Custom Bobbleheads: Unique Gifts for Any Occasion

Those fun bobbing figures are no longer just novelty toys anymore!

Custom bobbleheads from Likenessme are unique and personalized gifts and keepsakes that will stand out above the rest. Why gift a framed photo of a loved one, when you can have a custom handcrafted bobblehead made in their own likeness, for a gift they’ll surely cherish for a lifetime!

A custom handmade bobblehead is a gift that shows you put thought and care into selecting a present that is unique and memorable, and a work of art that the recipient will always treasure.

100% Handmade and Personalized

Custom bobbleheads from Likenessme, are 100% handmade custom creations that are sculpted especially for you, out of durable polymer clay. Based on a photo, a skilled clay artist will sculpt the bobblehead in the likeness of the person in the picture, creating a one-of-a-kind custom art piece, that’s so much more than just a mass-produced piece of plastic.


A Perfect Gift for Any Event

Mark any special event with a custom bobblehead, and you’re guaranteed to have the best gift in the house. Whether it’s a special birthday, graduation, home run, wedding day or anniversary, a custom bobblehead always gets people talking.

You don’t have to use a photo of a person you know, you can also purchase a custom bobblehead of someone’s favourite sports team or favourite player, for a truly personalized touch.

So your best friend’s a dentist, a lawyer or a golfing pro? Get a custom bobblehead of them in action on the job or on the green, doing what they love to do! A bobblehead makes a great get-well present, because it’s always a way to bring joy and laughter to your recipient, which is just what they need to get back in good spirits.

Surprise your groomsmen and bridesmaid’s with custom bobbleheads of your entourage! Bobbleheads make the best personalized bridesmaid and groomsman gifts!

Custom bobbleheads make for a much more unique wedding gift than a serving platter or blender. The thought that went into choosing a gift that is 100% handcrafted in the newlyweds likeness, are sure to be a piece that will be a treasured part of their collection, not just something that sit’s collecting dust.

A Personalized Touch Means More

It’s the thought that counts, and a custom bobblehead shows that you definitely put thought into choosing a gift that won’t just end up in basement storage. The care and craftsmanship that goes into a custom bobblehead, means that you truly picked out a thoughtful present to reflect your relationship with the receiver. Anyone can go out and buy a gift from the mall, but having a custom bobblehead ordered in advance and designed by hand in someone’s likeness, is unlike any other gift that money can buy!

Looking for the perfect gift for anyone on your list? Check out some of our best sellers or browse through our selection of bride and groom bobbleheads.

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Best Asian Style Bobbleheads for Asian Culture Fans

Are you a fan of Asian culture? Do you want to have a memorable item that reminds you of special occasions? Are you looking for the perfect Asian-themed gift?

Then an Asian style bobblehead is definitely the right choice for you. From different Japanese-themed clothing to your face on Bruce Lee, below are the 11 best bobbleheads that are crafted in the Asian style.


A bobblehead body is often overlooked since the emphasis is always on the enlarged head – hence the name bobbleHEAD. But this bobblehead comes in the form of a Buddhist. The body of this bobblehead is crafted in such a way, that it portrays a Buddhist sitting down. It’s a really interesting figurine since not many bobbleheads have bodies that represent an action or movement such as sitting down. Most of them are standing up.

Click here to look at this awesome bobblehead.

Bride and Groom

This bobblehead represents an Asian style bride and groom. A perfect gift for the newlyweds, this figurine can be customized with any face and any look. This one, however, has quite a beautiful play of colors. The groom wears a long gown which is dark green. The bride, on the other hand, wears a beautiful red dress.

Click here to look at this awesome bobblehead.

Man in Meditation

Peace and Tranquility! Another bobblehead different from others is the one of a man in meditation. It has the usual look of meditation where the person sits cross-legged and resting the arms. It’s the perfect gift for the person who loves to meditate and find inner peace and happiness.

Click here to look at this awesome bobblehead.

Bruce Lee

Have you ever thought that you could have your face on your idol’s body? Well, there is a chance that you can have your very own face on the body of Bruce Lee. With the legendary yellow jumpsuit trademark, you can be as awesome as Bruce Lee was. It’s a great gift for any martial arts fan or any martial artist.

Click here to look at this awesome bobblehead.

Chinese-Style Wedding

Don’t know what to get a couple as their wedding gift? Why not get them a customized bobblehead that reminds them of their special day? If they had a Chinese style wedding, then this is the perfect gift for them. The bobblehead has two people: the bride and the groom. Both are dressed in traditional Chinese attire in red. You can even use this bobblehead as a cake topper.

Click here to look at this awesome bobblehead.

Japanese Clothing

This is a bobblehead perfect for any fan of Asian culture. You don’t necessarily have to be Japanese to have this bobblehead though. It’s perfect for anyone who loves the Japanese sense of style. This bobblehead features a man in common Japanese clothing.

Click here to look at this awesome bobblehead.

Japanese Kimono

This bobblehead features a person wearing a purple kimono with light purple and light blue diamonds. It’s a perfect gift for the admirer of the Japanese kimono. You can customize this figurine to have any face. It’s a perfect gift for any occasion: for birthdays, holidays and special celebrations.

Click here to look at this awesome bobblehead.

Japanese Kimono Couple

Similar to the bobblehead above, this one features a couple in the traditional Japanese kimono attire. This particular bobblehead features the man in a purple kimono, whereas the woman wears a light pink kimono. Both beautifully combined. You can customize the bobblehead to fit any Asian style clothing that you like.

Click here to look at this awesome bobblehead.

Korean Clothing

This is another bobblehead for couples which is slightly different than the one previously mentioned. Still, in the Asian style clothing theme, this bobblehead features a couple in Korean clothing. Both figurines can be customized with any face and any type of clothing that you may wish. A perfect gift for a special occasion.

Click here to look at this awesome bobblehead.


Have you ever wanted to be in the shoes of an emperor? Well, this figurine will allow you to transform into a different character. Your face can be on the body of an emperor. What makes this bobblehead so awesome is its sense of style. It wears a yellow garment which is decorated with beautiful ornaments.

Click here to look at this awesome bobblehead.

Asian Culture Clothing

And last but certainly not the least, this Asian themed clothing figurine is pretty cool.  It is also a representative of Asian culture. This bobblehead features a person in a long red kimono holding a fan. You can even customize this bobblehead to represent any type of clothing.

Click here to look at this awesome bobblehead.

All of the above bobbleheads can be customized to fit your needs. Any face and any style can be applicable to the figurines. Get your friends, family or significant other a custom Asian style bobblehead that’s perfect for any occasion. They’re even a great gift just to say that you appreciate them. All you have to do is send a picture of your face. You can also send a picture of the costume you would want on the bobblehead. And voila, you have your very own Asian style bobblehead.



The Origin of Bobbleheads: Everything You Need to Know About Bobbleheads

It’s hard to imagine there was ever a time when bobbleheads did not exist. Click here to learn everything you need to know about the origin of bobbleheads.

Few toys bring a smile to one’s face quite like bobbleheads.

From celebrities to everyday folk, they have the power to transform anyone from a mere mortal into an animated character bopping merrily along.

Thus, it’s no wonder why these novelty gifts continue to fascinate and amaze us. They’re imaginative, creative, and downright fun.

Yet, did you know they have an equally fascinating backstory? It’s true!

Today, we’re taking a look at just how bobbleheads came to be.

As we explore the path that led to their creation, we’ll discover some little-known facts about them as well. These will help us to better understand the magic and mystery behind our favorite desktop or dashboard accessory.

Ready to learn more? Let’s dig in!

18th Century “Nodding Heads”: Where It All Began

The prototypes for what would become known as the first bobbleheads were first spotted around 1760. They were found around England and Continental Europe.

The dolls spotted around this time were referred to as “Nodding Heads” and are believed to be of Chinese origin.

The first time their use was recorded was in 1765 when notable 18th century artist Johann Zoffany captured them.

Zoffany, a painter of German descent, was one of the most prolific artists of his time. He captured everyone from royals to cockfighters in and around Germany, Italy, India, and England.

One of his better-known works is Queen Charlotte with Her Two Eldest Sons. Zoffany captured the English royal in her dressing room. As he did so, he was sure to also paint into the picture the two nodding heads that Queen Charlotte kept in the space.

There’s no evidence of a solid link to future growth. Yet, one cannot overlook the inclusion of these decorations by such an illustrious painter. This may have been the catalyst for the craze that was about to take over the nation.

The Prince of Wales Leads the Trend

Though Queen Charlotte may have been the first known royal to appreciate the joy of bobbleheads, she wasn’t the only one.

In fact, the Prince of Wales, who would later become King George IV, developed such an affinity for Chinese decorations such as those that he commissioned a Chinese Drawing Room during his tenure at the Carlton House, his London residence from 1783 to 1826.

In 1802, the Prince took his design inspiration a step further. He set out to design his seaside retreat, Brighton Pavillion, in a lush and opulent Oriental style.

Also known as the Royal Pavillion, the palace was chiefly decorated by the Prince and his two trusted designers, John Crace and his son Frederick Crace.

During the 25 years it took to complete the Pavillion’s interior, the main focus was on implementing a Chinoiserie style.

In short, Chinoiserie is the style in which Europeans seek to recreate the art that defines the Chinese and East Asian cultures.

In the corridor of the Pavillion, the Prince displayed multiple nodding-head figures in prominent locations. This further illustrated his devotion to Oriental artistry.

As a result of such attention to bobbleheads and their associated decor on a royal scale, people around the nation, and even from across Europe and America, began importing them to decorate their homes as well.

The surge began around the 1780s. It continued well into the 19th century, where they gained a little more ground on their path toward popularization.

The 19th Century: Notable Mentions

A glimpse of two bobblehead artifacts from the 1800s gives some sign of their steady climb in popularity.

One is a pair of bobblehead figurines, known to be from around the year 1800. This pair was constructed of painted plaster and depicts a husband and wife of Mandarin descent.

The pair were created as stretching their arms out to each other. They are both wearing ornate, gold-edged robes with floral details. His robe is a light blue and hers is a light gray.

The figurines were mounted on partially gilded bases comprised of wood simulated to look like marble. They stand 15 and three-quarter inches tall.

The reason they are so mentionable in this timeline of the history of bobbleheads?

This pair sold for just under $36,000 at a 2010 auction.

The fact that such a high price was offered demonstrates their worth and significance. It also allows them to take their place as some of the earliest examples of what would become a pop culture phenomenon.

The second artifact of note is Nikolai Gogol’s short story, “The Overcoat.”

Gogol, a Russian author born and raised in Ukraine, published the story in 1842. It went on to become his most well-known and revered short story.

The story’s main character, Akaky, is a Russian bureaucrat. Gogol describes him as having a neck “like the neck of plaster cats which wag their heads.”

This line was a direct reference to the plaster bobblehead dolls prevalent at the time, which indeed would “wag their heads.”

Perhaps it took this mention of bobbleheads in such a prominent work of literature to jumpstart the trend on a more global scale. As the 20th century began, it proved true that they were here to stay.

The 20th Century A Home Run for Baseball and More

As the 20th century began, the Chinese influence of bobbleheads wasn’t limited to royal palaces and short stories. Rather, it took a wider stride as well.

As such, it catalyzed a new wave of interest in the bobblehead trend as countries around the world began to take notice.

Germany was one of the first countries to jump on board.

In this country, they were often produced in the form of animals standing between six and eight inches tall. They were comprised of ceramic clay.

Then, around 1920, the United States began to realize the trend. Manufacturers saw it chiefly as a promotional opportunity to build brand recognition.

As such, the sports industry was the perfect place to introduce them to the mainstream masses.

Most collectors agree and acknowledge that a generic basketball player bobblehead created for the New York Knicks in 1920 was the first ever sports-related one.

Though this is a typically agreed upon fact, it raises eyebrows because the Knicks weren’t established until almost 30 years later, in 1946.

Though some confusion might exist around the specific start date, the reality remains that the first sports-related bobblehead has a connection with the sport of baseball.

By 1960, the sports craze had fully caught on in the United States. Major World Series stars such as Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Roger Maris, and Roberto Clemente all saw their likenesses reimagined in the form of bobbleheads. These were comprised of both ceramic clay and a new medium, paper-mâché.

Here, it’s important to note that these were the first sports-related ones created on an individual level, not as a mascot.

Yet, the distinction of which player was which had to come from the jerseys each figurine was wearing. Although they wore different uniforms, each was sporting the same head!

These were trademarks of the baseball-loving culture prevalent in America. Yet, very few remain. This is because their paper-mâché form was unable to hold up after years of wear and tear, making intact ones incredibly valuable.

Bobbleheads Erupt: Their Non-Conventional Rise

For years, bobbleheads remained primarily a sports-focused item. Yet, it didn’t take Americans long to realize that they had a little more potential.

For instance, during the thick of Beatlemania in the 1960s, bobbleheads of the band members became some of the hottest commodities to buy.

The Beatles set remains some of the rarest and most beloved figurines of their type. This is due to their overwhelming popularity.

As the frenzy grew, American manufacturers began to experiment with the items. They brainstormed new ways to create an old favorite.

They came up with a bobblehead design that featured a baseball player standing on a gold base, with a slick and shiny exterior.

Though these looked regal, they were actually ineffectively made.

The gilded exterior was actually hiding a low-quality interior. The figurines themselves would chip and crack without much force.

As such, very few remain today. Those that do are considered prized possessions and are passed down from one generation to the next.

Around 1990, manufacturers would realize that plastic-made ones were sturdier and more long-lasting. This improved manufacturing efforts and quickened the pace of production.

The 1900s saw a substantial growth for bobbleheads, which would continue into the 1990s. Yet, their popularity did spike downward for a brief moment.

Around 1970, collectors began to shift their focus more toward accumulating and reselling other novelty items. Examples included lunchboxes and action figures. Thus, their attention diverted from away from them — but only momentarily.

In May 1999, a promoter opted to bring the baseball-oriented ones back into the realm of sports. These were designed with the likeness of Willie Mays and reminded spectators of some of Mays’ contributions to the sport of baseball.

The distribution that month was especially poignant. The team was celebrating 40 years at Candlestick Park. The toys were passed out to commemorate the event.

The fans responded very favorably. The reaction was so impressive that baseball teams around the country took note. Then, many began to offer them as part of their promotional outreach efforts as well.

A Concept Reimagined: Bobbleheads in the Digital Age

As bobbleheads became more mainstream in America, they took on a wider variety of shapes and concepts.

For instance, items thus far had been created as a person, with a head that nodded, or “bobbled.” Yet now, manufacturers were taking the basic bobblehead blueprint and applying it to objects around both the home and the office.

It came as no surprise, then, that in the year 2000, the bobblehead as consumers knew it took on an entirely new life. Designers created ones in miniature sizes, as well as in the likeness of banks, air fresheners, and more.

Yet, for all their variation, they remained a sports fan favorite — particularly in the baseball stands.

In fact, in 2002, the collection began for the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum.

The impetus for this amassing? As a staff member for the Rockford RiverHawks, a professional baseball team from Rockford, Illinois, Brad Novak came across many of the collectibles.

When he opted to sort and store them, he became Co-Founder and President of the Hall of Fame and Museum, turning a simple pastime into an entity much greater.

As the 21st-century rolls on, it’s interesting to note how bobbleheads and baseball continue to go hand-in-hand.

By 2010, more than 330 bobblehead-based promotions had been distributed at baseball parks across the nation.

The team leading the pack? The Giants. As a team, they’ve done more than 75 promotions that center on bobbleheads, and show no sign of slowing down.

Another team making headway when it comes to matching the Giants’ use of them? The Marlins.

In March 2012, the Marlins played their first ballgame at their new Marlins Park in Miami.

Their way to mark and celebrate the opening of the new park? A bobblehead museum of course!

In all, the museum features a double-sided case with 609 spaces to hold bobbleheads. These spaces represent every team in baseball, a nod to the sport’s connection to America’s favorite pastime.

Adding to the experience, the display case features a built-in vibration mechanism. This ensures just the right amount of motion that they continually sway up and down, as if on cue.

Custom Bobbleheads: Design One Today

Now that you know a little more about how bobbleheads began, let’s talk a little bit about their future.

Today, you’re not limited to your design choices when it comes to picking out a bobblehead. You can even have a bobblehead created of yourself or someone you love!

Looking for that perfect groomsmen gift? What about a pair for that special couple in your life?

If you can dream it, we can create it. We’re a custom bobblehead company dedicated to bringing your vision to reality.

To get started, feel free to browse some of our best sellers. Then, check out how to order.

Got any questions, or have any ideas? Feel free to reach out. Let’s design something you love!



Best 11 Groomsmen Bobbleheads

Sometimes you never know what type of gift to buy your groomsman. A thank you gift that shows how much you appreciate all their hard work is not easy to find. You might spend a lot of time looking for a present.

But have you ever thought of getting them a bobblehead with their own face on it? – They’re a great way to say thank you and can be customized.

Below we have summed up 11 best groomsmen bobbleheads all ranging from hand gestures to style!

1- Both hands in pockets

The first type is a classic man in a black suit with both hands in his pockets. A simple look but also sophisticated. This bobblehead has a bowtie and a white shirt. It’s perfect for that uncomplicated exterior. Simplicity is the key to a great look. This bobblehead is the best choice for the groom who is laid back and casual. Did you know that some specialists say when a person puts his hands in his pockets, it can mean a sign of comfort?

Click here to check out this cool bobblehead!

2- One hand in the pocket

The next type is quite similar to the first one. This bobblehead has one hand in its pocket instead of two. It also has a black suit and white shirt, but it has a tie rather than a bowtie. It also has a pink flower (or a boutonnière) on the lapel of the suit. It is certainly a very fashionable and polished look for any groomsman.

Click here to check out this cool bobblehead!

3- Both hands holding the lapels

The third type of groomsman bobblehead is quite an attractive one. This bobblehead also has a black suit and tie, but it has a black vest as well. What makes this bobblehead so interesting is its look. Both hands are holding the lapels of the suit. It works well for any groomsman who is confident in himself. It’s quite a classy look!

Click here to check out this cool bobblehead!

4- Suit and a purple tie

If you’re looking for a simple groomsman bobblehead without too many hand gestures, then this one is the right one for you. This bobblehead represents a man in a black suit and has a red rose (boutonnière) on the lapel. What makes this bobblehead stand out from the others is its purple tie. A little color to break away from the usual white and black suit look.

Click here to check out this cool bobblehead!

5- Tuxedo with a tail

This bobblehead has a very interesting appearance. The groomsman bobblehead wears a tuxedo and a bow tie. With one of the hands inside one pocket, this look is quite sophisticated. Different from the other types, this black tuxedo also has a tail which makes the bobblehead even more elegant.

Click here to check out this cool bobblehead!

6- James Bond style

A suit makes anyone look refined. But give them a gun and they instantly turn into James Bond! That’s what happened to this bobblehead. With the face of any person, this bobblehead will portray a groomsman in a white tuxedo that looks like James Bond. This bobblehead also has a black bow tie and a red flower (boutonnière) to complement the whole look.

Click here to check out this cool bobblehead!

7- White suit and holding jacket over shoulder

Different from all the other looks previously mentioned, this groomsman bobblehead wears an all-white suit. The only different colors are the black shoes and brown tie. This bobblehead also holds its jacket over its shoulder, which gives a very fashionable style to the look. This groomsman bobblehead is perfect for any person who loves an all-white outer appearance.

Click here to check out this cool bobblehead!

8- Groomsman with the family

Don’t want to exclude the wife and kids? Then this bobblehead is the perfect choice. This bobblehead includes the whole family. All of the family members are wearing fancy attire that looks sophisticated and classy. It’s a perfect gift to say thank you to your groomsman.

Click here to check out this cool bobblehead!

9- White suit and red flower

This bobblehead portrays a groomsman in a white suit with a black tie. A little different than other bobbleheads, this one holds a red flower in one hand and a thumbs-up with the other hand. A very iconic look that isn’t very common. It’s a perfect gift for any groomsman who has a unique style.

Click here to check out this cool bobblehead!

10- Blue suit and purple tie

Let’s stay away from the black and white suits for a moment. This groomsman bobblehead wears a navy suit with a purple tie. Although a little different than other looks, this bobblehead is nevertheless a very polished and put together look. A very business-like look, but also works for any groomsman who looks great in the blue.

Click here to check out this cool bobblehead!

11- All-White suit

Another type of the groomsmen bobbleheads is the all-white groomsman. The bobblehead wears an all-white suit. Jackets, pants, shirt, vest, and shoes – all are white. A perfect gift for the groomsman who always likes to look elegant and charming.

Click here to check out this cool bobblehead!

Final Words

As previously mentioned, these bobbleheads are all customizable. You can use any face on any type of bobblehead. They’re simple and unique at the same time. They show how much you care about the person. So if you don’t know what to get your groomsmen, why not try a custom bobblehead? A special and thoughtful gift always brings smiles and happiness.



Top 11 Awesome Musician Bobbleheads

Don’t know what to get the music lover for his birthday? Well, how about a musician bobblehead? Bobbleheads make a great collectible item. They are also fun gifts to give for different celebrations. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, anniversary or any other occasion, bobbleheads make a unique and amusing present. What’s really interesting is that you can order a bobblehead online which is customizable. You can practically have any face on the body of a bobblehead. Likenessme offers amazing designs for bobbleheads related to music.

Below we have summed up some of the many musician bobbleheads that you can find.

1. Guitarist

The guitarist bobblehead comes in many different forms. You can have a person’s face on a body that’s playing the guitar while sitting down. Or how about a guitarist bobblehead that also has a microphone? You can find many different guitar designs too. It’s a great gift for any type of guitarist.

Click here to take a look at this bobblehead.

2. Pianist

Personalized custom Pianist bobblehead

What can gift can you give the person who loves to play the piano? Why not a miniature version of themselves playing the piano? Likenessme offers handmade pianist bobbleheads that are to die for. They’re a perfect gift for those people who can play a beautiful tune on the piano.

Click here to take a look at this bobblehead.

3. Conductor

Custom Music conductor bobbleheads

The most important part of any music ensemble is the conductor. The customizable conductor bobbleheads represent the delicate work that conductors do. They’re also a unique gift that not everyone has.

Click here to take a look at this bobblehead.

4. DJ

The art of creating music isn’t solely based on instruments. DJs have proved this more than once. They mix different recorded music to create whole new sounds. Do you know a DJ? A personalized DJ bobblehead might be the best gift for them since it portrays what the person loves doing.

Click here to take a look at this bobblehead.

5. Elvis Bobblehead

Elvis doll

We all know who Elvis Presley is. Likenessme offers awesome bobbleheads that have Elvis Presley’s iconic look of a white suit. What can be cooler than your face on an Elvis body? It would also make a great and funny gift for the person who loves to sing.

Click here to take a look at this bobblehead.

6. Singer

Singer bobble head doll

A singer bobblehead is perfect for the person who simply loves to sing. Why not gift them with a unique bobblehead of themselves with a microphone? What better way to show a person that you care about them than by getting them a gift that symbolizes their passion.

Click here to take a look at this bobblehead.

7. Saxophone Player

Personalized custom sax bobbleheads

What a beautiful and complex instrument the Saxophone is! Fun fact, it was invented in 1846. Now, normally we assume that the saxophone is used mainly in jazz. A Saxophone player bobblehead is perfect for the typical jazz-lover. You can even have a famous saxophone player’s face to indicate a person’s favorite musician.

Click here to take a look at this bobblehead.

8. Drummer

Custom man bobbleheads in black shirt playing drum

For the person who is always focused on the beat of a tune, the drummer bobblehead can be a perfect gift. It is for the person passionate about drums. It also might be a great reminder of that time when a person used to play drums in a band! Like the other bobbleheads, it can also have whichever face you would like it to have. You can also have your favorite drummer as a bobblehead!

Click here to take a look at this bobblehead.

9. Hip Hop Bobblehead

We all know someone who just simply lives for hip-hop. They know every rap song and can understand the lyrics better than anyone else. For the Hip hop lover, a hip-hop bobblehead is an ideal choice for a present. It can also be a mini version of an aspiring artist.

Click here to take a look at this bobblehead.

10. Dancer

Whether it’s ballet, hip-hop, samba, waltz or any other type, we all love to dance. Likenessme offers a wide range of dancer bobbleheads that can be from ballerinas to hip hop dancers. They’re something that you can give the person who always dances wherever they go. Also, it’s a great and funny present for the professional dancer.

Click here to take a look at this bobblehead.

11. Violinist  

And last, but not least, we have the violinist bobblehead. Why not have a loved one’s face on a bobblehead that plays the violin? It can symbolize the person’s passion for the violin. It can also be a reminder of a very important performance the person made. It’s a great gift that can always bring back memories and make a person smile.

Click here to take a look at this bobblehead.


Final Words

When you’re stuck and don’t know what gift to get a person for their birthday, anniversary or any other occasion, it can be hard to find a suitable gift. Bobbleheads are a unique present that can be customized with a person’s face and look awesome. They’re both hilarious and symbolic. Check out likenessme for their many designs of bobbleheads related to music.

Top 5 girl bobbleheads for her

When it comes to buying gifts for the special women in our lives, we can find ourselves stuck with no ideas. Whether it’s your mother’s birthday, your sister’s graduation or you just want to surprise your girlfriend or wife, you really need to choose something to impress.

A bobblehead doll is always an inspired gift for anyone because they are so fun and joyful. Plus, they can be highly customized to resemble your loved one. This is a great form of flattery, paying a tribute to the person by giving them a mini version of themselves.

Here are some great examples of personalized bobblehead dolls for her.

1- For the pet lover in your life

This personalized girl with pets bobblehead will be instantly appreciated by an animal lover. Dog or cat person alike, you can order a doll that features whatever animal you’d like. Even if your friend or a family member has more than one pet, you can bring them all together in one figurine. The doll will be fitted with a really cute outfit and you can choose the color of the dress and send pictures of the girl and pets you want to portrait.

2- For the girl who had just graduated

Ending high school or college is a really big event in anyone’s life and it marks the achievements and great memories of a wonderful part of our lives. A bobblehead doll of a girl in a graduation gown and cap is a perfect way to honor this event.

3- For the girl who likes to meditate

If the beloved woman in your life is passionate about meditation, choose this personalized bobblehead of her meditating. When yoga and healthy living are so popular and cherished these days, the bobbleheads must keep up too! This bobblehead sits in the lotus position and aligns its chakras to be at peace with the universe.

4- For the girl who loves to sunbathe

Who doesn’t love summer and the beach? If the special woman in your life is a sun lover, get her a personalized bobblehead wearing a bikini. This is a sexy version of her posing on a sandy beach and it will always remind her to relax and enjoy life.

5- For the girl who loves to sing

Singing is a passion that can be very intense and that never goes away in someone’s life. If you love and care about a woman or a girl who loves to sing, pay a tribute to her through this custom bobblehead of her holding a microphone. If she plays an instrument, we will include it in the figurine and make sure everything matches the pictures you send to us.

Your wife, sister, daughter or friend will be mostly impressed by your caring gift and will cherish this tribute for years to come. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter for when someone visits her, so rest assured your gift will be on display all the time.

Make your relationship memorable with these 3 best couple bobbleheads

For a happy couple, memories are everywhere. You can keep a dry leaf from a walk in the park, a napkin from a restaurant you both loved. You can snap a ton of pictures and create an album or even buy some matching personalized shirts. There are a lot of ideas for gifts that remind you of each other and celebrate your love.

One of the most fun ideas to mark your love for each other is to order a replica of you two in the form of bobbleheads. We assure you it will be a conversation starter each time someone visits you. You get the chance to mark your engagement, wedding, or just your awesome normal selves. People will definitely ask questions about your story and will smile looking at your huge heads nodding in approval.

The best couple bobbleheads are the ones that evoke something you like to do together or a common memory. You can order a figurine that depicts you in Hawaii or one that shows you two fishing together. You can include cars, surfboards or wedding attire. The possibilities are unlimited. Let’s see some great ideas for your couple bobbleheads.

1- Groom lifting his bride

For those of you who want to get away a bit from the traditional, serious stuff, we recommend this bobblehead. It shows you two at your best selves, all dressed up for your big event. It also says a lot about your love to laugh and feel good with each other. This doll duo depicts the groom lifting his bride above his head, demonstrating his strength, as well as her dainty physique. But who says you can’t switch the roles? Be free to choose the bride to be the demonstrator of force, we all know it’s true.

2- Custom bobbleheads of your marriage proposal

To remember your wedding day, you will have tons and tons of pictures and video footage, that’s for sure. But how many moments did you save from your proposal? Of course, you both remember every minute of it (since they felt like years, probably), but wouldn’t it be fun to depict it for the others too? If you don’t have a video or photo of your proposal, recreate it with the help of bobbleheads. She will certainly say Yes by nodding.

3- Personalized bobbleheads of the singing couple

If your common passion is singing or you have special memories at the karaoke bar, order this custom bobblehead duo of you. It is a great way of paying a tribute to your talents and the common love for arts and beauty. You can include instruments and pick your own jamming outfit to make the dolls as realistic as possible.

Take a look at what we have to offer and plan your future dolls together. It will be a really fun experience and it will bring you a lot of beautiful memories.

Top 3 personalized custom bobbleheads with cars

When it comes to giving someone you love a special gift or marking a memorable moment in your own life, there’s nothing more fun than custom bobbleheads. These cute and joyful dolls have been around for decades because it seems that people just can’t get enough of them!

The bobblehead industry has flourished since the ‘90s when new technologies allowed a higher degree of customization. Sports like baseball or football have brought the figurines to the public’s attention more than once in their history. For all these reasons, bobbleheads remain popular and are always a great idea to make a lovely surprise to a loved one.

The bobblehead customization does not only deal with the character in the figurine but also its environment. For example, you can include props and even bigger objects like mountains, building or vehicles. And for the car enthusiasts, you can even include their beloved partner on four wheels in the picture. Let’s check out 3 of the most popular custom bobbleheads with cars.

1- The professional driving a silver car

For those who love shiny cars and luxury limousines, this model is perfect to capture that love for a finely made car. Just like the artists will model the doll’s face and features from the pictures you send them, they will create a replica of your car too. All they need is pictures from different angles of you and your pride and joy. You will make sure that the product is up to your standards, as the manufacturers send you intermediary pictures for you to approve.

2- The happy couple in a cute red convertible

For newlyweds or even couples who just want to celebrate their love to each other, this model is awesome. You can decide if the figurines will wear wedding attire or just your favorite outfits. The red convertible is a symbol of your love, but you can always choose a different color. If blue has a special meaning for you, go with it. The little heart detail on the grid will really make you smile for years to come.

3- Black convertible for your mini-me

Even if you don’t really own a convertible, this will be the perfect car to showcase your bobblehead replica. Bobbleheads are all about oversizing, so your face will gloriously dominate the entire figurine. You can personalize your clothes, as well as your ride. Go wild and pick the car of your dreams, we will make sure to put a big smile on your bobblehead mini-me.

Whether you buy a bobblehead for yourself or one for your boss or husband, make sure to pick the best companies in the field. You need to receive a good replica of the person you’re celebrating, a sturdy doll that will last for years and great client service to keep you posted about the progress.

Bobbleheads can be the Unique Xmas Gifts 2017

Xmas starts knocking at the doors of the people of all occupations all through the world. Xmas is the time that indicates the providing of something to individuals. Christmas comes out as a time and it brings the smiles on the faces of everybody around. It is a time for peace, happiness, and love. It does not matter what are the sayings of people; Xmas is about the presents. The presents are for the receivers and providers.  There is none that does not like the ideal of providing and receiving the presents. Unluckily, there are so many individuals on the list of somebody like you or me. It is now our duty to figure out the accurate present for everybody according to the list. However, it seems hard sometime to find the attractive gifts to bring the smile over face of everyone. Here, the unique xmas gifts 2017 become easy. Moreover, these days, people are rushing for bobbleheads as the gifts for Christmas. A bobblehead is inexpensive and easy to attract the people.

On Xmas, other than presenting a gift certificate, individuals can provide the gifts something special like custom bobbleheads. To have the bobbleheads, the client requires sending the photograph only to an online bobblehead producer like Likenessme.Com. Everybody is to be happy while opening up the package to figure out a bobblehead looking like him or her.  It is like nodding always. Everybody upon the list this year is to be proud that his bobblehead is better than anybody’s bobblehead.

Hence, this year, one can present the gift that is unique xmas gifts 2017 as everybody can keep it for a long time. Receivers of bobbleheads can display them as everybody can meet them in smile. Go for a bobblehead in the likeness of someone for which the bobblehead is to be made. A bobblehead comes out as a great present as it can present or receive. It is better to go for a bobblehead as the Xmas Gift this year. Anybody can like to have a miniature edition of bobbleheads. None can go wrong with a great present and it is so distinctive. It is special that it makes accurate for the Christmas present for everybody on the list of you this year.

personalized bobbleheads coming out as a special Christmas presenting notion for the special individual in life of someone like you or me

The toys along with action figures have often been well-liked among the kids and adults as well.  There has often been a massive demand to make personalized toys and figures as Xmas gifts.  The presents are to resemble the individuals. While considering the Christmas, some companies go for providing the services through imitating the figures of individuals in toys.  Bobblehead dolls come out as the good selections for collectible and outstanding Christmas presents.  Bobbleheads can usually be placed in cars, vehicles and these can be applied as the tabletop collections.

Bobbleheads have been applied for many years as the personalized Xmas presents, merchandise, and souvenirs. Personalized bobbleheads come out as an excellent notion to have amusement while the Christmas is going on. These dolls are made based on the complicated design and art.  Bobbleheads look amusing. Thus, applying them as personalized presents is not just only funny but affordable also.

The individuals can find some well like bobbleheads being available for this Christmas Eve, and these can be Christmas trees, Reindeers, Elves, or Santa Claus. These collectible are apart from other kinds of collectible because of their size and appearance. Bobblehead dolls are recognizable to the cartoon characters. They are sketched with somewhat bigger heads along with tiny bodies. It is to be keeping in mind that it brings its highlight characteristic.  Bobblehead dolls have developed in designing as they were first brought. Poly Resin Clay or Polymer Clay can be the chosen materials that are applied to design these dolls. These dolls are not to be contradicted as being the convention of Christmas collectibles. They are obtainable all the yearlong in the shape of well liked toys, celebrities or objects. Likenessme.Com offers the best handmade unique xmas gifts 2017 in the most affordable cost now.

There are great deals of services to make customized bobblehead dolls upon request and they are available in the most affordable costs. The producers of bobblehead dolls apply the uniform and automated method that makes the creation of these dolls simple and fast. Bobblehead dolls come out as the collectibles and they are available in diverse range of fashions. The individuals can select the Xmas themes for their personalized bobbleheads at Likenessme.Com.  Bobblehead dolls have frequently been the segment of olden times. The application of bobblehead dolls in sports has introduced a massive role in shaping sports including baseball. Bobbleheads of celebrities are quite well liked.

The numbers of details can be appended to these dolls ranging from the colors to personal accessories that make the users provide these dolls a distinctive recognition.  These dolls are specifically amusing and making harmless mischief. In comparable to personalized bobblehead dolls for Christmas, it just starts spreading happiness and experiencing the delight of the holidays. The fans of bobbleheads can find many producers of bobblehead online including Likenessme.Com. The devotees of bobbleheads can be contacted directly at the websites or they can have the references of any other related information. Bobblehead dolls with usual fashion and design can be generated immediately in comparable to those with a personalized appearance.  Because of the introduction of new producing processes, the price of making bobblehead dolls has decreased.  These dolls are considered the best path to present as the souvenirs to friends and family. It is to be rest assured that it might introduce smile upon the faces of beloved ones.  While detailing information, one can inspect the relevant websites including Likenessme.Com that offers bobbleheads as unique xmas gifts 2017 this year. It is make certain that the individuals buy from a dependable store or producer offering the best quality dolls at the best market price.

the notion for Christmas presents for Sports Teams  

When someone is into the team of sports, he or she requires thinking adequately of notions for Xmas presents for the teammates, friends, and coaches. Presenting something on this Christmas for the fellow associates of team certainly enhances camaraderie and friendship within the team.

the notion for Christmas gifts for the Coach

The coach of individual becomes the most vital member of team. Coaches are accountable for the plays and techniques used by the sports teams. During this Xmas season, one can provide something for his or her coach. One finds huge notions for Christmas presents for his or her coach. Initially, one requires talking with the teammates. It is to think of notions for Xmas presents for the coach. Initially, one requires talking with the teammates. One of the best notions for unique xmas gifts 2017 for the coach is a custom bobblehead.  One can place an order of a sportsman bobblehead online, Likenessme.Com. Some of the teammates could have other notions for Xmas presents for the coach. A personalized bobblehead in the image of coach wearing clothes in team jersey might be the best. The coach of the individual is certainly appreciating the gesture and it is to strive more to propel the team to a broader magnificence.

notions for Christmas presents for Teammates

Appearing with the something greater notions for Xmas presents for the teammates is simpler these days.  One can easily surf the catalog at Likenessme.Com and find the suitable design for bobbleheads as unique xmas gifts 2017. One can place the order for each of teammates and provide the bobbleheads during the Xmas party of team.  Surfing bobblehead catalogs is to be certainly give one with good notions for Christmas presents for the team of individual.  One can also place the order of custom bobbleheads. The individual can provide each of teammates with their own bobbleheads sketched in their images. These are the good notions for Christmas presents that can be appreciated by the sports pals.

the notions for Xmas presents for team support group

Obviously, a team is not only consisted of players along with a coach.  The team of an individual is certainly to have an assorted crew of support personnel including towel boys, water boys, and ball boys. They are vital to the team especially while the actual games are going on.  Hence, it is to come up with good notions for unique xmas gifts 2017 for them.  The custom bobbleheads of a sportsman can be given. If the team does have a mascot, one can place the order of personalized bobbleheads of the team mascot.  These are the good notions for Xmas presents that are certainly be appreciated by those while supporting the team of individual. Placing the order of custom bobbleheads seems simple. It is just like purchasing something from any online shop including Likenessme.Com. The client can also find some other steps being engaged if one places the order of a personalized bobblehead. The bobblehead producer, Likenessme.Com is to move through the making process just after receiving the photographs for which the bobbleheads are to be prepared. Buy your best handmade bobblehead as unique xmas gifts 2017 from

Custom Bobbleheads, A Unique Gift

When it comes to gift giving, a lot of people struggle to select the perfect present for their friends and loved ones. It’s hard because, for the most part, people tend to have everything that they want or need, so finding that perfect gift isn’t easy, is it? When it comes to gift giving, it’s common to spend hours stressing over finding that perfect gift, because it’s often difficult to know what to get them.

Over the past few years, customized gifts have become a lot more common as they make a difference to gifting people with wash kits, socks, and perfume that they don’t like or want. There are plenty of custom gift ideas on the market to choose from, from unique chopping boards and cute, quirky art prints to specially designed bedding and creative pens, but there’s nothing quite like the gift of receiving a custom bobblehead, is there?

The great thing about bobbleheads is that thanks to advancements in printing methods, they can be made to look just like the person who the gift is for. Who doesn’t love a present that is the spitting image of them? What’s more fun and exciting than receiving a mini version of yourself?

Why do custom bobbleheads make great gifts?

Whether you are looking for a gift for your partner that says how much you love them, a present for your kid brother’s birthday, or a gift to congratulate your best friend on her marriage, a custom bobblehead could be the answer. Sure, they are somewhat of a jokey gift but they are also incredibly interesting and unique, and when it comes to gift giving, the uniqueness of a gift is of the utmost importance, everyone knows that.

If you want to ensure that the gift you give stands out from the rest and is treasured for many years to come, a custom made gift is the answer. What shows your friend, partner, sibling, or anyone for that matter, that you care, more than a gift that has been specially designed and made for them? Not only are custom bobbleheads cute, quirky gifts, but that can also be used to reflect your relationship with the person receiving the gift, such as the closeness that the two of you share.

Just think, a gift that’s as unique as a bobblehead is sure to be a conversation starter, isn’t it? Often, when you give a gift, the person opens it and thanks you for it, and that’s it. But with a bobblehead that is designed in their likeness, it’s sure to get a conversation going. The chances are the receiver will be interested in how you got the bobblehead designed, after all, how many people can say they have their own personalized bobblehead?

What can custom bobbleheads be used to celebrate?

It’s clear that custom bobbleheads can make great gifts but what exactly can they be used to celebrate and how?

For birthdays: A custom bobblehead can make a great birthday gift, especially if it’s been designed to look just like the receiver. For a fun and unique gift, a bobblehead could be ideal. Bobbleheads could also be used as party favors, if you are able to get one made up of each person attending the party – this is a great idea for both children’s and adult’s parties alike. Another option is to have a custom bobblehead made as a cake topper, to add a little humor to the celebrations. For a themed party, themed custom bobbleheads could be used as party favors, decorations, or as a cake topper – the opportunities are endless.

For weddings: Again, custom bobbleheads make great wedding gifts. You can select a bobblehead design that adds a wedding dress to the bride’s bobblehead and a suit to the groom’s one. As well as buying them as a wedding gift, you could choose to get them a bobblehead cake topper too, for their wedding cake. What’s more unique than a cake topper that’s made of bobbleheads? Another use of bobbleheads as a wedding gift is as a party favor for the guests – just think how cool a personalized party favor would be to receive as a wedding guest.

For graduations: Got a friend or family member who’s graduating from high school or college soon? Then why not surprise them with a custom, graduation bobblehead? What could make a better graduation gift than a keepsake like a custom bobblehead with the graduate’s face and graduation robes on?

For promotions: Has a loved one just been promoted to a new role? Then why not get them a custom bobblehead that is wearing the clothing that they will wear in their new role. Say your brother has just been promoted to a surgeon, get him a surgeon-themed bobblehead.

For when someone is unwell: When you are unwell, what you need is a good laugh, which a custom made bobblehead can bring. Instead of showing up at the hospital with a bag of grapes or a fruit basket, imagine the patient’s delight when you turn up with a custom bobblehead. Just think of how excited they would be to receive a gift that’s a little different to the norm.

For bachelor and bachelorette parties: To mark the occasion in style, why not have bobbleheads created of everyone attending the bachelor or bachelorette parties? Perhaps they could even all wear matching outfits, such as suits or t-shirts that say ‘Mark’s Bachelor Party 2017’.

For sports teams: At the end of a sports season, a great way to celebrate the team is to have a custom bobblehead made up of every team member as a cute keepsake. Or, even better, to get each team member a set of bobbleheads of the whole team. Just think how much this gift would be appreciated and treasured?

For engagements: Have a couple you are close with just got engaged? Then why not get them a bobblehead to celebrate? Pick a photo of the two of them that you know they love and have it recreated as a bobblehead of the two of them. Sure, it might not be a traditional gift, but the couple is sure to see how much time and thought you have put into it. Which is what will make a personalized bobblehead a fantastic gift that the happy couple not only appreciates but will love and cherish for many years to come.

When it comes to giving bobbleheads as a gift, there’s no celebration that they can’t be used as a gift for. From birthdays and weddings to promotions, bobbleheads make fantastic gifts.

What’s so great about having a bobblehead that looks like you?

One of the best things about bobbleheads as gifts is the fact that they can be created to look exactly like the receiver, and not just that, but they can also take into account their hobbies and interests. Whether the receiver loves to paint, to dance, to cycle – whatever they like to do, their bobblehead can incorporate that theme, making it an even more special gift.

Say, for instance, the receiver loves to play golf, you can create a bobblehead of them in their golf gear putting a ball. Or, say they love animals, perhaps you could get them a bobblehead with their dog? If they love to cook, you can pick a design that incorporates that. When it comes to how a bobblehead can be designed, there’s no limit to how creative you can be. As long as you have a photo of them and know what you want, that’s all that matters.

These funny dolls are incredibly popular today, with more and more people ordering them each year. There’s something about their uniqueness and charm that makes them a popular gift with a lot of people of different ages and backgrounds. They are funny, charming, unique, and most importantly, show how much the giver cares about the receiver.

It’s no secret that choosing gifts isn’t easy, especially unique gifts, but custom bobbleheads can be a great option. They are easy to order too, all it takes is a photo of the person that you want to create the bobblehead for and an idea of what types of look you want to give them, and that’s it. You can even opt to create a family of bobbleheads including kids and pets too so that everyone can be involved in the gift.

For kids, anything that looks like them or has their name on makes a fantastic gift, which is why bobbleheads make such great gifts. These are appreciated even more if the bobblehead reflects one of their favorite things, such as playing sports. Or, if their bobblehead is dressed like their favorite hero or what they want to be when they grow up. For kids of all ages, bobbleheads really do make fantastic gifts.

There’s no doubt about it; custom bobbleheads make a wonderfully unique gift that is perfect for a range of occasions. From birthday parties and weddings to engagements and gradations, custom bobbleheads make fantastic gifts.