Gifts for Father’s Day 2020

If you’re stuck for an idea for father’s day why not get your dad or grandpa a surprise personalized bobblehead? They’re such a fun thing to collect and custom bobbleheads add a little whimsy and joy to any shelf. All you need to do is send us a photo and our expert craftsmen will render an uncanny, mini version of your dad for his desk or dash. Choose from hundreds of design options and add a more personal touch to your father’s day gift this year. 

Great gift idea for father’s day

If the standard father’s day gifts seem a little dry and redundant this year, why not ditch the classic toolkit or tie and go for something a little more memorable? Personalized bobbleheads are a fantastic idea for father’s day and here are a few reasons why.

They are unique!

Here our expert team pride themselves in rendering an exact copy of your chosen family member or loved one, and not just a basic caricature. We can guarantee a mini version displaying the same features and personality, creating an extraordinary likeness that’s almost uncanny. You’ll never find a more unique present. Our customizable bobbleheads make an original father’s day gift they’ll always cherish.

They are hilarious!

With the variety of costume options available, our personalized bobbleheads are an amusing gift idea that will have the whole family in stitches. Dress your dad up as batman, or in his ugliest shirt, let your sense of humor run wild, the only limits are in your imagination. Whether your dad is posing comically or accessorized to perfection, your family will certainly have some laughs this summer.

They are versatile!

Personalized bobbleheads are totally versatile. You can get them in different sizes and a range of designs, and keep them anywhere. Some people like having them jiggling on their dashboard on their way to work or others prefer having something funny to look at on their desks. Your dad can keep his unique father’s day gift anywhere from the garage to the office.

Great designs available

All of our personalized bobbleheads are handcrafted, which means the possibilities are pretty much endless. They can be customized down to the last detail. If you want, we can create a mini version of your dad down to his worst wardrobe decisions, or dress him up in his work uniform. You can give us a brief on options for his outfit, and we’ll consult you with proofs and mock-ups

Is your dad into superheroes or sci-fi? You could have him coming straight out of Metropolis, or Gotham City. Make him a Jedi knight, or an action hero. We have a selection of costumes based on movie characters that can be customized for any order. If you want your dad storming a castle, or about to take out Darth Vader, then our expert rendering team can make it happen. 

We also offer group and bulk options so if you like you could have your dad as second baseman in his favorite team. If not, just dress him up as his childhood hero. Sportstars and accessorized costumes are a popular choice. You pick the sport and the colors, and we’ll add your father’s unique visage. His personalized bobblehead could even be posed leading the national team to win the world cup or an Olympic gold medal.

If you prefer to recreate your dad’s favorite hobby we also have lots of design ideas. He could be bent over a Harley or playing golf. You could even have him in overalls or his fishing gear. The personalized bobbleheads are fully customizable, so you can also get custom logos and accessories. If your dad’s a budding musician, his bobblehead could be playing the guitar or drums. Turn him into a rockstar and make his dreams come true this father’s day.

Why choose us for father’s day?


  • Guaranteed quality


All of our customized bobbleheads are 100% handcrafted from the best quality polymer clay. Each of our professional sculptures brings their own unique flair and skill to the practice, and we only hire the best. You can be guaranteed talented craftsmanship and attention to detail. 


  • Free proofs til your 100% satisfied


We pride ourselves on quality and providing you with an accurate rendition of your chosen loved one or relative. We’ll send you free proofs, examples of our designs and mock-up models throughout the crafting process, so you can give us feedback. This way we’ll ensure a more precise final piece with no extra cost on your part.  


  • Fully customizable


Unlike most of our competitors, we offer a delicate service with polymer clay, making all of our models original and fully customizable. We don’t order cheaper parts or materials unless requested. All of our paint colors and clothing designs are chosen by you. If you want, it’s also possible to create a complete model from scratch.


  • Matching items available


If you’re looking for a father’s day present why not get a handcrafted rendition of the whole family? You could get personalized bobbleheads of the two of you together, fishing, jamming, or whatever you get up to in your spare time. 


  • Top-notch customer service


Our friendly customer service team is always available to answer any FAQs about your orders and our products. You’ll be getting a tailored service with each design and will be in touch directly with our talented craftsmen while they work.


  • Fast delivery


With father’s day around the corner, you’ll want to make sure your unique design is ready in time. We ship all our customized bobbleheads via DHL/FedEx, and on average they arrive in 2-4 days. In total we aim to make the dolls and deliver them in about 5 days, depending on changes to the design and feedback on proofs. 


If you’re after a truly original and ultimately hilarious gift for your dad this father’s day, you’ve come to the right place. Trust our talented team to put together an amazing present that he’ll treasure for years to come.

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