think this bobblehead should look, you can make it to your exact requirements.


Festive Outfit Bobbleheads

There are all kinds of festive outfits you can put your custom bobblehead in. Christmas hats can be added to regular outfits to make them more realistic – perfect for the dad at Christmas who just likes to plonk on a hat. There are other options too – you could even create a bobblehead elf.


There are so many different styles of outfits so can personalize to the exact degree, right down to stocking color and neckline your bobblehead wears. If you have a picture, you can rest assured that the bobblehead will be made exactly to your requirements. If not, all you have to do is specify things like colours, style of the outfit, etc. You won’t find a bobblehead anywhere like this in stores, as they are all created with machines and look exactly the same. These bobbleheads are made by hand, and you can guarantee no two will be the same.


Props For Your Bobblehead

Your bobblehead can even have props. Props for the bobbleheads include Christmas trees, snowmen, gifts, and more. If this person cooks Christmas dinner, you can have them made with knives, pots and pans, and anything else you think will make them laugh! You don’t have to have them wearing Christmas outfits if you don’t think that will work all that well, and instead you can include a prop.


Who Are Christmas Custom Bobbleheads For?

You might be wondering who you can buy custom bobbleheads for. We think they are perfect for just about anybody. They are especially perfect for those who ‘have everything’, or those you may be a little short on ideas of what to buy. They’re great for a boss or a work friend, as a secret santa gift, or for your entire family! You won’t be giving them the same gift, as you personalize them to make them look different, and just like the receiver.


Remember, you don’t have to make it in the image of the receiver if you don’t want to – it could also be their favorite celebrity. Think outside of the box and you’re bound to come up with something unique.


Hopefully, you’re now full of ideas for your Christmas list. Make sure you order with enough time for your unique orders to be crafted and sent out to you, so that nobody goes without on Christmas day. Happy holidays!


A Unique Thanksgiving Gift Idea That Will Blow You Away

Cooking thanksgiving dinner is no easy feat, especially when you’re cooking for lots of people. It takes blood, sweat, tears, a whole lot of preparation and a hell of a lot of money to pull off a successful Thanksgiving. This is the reason many people decline to do it! However, someone has to do it, so chances are you’ve been invited to a Thanksgiving dinner of some kind.


If you have been invited to one, lucky you! You don’t have to slave over a stove for hours, making sure everything is absolutely perfect. However, it’s only polite to take some kind of gift along with you. You absolutely cannot go empty handed, and must provide a gift for the dinner host or hostess. Imagine if you went through all of that trouble and you didn’t even get a little something to say thanks? You’d be perturbed to say the least. It’s only polite to take with you a token of your gratitude. Don’t just buy any old thing though – a thoughtful gift for the Thanksgiving host will make them feel like all of the effort they have put in has been worth it.


With that in mind, we have the perfect unique thanksgiving gift idea to blow you away. You don’t want to give the host a similar gift to another guest in the party, right? Custom bobbleheads are one of the hottest unique gifts around right now, and are crafted to perfection by hand. Here are some custom bobblehead ideas and information that should inspire you. You’ll definitely find something perfect for the host amongst the plethora of options on offer!


Why A Custom Bobblehead Is Perfect For Thanksgiving

Want a novelty gift that will no doubt bring a smile to this person’s face? You’ve found what you’re looking for with a custom bobblehead. The great thing about a custom bobblehead is that you can make it look like absolutely anybody you can imagine. You can send in a picture of the person making Thanksgiving dinner and have it made that way, or even have it made in the likeness of this person’s favorite celebrity. It’s a great little thing to have on their desk at work, or even watching over them while they cook in the kitchen!


The majority of people go for having the bobblehead made in the image of the receiver, because it’s such a unique thing to give. You are highly unlikely to find a standard, machine made bobblehead in the store that looks like the person you are giving to. These store bought bobbleheads are usually low quality, with very little detail and will not stand the test of time like custom made bobbleheads. As soon as they see their custom bobblehead, they will know that you thoughtfully had the bobblehead made especially for them. The nose, smile, eyes, and accessories will all add to the finished look, ensuring you can give the receiver a mini version of themselves to keep forever.


Making A Custom Bobblehead For Thanksgiving

The process is simple; you simply send in a picture of the person you would like the bobblehead made in the likeness of, and then your bobblehead goes into the design stage. The proofing phase is important, as you have the chance to see the bobblehead before it is actually created and make small changes if needed. This means you can make the bobblehead look exactly like the person you are giving it to! You could ask for anything to be tweaked. All that’s left to do when you are happy with the look is wait for it to arrive. You can take a look at testimonials and reviews if you need proof that the product will be delivered in good time and look exactly how you imagined. We do not disappoint and our reviews speak for themselves!


You can pretty much guarantee that nobody else arriving to thanksgiving dinner will have brought this gift along with them. Everybody that received a custom bobblehead is delighted and amazed in equal parts – with many of them calling it their most prized possession. The receiver certainly won’t regret asking you to come for Thanksgiving dinner if you bring along something as unique and high quality as this. They will remember your unique gift amongst many of the standard and unoriginal gifts they received. It’ll keep you in good stead with them for years to come!


How Can You Make The Bobblehead Relate To Thanksgiving?

You may not want the bobblehead you design to relate to Thanksgiving, and that’s fine. You could simply have the bobblehead in a similar outfit to the receiver, so that it’s a great little conversation piece they can show off all year round. However, if you want to make the gift more seasonal and related to the occasion, there are a couple of things you can do.

It’s possible to have the bobblehead made carving a turkey, or holding a ready carved plate of turkey. Alternatively, you could simply show the custom bobblehead cooking dinner, using food and kitchen props to make this apparent. When you focus on the finer details like this, it can make the gift even more special. Other details you can include are hobbies, such as shopping and playing instruments, fancy dress costumes, and formal outfit ideas. You can even have couple bobbleheads made if you have two hosts who have invited you into their home for Thanksgiving.


If this sounds like a great gift to you, all you have to do is make sure you make your order with plenty of time for it to be created and arrive. You’ll love the look on the receiver’s face when they see it for the first time!


Hopefully, you’ve found something you think your host or hostess will love amongst these bobblehead ideas. It can all depend on the host and the kind of things they like, but thinking outside of the box in the design stage ensures a unique gift that nobody else will bring along. Whatever you do, don’t turn up empty handed!



Custom Bobbleheads-Unique Gifts For All Occasions

If you’re looking for a unique gift for an occasion, maybe Christmas, Thanksgiving, or another important event where gift giving is encouraged, you may have found the perfect gift in a custom bobblehead. Custom bobbleheads aren’t usually the first things people think of when they want a unique gift, but once they realize just how fun and personalized they can be, they’re sold on the idea!


Here are a few reasons you can consider custom bobbleheads for all occasions, and what you need to know to make sure your order is perfect:


Unique Craftsmanship Ensures A Totally Original Design

Custom bobbleheads are nothing like certain bobbleheads that you can find in the store. Bobbleheads you find in the store are pretty much all the same and unoriginal, produced by some kind of machine. However, custom bobbleheads are completely tailor made to your specifications. They are hand crafted and painted to ensure a special finish. You simply send in a picture of who you would like the bobblehead made in the likeness of and it is then created by a skilled craftsman exactly to the picture.


This is one of the only gifts that you can give that is truly unique – you can bet if you take a gift like this on Thanksgiving day or any other special day, nobody else will have brought it, and the host won’t already have it!


Have A Bobblehead Exactly The Way You Want It

The bobblehead can be created exactly the way you want it. It can have an extra large head, wear whatever type of outfit you like, and be sculpted to look just like the picture you send in. Whether you want to give this give as a Christmas present and have it wearing a Santa outfit, or give it as a Thanksgiving gift and have the bobblehead wearing a chef’s uniform, you can. It can be made exactly to your specifications and you’ll be amazed at how accurate and lifelike it is.


Whether you want this bobblehead to look like the person you’re giving it to or their favorite celebrity, it’s more than possible.


A Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

The bobblehead can be a perfect gift for any occasion. Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, anniversaries – you name it, the bobblehead is a unique and fun gift to give. It can even be a fun little gift to give ‘just because’. It’s affordable, and it lasts a lifetime too. What more could you want from a gift? It’s often the gift people didn’t even realize that they wanted until they had it!


Awesome Ideas For A Custom Bobblehead

If you need some ideas for a custom bobblehead, read on to find some great suggestions.


  • Bride/Groom – if this is a wedding present, or you’re struggling to think of something to buy for the happy couple, this can be a great idea. You can even have the bobbleheads in their wedding attire!
  • Superheroes – want to buy a gift for the hero in your life? You can have your custom bobblehead wearing any superhero costume you like. Let them know how important they are to you and how incredible you think they are! This is the perfect gift for a special parent.
  • Careers – you can buy custom bobbleheads for firemen, judges, doctors, and more. Perfect to celebrate a change of career, promotion, or something similar.
  • Sports – whether golf, football, soccer, or weight lifting is preferred, you can have a custom made bobblehead having fun playing just about any sport imaginable.
  • Formal – suave black suits for both men and women are available, amongst a plethora of other formal outfits for the bobbleheads. These are perfect for the businessman or woman in your life or just someone who likes to dress up.
  • Casual – plaid shirts, shorts, and other casual outfits are great for a more casual looking bobblehead.
  • Hobbies – the custom bobblehead you purchase can perform a variety of hobbies, from shopping to playing a musical instrument.


Thinking About The Finer Details Of Your Custom Bobblehead

It’s the little details that make your custom bobblehead truly special, so make sure you think about the receiver’s likes and dislikes when ordering yours. If you’re purchasing a bobblehead for the woman in your life who loves to dress up and shop, make sure you have her carrying plenty of shopping bags and dressed up to the nines. If this is the receiver’s favourite singer, have them with a microphone or playing an instrument.


Whatever your requirements, you will be able to match them with a custom bobblehead.



Top 6 Custom Casual Bobbleheads For Him

Custom casual bobbleheads for him is a great way to appreciate someone in your life for all the hard work they put in. If you’re looking for that perfect gift for him, then look no further. They are inexpensive but they last a lifetime.

Our dolls are well sorted after because we pay attention to detail. We sculpt them to look like the photos you provide to us. All that is required in the photo is a clear front view of the person you intend to make it for and viola you’ve got yourself a one of a kind casual bobblehead doll. Below are top 6 custom casual bobbleheads for him.


1. Comfortable Male Bobblehead

Shorts are one of fashion most comfortable staple cutting across all cultures with warm temperatures. Do you have a favorite pair of shorts that you will love to immortalize? Your best bet will be to do it in a bobblehead figurine.


2. Tutor Bobble Head Doll

Members of the clergy are very important and sacred individuals to many. These are formal leaders within certain religions. Although their roles and functions vary from religion to religion, one thing they are known for is presiding over specific rituals and teaching religious doctrines and practices.

These men and women of all faith serve our needs in times of happiness and in times of sorrow, and they are always there when we need them. Why not send them a gift this holiday season with this customized bobblehead figurine.


3. Custom Climbing winner bobbleheads

Rock climbing is not a sport for the faint-hearted. The goal is to reach the peak of the climb without falling, not so many people can achieve that. Rock climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport, one that often tests a climber’s strength, endurance agility and balance along with mental balance. It can be a dangerous activity if you do not use climbing techniques and proper climbing equipment.

With all the obstacles involved in this sport, you might want to record your best climbing experience with a custom handmade bobblehead figurine.


4. Man With Fish Bobbleheads

Fishing can be a lot of things to many. It can be a hobby or for meditation, where the fisher just catches and release, or where the motion is as good and as important as the catch. Fishing can also be a trade or a tool of survival, where what you catch you trade for money or you eat.

Regardless of the reason you fish, it is time to honor tradition or appreciate those around you that possess the act of fishing. Gift someone who enjoys the act of fishing this handcrafted man with fish bobblehead figurine to appreciate them for what they do.


5. Head-to-toe custom bobbleheads dolls

Do you want a fully customized bobblehead doll for someone or for yourself? Look no further, we can offer you your very own personalized bobblehead doll from head to toe. All we need you to do is when placing your order, describe in exact details what you need or better still send us a photo of the person and the setting you would like to memorialize. With the right details or photograph, our crafters can create a perfect bobblehead for you according to your specifications in record time.


6. Bobblehead doll of Plaid Shirt

Fashion has since gone past being a mere element of costume design in our modern society and has become more of a lifestyle. If you take a good look at yourself or the people around you, you will notice that you’ve adjusted to a particular style and have become loyal fans of that style.

Why not customize one of the most fashionable bobblehead dolls for you or a loved one and get to see your style in it every day.


Rest assured that our dolls are uniquely made to give you the very best of bobblehead figurine. They are handcrafted from the best materials and sculpted to look exactly like the picture you painted or the photo you provided. Time is of the essence, do not waste any more of it and order for your customized bobblehead doll now.

To ensure customer satisfaction, we offer free approvals to enable you to make changes when necessary at different stages of the sculpting process. We send you hair proofs, head proofs, body proofs and final proofs to your email for your final approval. Each proof we send you can be approved or modified by you. This process is important because after the doll has been baked, we cannot go backward and since all our pieces are handmade, the sizes may vary, but most of our dolls are between 6.5 to 12 inches tall.

Is your girl a sports fan? 6 Best Custom Sport Bobbleheads For Her

Are you searching for the perfect gift for the special woman in your life to commemorate her passion and devotion for being an athlete or sports fan? Whether she loves baseball,  soccer, golf or tennis, there is no better way to celebrate or show your appreciation than with a sports bobble head. Sports bobble head personalized in her likeness will definitely make a great gift for her. Likenessme offers many sports bobble head designs for female sports fans.

Below I have added up some of the best sports bobble head for girls you can view.


1- Soccer bobble head

Girls love soccer as it boosts their self-esteem. It is also a good exercise for them as it improves their balance and coordination. So, do you have a special girl in your life you us passionate about soccer? Are you wondering on the perfect gift to surprise her? You could surprise her with a customized soccer bobble head with their face wearing a soccer uniform stepping on a ball. This will definitely show their passion for football. It also shows how much you love to appreciate their passion for football.

Click here to view this bobble head


2- Golf bobble head

Ladies love playing golf as it helps them to build their career and help their career. It is also a fun and fashionable game where they can also socialize. So, do you have a special lady in your life that is passionate about playing golf? Are you stuck on what gift suits best for them? Well, how about a customized golf bobble head with her likeness wearing a green short and blue short. Also, holding and golf stick and a white hand glove. This will definitely show their passion for golf. It will also show your appreciation of their talents. Likenessme offers many interesting golf bobble head designs for ladies that love playing golf.

Click here to view this bobble head.

3- Tennis bobble head

Tennis is a lifelong sport, an excellent exercise and it is mentally challenging. So, are you wondering on the best and special gift to surprise a passionate lady tennis lover? How about a personalized tennis bobble head with her likeness wearing a tennis uniform, holding a racket and ball. This will show that you are proud and appreciate their talent.  It will also show how much they love playing tennis. Likenessme has much amazing tennis bobble head for passionate lady tennis lovers.

Click here to view this bobble head.

4- Baseball bobble head

Baseball is a fun game and it is all about family. So, do you have a special woman in your life that enjoys watching or playing baseball? Are you wondering on which special gift you can surprise her? How about a personalized custom female baseball bobble head with her likeness. Wearing an orange outfit and holding a baseball bat. This will show your love and appreciation for their passion and devotion towards baseball.

Click here to view this bobble head.

5- Cheerleader bobble head

Do you have a special woman in your life that is hardworking and committed to the life of being a cheerleader?  Are you searching for the perfect gift to show your appreciation? Being a cheerleader requires a lot of hard work and strong work ethics. But in the end, cheerleaders are considered as role models. So, if you’re searching for a perfect gift to surprise her, you can gift her with a customized cheerleader bobble head. Wearing a cheerleader outfit and sneakers. This is an ideal gift that will always show that you are proud and that you appreciate them for being cheerleaders. Likenessme has many wonderful cheerleader bobble head designs for a cheerleaders.

Click here to view this bobble head.

6- Basketball bobble head.

Basketball is an easy game with simple rules and full of fun. So, do you have a special girl in your life that is devoted to playing basketball? Are you looking for the perfect gift to surprise her? Well, how about a personalized basketball bobble head with her likeness, wearing a red basketball outfit and holding a basketball. This will show how much you appreciate their passion and devotion towards baseball.

Click here to view this bobble head.

In conclusion, bobble heads are a signature piece of sports memorabilia. Sports and bobble heads often go together like nothing else. Sports bobble heads are perfect gifts during Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and much more. Look at likenessme for more sports bobble heads for girls and surprise your special woman today.



Surprise your female friends: 5 funniest bobbleheads for her

Are you tired of getting anything serious for the special woman in your life and want to buy her a funny gift which matches perfectly with her personality? Either it’s her birthday, Christmas, anniversary or bachelorette gift, what better way to demonstrate your love for her and sense of humor towards her than with a funny bobble head? Funny bobble head gifts for women guarantee to put a smile on her face when she opens it. If she loves to laugh, a funny gift is most surely to go down a treat no matter the occasion. Likenessme offer amazing funny bobble head designs for women.

Below I have summed up some of the best funny bobble head for women you can view.


1- Witch bobble head


Witch Movies are not only about horror. But they are also about the fear of female power. So, do you have a lady friend or lover that loves witch movies? Are you wondering on the best unique gift to give her? How about a customized bobble head witch with their head on them and wearing a witch uniform of a dark clothing and holding a broomstick. This will definitely put her smile on her face. Most of all, it will also make her feel powerful and self-determined.
Click here to view this bobble head.

2- Mermaid bobblehead

This lovely mermaid is sitting on a rock, anxiously waiting for her prince. So, do you have a lady friend or lover who is as beautiful as a mermaid? Or, does she love the fairy tale of the little mermaid and the role of a mermaid? If so, how can you surprise her? Well, you can surprise her with a customized mermaid bobble head with her likeness. Sitting elegantly on the beach and also holding a shiny pearl. This will surely make her laugh and it will also make her feel special as she feels that she is the only fish in the sea. Likenessme also offers many bobble head designs for girls who love mermaids.

Click here to view this bobble head.

3- Statue of liberty bobble head

Are you looking forward to celebrating the Fourth of July with your lady friend or lover? Are you looking for the perfect and unique gift that will guarantee to cheer her up on this special day? Well, how about a female customized bobble head with her likeness as she poses as the Statue of Liberty. This will definitely cheer her up and make them feel special.
Click here to view this bobble head.

4- Hip hop girl bobble head

Hip hop is not just famous among men, even the girls hip hop style makes them even more unique and charming. So, do you have a lady friend or lover in your life that is a hip hop rapper of a fan? Are you searching for the perfect and unique gift to surprise her? Well, a customized hip hop bobble head style with her likeness is the perfect gift to thrill her up. Wearing black shoes and a green outfit. This is a cool gift that will guarantee to make her laugh and rap. It will also make her feel stylish and love her sense of music.
Click here to view this bobble head.

5- Halloween bobble head

Halloween is fun, creative a time for all ages to the party, dress up and enjoy the dessert and art. So, do you have a lady friend or lover who loves Halloween? If so, how can you guarantee to thrill her up? How about a customized Halloween bobble head with her likeness and wearing a thrilling mask. This is a perfect gift that will cheer her up and make her feel special.
Click here to view this bobble head.

To conclude, the best gift is the gift of laughter. Fun gifts are cool and great. Whether you’re buying for a sister, wife, mum or girlfriend, they will appreciate a funny gift whichever the occasion. Funny bobble heads are nice gifts to give to the special woman on their birthday, anniversary, Christmas or other occasions. Check out Likenessme for more funny bobble head designs that you can surprise your special woman today.





Custom Bobbleheads: Unique Gifts for Any Occasion

Those fun bobbing figures are no longer just novelty toys anymore!

Custom bobbleheads from Likenessme are unique and personalized gifts and keepsakes that will stand out above the rest. Why gift a framed photo of a loved one, when you can have a custom handcrafted bobblehead made in their own likeness, for a gift they’ll surely cherish for a lifetime!

A custom handmade bobblehead is a gift that shows you put thought and care into selecting a present that is unique and memorable, and a work of art that the recipient will always treasure.

100% Handmade and Personalized

Custom bobbleheads from Likenessme, are 100% handmade custom creations that are sculpted especially for you, out of durable polymer clay. Based on a photo, a skilled clay artist will sculpt the bobblehead in the likeness of the person in the picture, creating a one-of-a-kind custom art piece, that’s so much more than just a mass-produced piece of plastic.


A Perfect Gift for Any Event

Mark any special event with a custom bobblehead, and you’re guaranteed to have the best gift in the house. Whether it’s a special birthday, graduation, home run, wedding day or anniversary, a custom bobblehead always gets people talking.

You don’t have to use a photo of a person you know, you can also purchase a custom bobblehead of someone’s favourite sports team or favourite player, for a truly personalized touch.

So your best friend’s a dentist, a lawyer or a golfing pro? Get a custom bobblehead of them in action on the job or on the green, doing what they love to do! A bobblehead makes a great get-well present, because it’s always a way to bring joy and laughter to your recipient, which is just what they need to get back in good spirits.

Surprise your groomsmen and bridesmaid’s with custom bobbleheads of your entourage! Bobbleheads make the best personalized bridesmaid and groomsman gifts!

Custom bobbleheads make for a much more unique wedding gift than a serving platter or blender. The thought that went into choosing a gift that is 100% handcrafted in the newlyweds likeness, are sure to be a piece that will be a treasured part of their collection, not just something that sit’s collecting dust.

A Personalized Touch Means More

It’s the thought that counts, and a custom bobblehead shows that you definitely put thought into choosing a gift that won’t just end up in basement storage. The care and craftsmanship that goes into a custom bobblehead, means that you truly picked out a thoughtful present to reflect your relationship with the receiver. Anyone can go out and buy a gift from the mall, but having a custom bobblehead ordered in advance and designed by hand in someone’s likeness, is unlike any other gift that money can buy!

Looking for the perfect gift for anyone on your list? Check out some of our best sellers or browse through our selection of bride and groom bobbleheads.

Feel free to browse through our testimonials from previous customers, or if you already know what you’re looking for click HERE to order.